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21 Nov 2019
08:42:23@beatrix:utwente.iobeatrix joined the room.
23 Nov 2019
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24 Nov 2019
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26 Nov 2019
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27 Nov 2019
14:44:52@thilobuchholz:matrix.allmende.iothilobuchholz joined the room.
28 Nov 2019
07:31:37@ringo:matrix.allmende.ioringo joined the room.
30 Nov 2019
18:38:18@ernst:junta.plernst joined the room.
22:07:04@fred:netzgemeinde.eufred joined the room.
4 Dec 2019
14:49:15@maedersv:matrix.phys.ethz.chrda joined the room.
5 Dec 2019
16:07:39@sharma:diasp.insharma joined the room.
6 Dec 2019
21:17:30@a-cde:matrix.allmende.ioa-cde joined the room.
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7 Dec 2019
22:41:46@laura:tomesh.netlaura joined the room.
9 Dec 2019
22:47:46@karel:hackerspaces.bekarel joined the room.
14 Dec 2019
00:21:10@msavorritias:matrix.orgMSavoritias joined the room.
15 Dec 2019
20:31:02@alfred:matrix.kiwifarms.netalfred joined the room.
17 Dec 2019
23:17:39@krateos:asra.grkrateos joined the room.
18 Dec 2019
01:44:13@wakest:matrix.orgwakest changed their display name from wakest to wakest[on matrix].
01:45:32@wakest:matrix.orgwakest changed their display name from wakest[on matrix] to wakest.
20 Dec 2019
17:53:18@ute:ggc-project.deute joined the room.
21 Dec 2019
19:29:27@ljudmila:sibnsk.netljudmila joined the room.
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26 Dec 2019
13:33:22@magdalena:cybre.spacemagdalena joined the room.
29 Dec 2019
12:24:52@nachtrabe:matrix.allmende.ionachtrabe joined the room.
12:25:44@nachtrabe:matrix.allmende.ionachtrabeHi everyone :-) Moin Moin :-)
12:27:56@nachtrabe:matrix.allmende.ionachtrabe left the room.
12 Jan 2020
11:45:40@alduder:matrix.allmende.ioalduder joined the room.

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