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28 Dec 2020
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29 Dec 2020
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12 Jan 2021
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29 Jan 2021
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5 Feb 2021
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9 Feb 2021
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16 Feb 2021
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6 Mar 2021
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11 Mar 2021
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14 Mar 2021
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19 Mar 2021
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@southerntofu:matrix.orgsoutherntofuhello is this channel bridged on Jabber/XMPP or IRC? even via a bot like matterbridge?17:24:44
@southerntofu:matrix.orgsoutherntofu(i don't know if matrix rooms have something like a topic but at least gomuks client doesn't have that)17:25:00
27 Mar 2021
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13 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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8 Jul 2021
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15 Jul 2021
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