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Group to discuss the planning & execution of the activities in Medchal District.2 Servers

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18 Jul 2018
17:31:01@ravalisri:matrix.orgravalisri joined the room.
19 Jul 2018
14:35:58@kalyansai:matrix.orgkalyansaiglug formation held at CMRTC
15:08:04@Nithin:matrix.org@Nithin:matrix.orgAnd all the best
23 Jul 2018
09:31:23@akhil:connect.swecha.orgAkhil Please share the updates of the events. Planned & being planned in respective zones.
14:11:38@cherukupalle_naveen:connect.swecha.orgcherukupalle_naveenPlease intimate the GLUG members not to use Microsoft Windows for any events! There is a photo above held at CMRTC! Please remove it! If posted in twitter too, please remove it..
14:18:12@akhil:connect.swecha.orgAkhil Alerted them about using this. Spoke to Shiva sai. Didn't posted anywhere online.
17:11:38@kalyansai:matrix.orgkalyansaicherukupalle_naveen: sarey broh..!🤟🏻
31 Jul 2018
06:23:55@cherukupalle_naveen:connect.swecha.orgcherukupalle_naveenAny updates?
06:36:43@akhil:connect.swecha.orgAkhil We have successfully organised events in CVSR, MRITS. Also we gathered a huge number of students by CMRTC Glug. And also Glug activities in Tirumala. We are having a one day event in Narsimha Reddy College.

Let's have a consolidation activity this Sunday at Swecha for all these activities.

1 Aug 2018
13:25:58@nani424:matrix.orgNani akhizboxye: yes !
It would be gud , if we conduct a consolidation Activity...
Trying to invite students from CVSR , NMREC,TRML if possible from AcE colleges
13:26:09@nani424:matrix.orgNaniNd Also MRITS
18:55:29@akshithreddy:matrix.orgakshithreddyWe need to plan a session on design which includes inkscape, openshot, blender.so that we can make our own certificates,posters, 3d models
18:56:11@akshithreddy:matrix.orgakshithreddyWe should also train people to make osm and 3d models of their respective clgs
2 Aug 2018
22 Aug 2018
16:07:25@nani424:matrix.orgNaniHey ! Just now I have seen this Can anyone tell who made this i.e ; Keesara , Malkajgiri Division
16:07:35@nani424:matrix.orgNaniJust got doubt about this.
16:08:12@akshithreddy:matrix.orgakshithreddyNo updates about it
16:08:46@akshithreddy:matrix.orgakshithreddy I didn't get any iinformation about it
16:10:04@sahithi_chinnu:matrix.orgsahithi_chinnu I too don't know
11 Sep 2018
03:58:15@cherukupalle_naveen:connect.swecha.orgcherukupalle_naveen We have received a sudden call from MREC requesting IoT session for sudden, today afternoon! So today I and Akhil are going to MREC and I'm taking the session today! There is a Dire need of volunteers and as well as Resource persons for tomorrow and day after tomorrow! This will be a great oppurtunity to make MREC GLUG strong and we can make a great bondage with MREC Management for accepting their proposal!
04:14:50@cherukupalle_naveen:connect.swecha.orgcherukupalle_naveenManagement of MREC is in dire need of Resource Persons for tomorrow and day after tomorrow!

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