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23 Sep 2021
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@tdawson:libera.chattdawsonSorry for the delay in creating the issue - https://pagure.io/releng/issue/1031015:52:03
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@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgetdawson: can i get added to https://pagure.io/epel so i can help with those docs?17:04:32
@tdawson:libera.chattdawsoncarlwgeorge: Added17:06:35
@tdawson:libera.chattdawsonI thought you were on there, sorry about not noticing.17:06:51
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgerelated topic, what do you think about switching that repo to main instead of master?17:07:06
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgenow would be a great time as there are no open prs17:07:16
@tdawson:libera.chattdawsonWe would have to co-ordinate that with Adam in Fedora Docs. The config is pointing to master.17:11:37
@tdawson:libera.chattdawson carlwgeorge: He's off for the day today, but we could try tomorrow, or next week. I keep meaning to bring that up, but each time I talk to him, I always have something else I need to talk about. 17:12:38
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgesounds like a plan17:13:26
@nirik:libera.chatnirik I'm reminded that I was going to switch all docs... should look at doing that soon. 17:18:15
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