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22 Jan 2022
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@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩sigh, this is sad: ccache for epel9 blocked on this https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=203314719:31:55
@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩 I think the binutils bug is affecting libdwarf as well (the F35 version builds, the Rawhide one doesn't). I'll file a Stream 9 bug after I confirm 19:34:33
@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩so, ha, building for epel works if you use the centos-stream-9-x86_64 config, and add the epel repo in ~/.config/mock.cfg and just disable gpg check (because the signature file is not there unless you inject epel-release23:40:38
@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩until fedpkg-minimal is sorted anyway23:40:42
@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩tada, binutils MR for fixing ccache: https://gitlab.com/redhat/centos-stream/rpms/binutils/-/merge_requests/2323:55:50
@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩and now it's time to play with hammers and screwdrivers23:55:59
23 Jan 2022
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@fale:fedora.imFaleone of the packages I maintain is going to be included in RHEL8.6. What's the procedure to retire it? I remember that I've seen in the past, but I can not find it anymore21:49:54
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge Fale: `fedpkg retire "reason"` on the epel8 branch 21:57:57
@fale:fedora.imFale thanks carlwgeorge :-) 22:47:43
@fale:fedora.imFaleshould I wait for 8.6 to be near or should I retire it asap?22:48:10
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgeI would wait for 8.6 to be released, should be approximately in may22:50:18
@fale:fedora.imFale thanks for the suggestion, carlwgeorge :-) 23:01:00
@avij:libera.chatavijif the RH guys do the adoption properly, there is no particular rush to retire the package from EPEL23:37:35
@avij:libera.chatavij properly == RHEL's version/release of that package is higher than in EPEL 23:39:05
@avij:libera.chatavijso when RHEL 8.6 gets released, the EPEL package gets updated to the RHEL package, and any new installs will get the RHEL package. so indeed, waiting until 8.6 is a good suggestion.23:45:22
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorgeavij: yeah emphasis on properly. it has happened before where rhel adds an older version than what was in epel, or just adds the current version without a higher release.23:51:31
@avij:libera.chatavij yeah, I'm sadly aware of that 23:52:16
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge tdawson did some work to get "check upgrade path from epel" as part of the checklist to add a package to rhel. still working on getting it followed consistently. 23:52:38
@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge there is even supposed to be a bugzilla created to tell the epel maintainer "hey stop updating this, so the upgrade path works in a few months" 23:53:11
@wolfy:libera.chatwolfy the "supposed" part brought into mind "Somewhere in the world that's what I must find. Somewhere in the world there's a place for me " 23:54:32
24 Jan 2022
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