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23 Nov 2022
@rsc:libera.chatrscKosch: please remind me, in case I forget a follow-up in one week09:04:45
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@carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge I've proposed a new workflow and branch structure for EPEL 10. Please take a look and provide feedback. https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/epel-10-proposal/44304 16:00:57
@Kosch:libera.chatKoschmh, seems iptables-legacy conflicts with the iptables-libs-1.8.8 provided by 9.1... or do I oversee something16:39:39
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeCaterpillar, bleve thanks for your notes on what was wrong with annobin. hughesjr has set up a new build and is working on getting a compose out with the updated packages17:07:06
@Caterpillar:libera.chatCaterpillarsmooge: good! When more or less will be in production?17:35:22
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeI would expect with US holidays starting in 4 hours for most of the US.. Monday?18:08:41
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogethe CentOS releng person is trying to get a compose up and out before the end of the day but it migth be Saturday18:09:46
@bleve:libera.chatblevesmooge: yes, I explained the issue to hughesjr and also pointed at test in redhat-rpm-config18:25:02
@michel-slm:libera.chatmichel-slm totally slippped my mind but... did we agree to skip today's meeting last week 21:02:43
* @davide:cavalca.nameDavide Cavalca was wondering as well21:03:07
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogethe meeting is skipped21:03:13
@michel-slm:libera.chatmichel-slmaha, thanks smooge21:03:24
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogei as defacto Alexander Haig when the President Dawson is not available say so21:03:39
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeConstitutionally, gentlemen, you have the president, the vice president, and the leader-emeritus in that order, and should the president decide he wants to transfer the helm to the vice president, he will do so. He has not done that. As of now, I am in control here, in the #epel, pending return of the vice president and in close touch with him. If something came up, I would check with him, of course.21:05:22
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogethank you for attending and good night21:05:53
* @carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge applauds21:06:02
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeoh the vice president is here. I am handing over the football to him now21:08:08
* @carlwgeorge:libera.chatcarlwgeorge runs away21:21:27
24 Nov 2022
@davide:cavalca.nameDavide Cavalca Kosch: the iptables-legacy conflict should be fixed with https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/iptables-epel/pull-request/1 03:05:42
@davide:cavalca.nameDavide Cavalcaand https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-EPEL-2022-b24c68649c is the update for that03:26:45
@Kosch:libera.chatKosch Davide Cavalca: nice, looking forward to see it on testing :-D 07:41:16
25 Nov 2022
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27 Nov 2022
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