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15 Mar 2023
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@tdawson:libera.chattdawsonEPEL Steering Committee meeting in an hour at #fedora-meeting19:05:01
16 Mar 2023
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@netvor:libera.chatnetvor hi, is there an easy & "cheap" way to get a functioning rhel8/centos8 image? i used to run `podman run centos:8` but now the image is broken (no AppStream, repos, guess because of EOL) 09:50:43
@netvor:libera.chatnetvorwhat i want to do is just sanity-test an epel8 package on a clean install09:51:07
@netvor:libera.chatnetvor in particular, http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=8&arch=x86_64&repo=AppStream&infra=container is broken so having alternative repo could help as well 09:52:50
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogenetvor yeah centos-8 has not been available for over a year because of EOL. You could try centos-stream:8 or almalinux:8 or rocky:8 or I think ubi:810:20:43
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogethe ubi:8 may be very limited unless the underlying system is RHEL though.10:21:04
@netvor:libera.chatnetvor i'm trying now with ubi8 (weirdly it's actually ubi8 not ubi:8) 10:21:14
@bkhl:matrix.sdf.orgbkhlAnd it's rockylinux:810:24:12
@netvor:libera.chatnetvorok, looks like this works on ubi8 https://paste.centos.org/view/3224ded5 to get my copr build try to install10:24:56
@smooge:libera.chatsmooge thanks bkhl. I haven't done anything with the above as you can see 10:25:02
@bkhl:matrix.sdf.orgbkhlAnd yes, messing with RHEL licenses for ubi8 is no fun for the benefits.10:26:08
@bkhl:matrix.sdf.orgbkhlAt work we are actually partnering with RHEL and have licenses bit we _still_ mostly just use Rocky internally to avoid mucking around with subscriptions.10:26:52
17 Mar 2023
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@orion:fedora.imOrion PoplawskiSo, what the heck is up with CentOS Stream 8 and python 3.11? I see a python3.11 and a few modules, but no python3.11-devel.14:42:52
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeI would probably ask in the #centos-stream channel? It looks like the package is not a module 14:54:21
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeas in python3.9 and such all have names like module_el8.7.0+1178+0ba51308. but this is python3.11-3.11.2-2.el8.x86_64.rpm14:56:03
@smooge:libera.chatsmooge Orion Poplawski: it looks like https://git.centos.org/rpms/python3.11/blob/c8s/f/SPECS/python3.11.spec does not produce a devel 14:58:14
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogenope sorry missed it14:59:05
@smooge:libera.chatsmoogeline 52114:59:09
@smooge:libera.chatsmooge so I would say that it is something that is built but didn't get added to the publish list. 15:00:58
@orionp:libera.chatorionpwill do. Thanks.15:14:15
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18 Mar 2023
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19 Mar 2023
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20 Mar 2023
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