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22 Aug 2018
In reply to @franco-p:matrix.org
BEP16 Diffusion Tractography Room: https://matrix.to/#/!CrShOsqhoCCnGmxVQD:matrix.org
We should instead use the room that Chris had prepared.
In reply to @franco-p:matrix.org
We should instead use the room that Chris had prepared.
@franco-p:matrix.orgfranco-pestilli changed their display name from franco-p to franco-pestilli.18:33:53
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczThe bids-discussion post under discussion: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/bids-discussion/-jVm78rbU5w/qkYykRIRCAAJ18:56:07
@kchawla-pi:matrix.orgkchawla-piSent my 3 to Chris.20:33:06
@oesteban:matrix.orgOscar EstebanAre we having the Day 1 wrap-up in room 299 as scheduled (20min ago)? @filo:matrix.org?23:50:06
23 Aug 2018
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczNo00:04:30
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczBut we do need to get beer.00:04:37
@jchoude:matrix.orgjchoudeI second the beer feeling00:12:43
@arokem:matrix.orgarokem@oscar : where are y’all hanging out?00:19:34
@arokem:matrix.orgarokem I’d be happy to listen in on the spaces discussion 00:19:54
@arokem:matrix.orgarokemIf that’s still going on00:20:04
@david.obenshain:matrix.orgDavid ObenshainAre folks organizing to go someplace tonigh?00:32:34
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczSome of us are headed to the transit center now on the Y bus. I think maybe heading to the Tap Room. Not fully settled.00:41:21
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz Possibly the Old Pro... Cameron says they have cheaper beers, but I can't pull up the menu. 00:44:36
@mharms:matrix.orgmharms joined the room.00:47:30
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczTap Room it is.00:49:46
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz For the interested and unaffiliated, dinner has split into parties going to Oren's Hummus and Dan Gordon barbecue. There will definitely better I've cream after, but the location has not been advertised. Then we will reconvene at the Old Pro. 02:32:02
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczIce cream*02:32:15
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczThere are three more spots at the barbecue table.02:32:41
@jclau:matrix.orgjclau joined the room.02:57:11
@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiI hope everyone is having a relaxing evening. It was a great day with lots of productive conversations. Looking forward to tomorrow!03:50:58
@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczThe barbecue contingent (modulo Franklin) is bailing on the bar and heading back to the guest house. Franklin is heading to Hummus.03:54:50
@arokem:matrix.orgarokemHummus contingent is still here. We were thinking gelato for dessert03:55:52
@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiGood morning everyone! Breakfast will start at 8am, followed by all hands touch point at 9am (same room as yesterday).13:56:30
@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennesfor those new to Riot (like me) and prefer it as a standalone app rather than in your browser (like me), I just found a desktop app does exist: https://riot.im/desktop.html14:51:01
@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennes changed their display name from Maarten to Maarten Mennes.14:51:50
@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiThere are also clients for Android and iPhone: https://matrix.org/docs/projects/try-matrix-now.html14:52:05
@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennesdoes anyone have a couple of openneuro stickers left? Asking for a friend...16:36:51

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