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23 Aug 2018
02:57:11@jclau:matrix.orgjclau joined the room.
03:50:58@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiI hope everyone is having a relaxing evening. It was a great day with lots of productive conversations. Looking forward to tomorrow!
03:54:50@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris MarkiewiczThe barbecue contingent (modulo Franklin) is bailing on the bar and heading back to the guest house. Franklin is heading to Hummus.
03:55:52@arokem:matrix.orgarokemHummus contingent is still here. We were thinking gelato for dessert
13:56:30@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiGood morning everyone! Breakfast will start at 8am, followed by all hands touch point at 9am (same room as yesterday).
14:51:01@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennesfor those new to Riot (like me) and prefer it as a standalone app rather than in your browser (like me), I just found a desktop app does exist: https://riot.im/desktop.html
14:51:50@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennes changed their display name from Maarten to Maarten Mennes.
14:52:05@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiThere are also clients for Android and iPhone: https://matrix.org/docs/projects/try-matrix-now.html
16:36:51@maartenmennes:matrix.orgMaarten Mennesdoes anyone have a couple of openneuro stickers left? Asking for a friend...
16:38:08@oesteban:matrix.orgOscar EstebanI'll bring a stack after lunch 👍
16:42:19@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz yarikoptic: https://matrix.to/#/!MWAtSrSWkALQmEownG:matrix.org
21:05:04@arokem:matrix.orgarokemDo folks know the ISMRM data format? http://ismrmrd.github.io/
21:32:57@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiYup! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LEgsMiisGDe1Gv-hBp1EcLmoz7AlKj6VYULUgDD3Zdw/edit#heading=h.g56tixfw56tz
21:36:20@arokem:matrix.orgarokemShould data conversion code (e.g., between 4D vector FA representations, and 3D 24-bit representations, compliant with the nii spec) go into pybids?
21:39:33@arokem:matrix.orgarokemOr nibabel?
22:08:01@aroutier:matrix.orgAlexandre Routier joined the room.
22:58:38@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewski@room We have fleshed out how derivatives metadata should be stored in JSON files. This applies to all BEPs, but each BEP is responsible for extending the dictionaries with useful metadata (like we saw in case of diffusion this morning): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wwc4A6Mow4ZPPszDIWfCUCRNstn7d_zzaWPcfcHmgI4/edit?ts=5b7ef09d#heading=h.lsimj5wqw6ue
24 Aug 2018
00:12:13@jchoude:matrix.orgjchoudeJust to make sure, we are leaving at 17h30?
00:23:25@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewskiyup
04:52:18@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz @yarikoptic:matrix.org: Where are y'all?
05:03:08@markiewicz:matrix.orgChris Markiewicz Failing to make private messages work. We're on the patio.
14:36:48@filo:matrix.orgChris GorgolewskiMorning everyone! Who's excited to finalize some decisions?
21:50:32@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewski@room
21:50:59@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewski @room variant becomes desc - please update your specs accordingly
22:19:05@cameron.craddock:matrix.orgcameron.craddockBBQ tonight at 6pm. 330 Hermosa Way, 94025
22:19:26@filo:matrix.orgChris Gorgolewski@room BBQ tonight will take place at 6pm. 330 Hermosa Way, 94025
19 Nov 2018
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