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A space for neuroatypicals, especially autistic or autistic-adjacent people, that centers our needs. Allistics must understand their place here. Self-dx is valid! No bigots, no fascists (no TERFs, no SWERFs). Message Cobalt for an invite!29 Servers

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9 Mar 2020
16:00:56@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️I'm on mild antidepressants (off-label use for anxiety) - one of the reasons I'm looking for an autism diagnosis is that if I can manage that as the root cause of anxiety then I might be able to drop the meds
16:01:18@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️But equally, if it confirms that I'll be on the meds for the rest of my life I can accept that too.
16:01:43@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukNevermind, I checked reddit and remembered why its a terrible idea…
16:02:10@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukI hate the meds but I also hate being this fragile πŸ˜–
16:04:02@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️Can you talk to your GP about different meds? I don't have much experience but I know different people react differently to different drugs
16:04:26@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️And there's usually more than one option for any given prob
16:05:23@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukEh I've done the rounds a bit already. Risperidone made me asexual, and all the antidepressants failed to do anything except give me withdrawals
16:05:51@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️Fair enough!
16:05:56@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️ * Fair enough!
16:06:04@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukSSRIs are a class of drugs I refuse to ever touch again
16:06:19@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukThe withdrawals lasted a YEAR
16:06:28@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukAnd I still get them sometimes
16:09:52@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️Ooff, that sucks, sorry to hear that.
10 Mar 2020

I take very few meds. Would not touch SSRIs either. I take MPH (Ritalin) to help me focus sometimes. My Asthma meds. Prednisolone, during parts of the allergy season. Testosterone blockers and Estradiol.

The Estradiol greatly helped with sensory problems.

07:16:02@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukNot really an option for us cis folk 😞
07:20:02@theemacsshibe:matrix.org@theemacsshibe:matrix.orginb4 "microdosing estradiol"
08:09:47@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra qy: Probably wouldn't even work. I guess it's more of a my brain ain't as dysfunctional as I thought if it gets the right hormones.
14 Mar 2020
23:56:33@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukWhy do some people insist on not giving straight answers to things
23:56:49@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukI don't understand why you'd even discuss something if all you're gonna do is be silly and coy about it
23:57:14@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukIf something makes you uncomfortable, say that, and if you don't want to talk about it, say that
23:57:29@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukPeople give me such a headache πŸ˜’
23:58:36@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukThe worst part is I know I'm being reactionary because I didn't even get chewed out this time, I just got overly bothered that I'd say the wrong thing because people have done this in the past and seem to do it all the god damn time
23:59:36@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukI assume it's an autistic trait but if something bothers me or I find it annoying/uncomfortable, I'll make that damn obvious, and I probably won't give anyone the opportunity to talk to me about it so there's no misunderstanding
23:59:48@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukBleh, sorry for rant
18 Mar 2020
15:39:22@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) 🌦️Eh, rant away. Sometimes it's helpful.
19 Mar 2020
20:13:37@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukWe should come up with ideas to make this room a little more active
20:13:44@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukbut not too active!
20:13:48@qy:xa0.uk@qy:xa0.ukjust a little more.
20:25:54@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra Well, when ppl talk, others join in.
Like this. ;)

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