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A space for neuroatypicals, especially autistic or autistic-adjacent people, that centers our needs. Allistics must understand their place here. Self-dx is valid! No bigots, no fascists (no TERFs, no SWERFs). Message Cobalt for an invite!33 Servers

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16 Jun 2020
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)When things went titsup with school when I was 10, the "diagnosis" was "trouble with attention..." I do still have stuff that could look a lot like ADHD, but differential diagnosis is a bit tricky, because a lot of that is also relatively common with autism. 16:55:59
18 Jun 2020
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@fractal:matrix.org@fractal:matrix.org /dev/ponies: hey! 18:21:32
@fractal:matrix.org@fractal:matrix.orgoh no18:21:38
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)Hi.18:28:41
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I was out pulling weeds.18:28:51
@fractal:matrix.org@fractal:matrix.orghi Jigme Datse (they/them)18:35:35
@fractal:matrix.org@fractal:matrix.orgI hope I never have a yard18:36:11
@fractal:matrix.org@fractal:matrix.orgI hate being outside18:36:16
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I quite like being outside. I don't really like being around people, and quite often there are people outside. 20:38:45
@alexej:sibnsk.netalexej 23:18:19
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)Sometimes it can be nice. 23:01:25
21 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
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23 Jun 2020
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25 Jun 2020
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26 Jun 2020
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30 Jun 2020
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4 Jul 2020
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