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A space for neuroatypicals, especially autistic or autistic-adjacent people, that centers our needs. Allistics must understand their place here. Self-dx is valid! No bigots, no fascists (no TERFs, no SWERFs). Message Cobalt for an invite!42 Servers

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15 Aug 2020
@kunsi:franzi.businessFranziska changed their profile picture.07:43:27
@kunsi:franzi.businessFranziska changed their profile picture.10:55:44
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16 Aug 2020
@kunsi:franzi.businessFranziska changed their profile picture.07:44:21
19 Aug 2020
@qaz_ii:matrix.orgqaz_iiAnyone here?01:32:47
@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (gd)Iā€™m here01:40:37
@qaz_ii:matrix.orgqaz_iiHello there01:43:00
@qaz_ii:matrix.orgqaz_iiHow are you?01:43:21
@qaz_ii:matrix.orgqaz_ii* How are you?01:43:29
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)Hi there.03:53:20
@jez:petrichor.meJez (he/him) šŸŒ¦ļøšŸ‘‹07:32:51
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)Hey. Went to bed. Slept for a bit. Tossed and turned for a good bit. Given up on sleeping. How are you?11:29:53
@ij:kahakai.deijtired... thinking of going to sleep for an hour or so... ;)11:41:39
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I think I may do the same. An hour or two more sleep now would be getting up about the right time.11:43:04
23 Aug 2020
@herbert:chat.weho.stherbert 19:45:55
24 Aug 2020
@fishman69:matrix.orgfishman69 joined the room.19:38:16
@fishman69:matrix.orgfishman69hey dudes19:38:25
25 Aug 2020
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)Hi hi...02:59:28
26 Aug 2020
@jessica_kate:matrix.orgjessica_kate joined the room.00:06:10
28 Aug 2020
@fishman69:matrix.orgfishman69autists are always starving for sleep. 15:13:30
29 Aug 2020
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them)I hope not always... But it's a common thing...05:40:41
1 Sep 2020
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12 Sep 2020
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13 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
@shiva:diasp.inshiva 19:52:11

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