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A space for neuroatypicals, especially autistic or autistic-adjacent people, that centers our needs. Allistics must understand their place here. Self-dx is valid! No bigots, no fascists (no TERFs, no SWERFs). Message Cobalt for an invite!25 Servers

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13 Jan 2020
23:40:45@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra This feels so weird, I just gave old me power of attourney to pich up a package for me.
I don't really exist in a legal sense. Old me exists legally, but I can't be him anymore.
14 Jan 2020
05:44:56@ij:kahakai.deijBut you do have the Ergaenzungsausweis?
06:34:16@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra It's ordered but hs not arrived yet.
17:16:14@ij:kahakai.deijWelcher Gruener Tee denn? Der einzeln verpackte oder der in der Box?
15 Jan 2020
08:33:23@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️hmm
08:33:57@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️i feel like i'm putting too much on the possibility of an asd dx giving me the "right" manual for my model of brain and making everything make sense
08:34:02* @jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ sighs
08:54:11@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra You're not going to get more of a manual for the autistic brain than you've got now. Only confirmation that it's most likely the right one.
08:54:48@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandraDepending on age and location, access to services and accomodations is also possible.
10:15:27@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️Yeah, accommodations at work is probably the most likely practical outcome, which is good.
10:21:26@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandraI never really made my diagnosis official after Uni, the accomodations offered them where useless to me, and the ones that would have helpt where denied.
10:23:40@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra I am relatively open about b'ing autistic, and I've disclosed it at work (only close colleagues and my direct management), and have not needed to make things official with the parent company.
16 Jan 2020
17:34:23@ij:kahakai.deij NinaAlexandra: How did the direct management react? Were some changes introduced or anything else that might help you?
17:45:08@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra We are a small company, part of a larger corporation. My small company reacted great both with autism (they suspected) and coming out as trans. I got my new name on my door, and everyone uses my new name.
The parent company was not informed I'm autistic, and refuses to do anything about my name until they see something official.
17 Jan 2020
17:48:37@cobalt:rawr.monstercobalt I'm glad your local folks are doing what they should at least
18:20:35@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra Found I could change my preferred Name in our customers system yesterday, and today I see my real name everywhere in their System. :D
Why can't out IT do that, I'll suggest it on Monday, write a Ticket.
19 Jan 2020
12:23:29@falconstinker:matrix.org@falconstinker:matrix.org joined the room.
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21:33:00@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️Is music in your head a kind of stim?
21:33:55@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ I've had music running round in my head my whole life, usually something simple and repetitive like a traditional melody or pop song.
21:40:32@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ I've recently been wondering if it would be some kind of non-physical stimming.
21:41:07@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ Although I guess it counts as physical when I hum or whistle it out, which is usually only when I'm alone.
22:08:47@ninaalexandra:matrix.orgNinaAlexandra Yep, and sometimes old stuff that I've not heared in decades pops up for no reason.
I rarely don't have some kind of melody or music running in my head.
22:29:01@ij:kahakai.deij head plays: Zombie from Cranberries "In my heeeaaad, in my heeeaaadd...."
20 Jan 2020
06:48:37@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ For years of my life I thought everyone had a head radio 📻
06:50:00@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ And then when I realised they didn't I wondered why it was just me
06:50:19@jez:petrichor.mePetrichor 🌦️ So it's kinda nice to know it's not just me!

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