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14 Apr 2021
@ay-p:decred.orgay-p wen JoeGruff ??? 18:14:01
@jy-p:decred.orgjy-pthe revolution will not be custodied by a TTP and wrapped18:14:44
@ay-p:decred.orgay-pThe word salad must flow.18:15:22
@joegruff:decred.orgJoeGruffTwo Weeks ™20:56:43
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15 Apr 2021
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Jude C. Nelson sharply criticizes pure PoS consensus on HN

Forwarded from #dcr:decred.org:

PSA: Logins have been disabled on https://proposals.decred.org while it is being upgraded. Normal activity is expected to resume on Monday Apr 19.

This upgrade gives Politeia a new storage backend, a proper plugin architecture and streamlined APIs. All of that together allows to scale Politeia in terms of both capacity and use cases.

The tech behind it is explained here:

@chappjc:decred.orgchappjcnot really DCR, but interesting: https://tbtc.bitaps.com/aedc532f687f78f578756b59e009313f3dcabd07da0dbe9a1c95866a4ba4243f/2N7WfHK1ftrTdhWej8rnFNR7guhvhfGWwFR21:36:03
0 P2SH 2N7WfHK1ftrTdhWej8rnFNR7guhvhfGWwFR
SigScript 	OP_2 OP_3 OP_PUSHBYTES[3] 935587
@chappjc:decred.orgchappjc OP_ADD 5 OP_EQUAL is the redeem script :D 21:39:14
@chappjc:decred.orgchappjctoo bad there's no such addr on mainnet21:40:18
16 Apr 2021
@bee:decred.orgbeeI'm lost. Is it a dcrdex transaction on Bitcoin testnet?01:53:42
@chappjc:decred.orgchappjca puzzle, nothing related to dex05:59:26
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17 Apr 2021
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Pretty obvious.. It's decred
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Jake Yocom-Piatt on Twitter: While projects like BTC and ETH are bikeshedding, bickering, or putting broken code into production, DCR deploys consensus changes via a formal on-chain process with the approval of its stakeholders. The revolution will not involve rough consensus. Decred
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@dream422:decred.orgdream422Redacted or Malformed Event19:56:03
@dream422:decred.orgdream422Redacted or Malformed Event19:56:26
@dream422:decred.orgdream422Redacted or Malformed Event19:56:59
@dream422:decred.orgdream422 * i have a big problem right now, I have the copay saves of my decred wallet created in 2016 at the airdrop19:57:28
@dream422:decred.orgdream422Redacted or Malformed Event19:57:51
@degeri:decred.orgdegeri #support:decred.org dream422 20:01:22
@degeri:decred.orgdegeriPost your question there 20:02:15
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Where to buy in UK?

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