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15 Jan 2021
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Lightning this week: What is trampoline routing?
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16 Jan 2021
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Kraken listing
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@robbo:decred.orgrobboHi, seems like the DeFi space is hot right now are there any DeFi projects being built on Decred? 16:31:59
Download RUdPyQPh.jpeg
@robbo:decred.orgrobboHow come? 16:35:48
@ay-p:decred.orgay-p We try to work on real things around here. 17:23:59
@robbo:decred.orgrobboHmm how is defi not a real world use case of blockchain tech?17:26:18
@ay-p:decred.orgay-p It's a use case in search of users. Just like all dapps that came before it. It's a flash in the pan. But we already have the ultimate Defi solution with dcrdex. 17:30:40
@ay-p:decred.orgay-p Anyways, Defi discussions can be had in random or trading. 17:31:34
@robbo:decred.orgrobbo ay-p: 👍️ 17:58:14
@ay-p:decred.orgay-p I will mention more generally, people are free to implement whatever valid thing they'd like using our coin as a platform. We're not Turing Complete so much of the scripting things aren't even possible as they are on ethereum. 18:15:33
@robbo:decred.orgrobboI see thanks. Is the decred USP that it's a store of value but with a better governance system than bitcoin?18:36:52
@jz:decred.orgjzDecred has the ability to be anything the stakeholders want it to be.18:43:11
@jz:decred.orgjzIt's just not likely to ever become a DeFi leverage casino coin.18:43:35
@bee:decred.orgbeeshocker: Decred is DeFi already. We have decentralized money (money is finance right?), and on top of that decentralized funding (treasury) and decentralized trading (dcrdex).19:45:00
@klex22:decred.orgklex22I would say that decred is the best dao out there, nothing to do with defi though (calling decred defi because it has decentralized treasury is misleading imo)20:44:58
@jazzah:decred.orgjazzahcare to join me in random and elaborate on the difference?20:45:52
17 Jan 2021
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Decred co-founder explains the possible effects of a CBDC takeover
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18 Jan 2021
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19 Jan 2021
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