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25 Jul 2021
@tianshi:matrix.orgtianshiRedacted or Malformed Event06:36:52
@degeri:decred.orgdegeri tianshi unrelated to dcr please post on #random:decred.org 06:38:03
@degeri:decred.orgdegeriNp 06:43:56
@deadcoinn:decred.orgdeadcoinn joined the room.13:41:20
@deadcoinn:decred.orgdeadcoinnRedacted or Malformed Event13:41:35
@deadcoinn:decred.orgdeadcoinnRedacted or Malformed Event13:41:57
@degeri:decred.orgdegeri banned @deadcoinn:decred.orgdeadcoinn.13:50:51
@ay-p:decred.orgay-p Lol who needs support? I have seen no questions unanswered. Super lazy trolling. 14:01:09
@degeri:decred.orgdegeriIts a troll campaign. 5+ accounts in the past day 14:01:59
@degeri:decred.orgdegeriPosts rando errors in the general rooms. Does not go to support room when directed . Calls Decred 'dead coin' even though they get a response almost immediately. Try harder trolls. 14:09:08
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@t-pruvot:decred.orgtpruvotthe 2 serpents...17:56:24
@t-pruvot:decred.orgtpruvotnot sure exactly what this symbol means17:57:33
@t-pruvot:decred.orgtpruvotlol.. "The woodcut image of the Caduceus the entwined personal serpent made by Hermes in Greek mythology and is the symbol of traders, shepherds, gamblers, liars and thieves"18:00:32
@t-pruvot:decred.orgtpruvotseems a variant of the Commerce one18:00:49
@t-pruvot:decred.orgtpruvotnamed Hermes too18:01:05
@jz:decred.orgjz It means don't start posting random thoughts in #general 18:01:19
26 Jul 2021
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[Weekly] Many Musings Mondays
@toast:fullystaked.orgtoast 16:45:37
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27 Jul 2021
@deadercoin:decred.orgdeadercoin joined the room.01:45:53
@deadercoin:decred.orgdeadercoinRedacted or Malformed Event01:46:13
@deadercoin:decred.orgdeadercoinRedacted or Malformed Event01:46:24
@deadercoin:decred.orgdeadercoinRedacted or Malformed Event01:46:36
@jrick:zettaport.comjrick banned @deadercoin:decred.orgdeadercoin.01:48:28
28 Jul 2021
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@_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3adecred.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@jz:decred.org] Decred: Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.:
Decred Memelord 13 part Tweet Thread: 1/13 Decred's staking percentage growth from 50% to 60% over the last 9 months is a testament of community's commitment to the project and low-time preference. As Murad said in his iconic podcast, we need people to hold DCR for the long-term.
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