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13 May 2022
@dkozel:gnuradio.orgDerek KozelThreads aren't private either right?23:56:35
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„nope, they're just 'out of the way'23:57:03
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„suddenly I worried about messaging volume only :)23:57:37
14 May 2022
In reply to @flancian:matrix.org
nope, they're just 'out of the way'
Hi. I use Element mobile app and this thread is actually all I see of the room. πŸ˜… Maybe there is a setting I'm missing or threads are actually much in the way. Would a 1:1 chat be more suited for that kind of technical support ?
@alecanque:matrix.orgshomonHi, during the great mastodon migration I applied for a mastodon account here. Is there still a backlog or am I missing a step after filling in the form?05:46:45
15 May 2022
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„ hi shomon! I don't see a username (pending) in the mastodon instance, so I think the process didn't get as far as that at least. 12:00:14
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„we are discussing streamlining the application process -- your feedback is valuable here.12:00:23
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„I'm not familiar with the wiki based onboarding process still; does anyone here know where to look for the state of an application?12:00:42
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„if not I'll look in the wiki for instructions in 2h12:00:49
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„yes :) apologies for the noise! we've since moved to a 1:1 chat.12:01:23
@alecanque:matrix.orgshomonAah maybe the form broke just as I hit enter due to the sudden onslaught of #refugeesfrommars but what I did was fill in the registration form and then it kind of dropped me back in the homepage.13:30:50
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„hmm. let me go through the process in an incognito window :)13:41:57
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„ invited @anagora:matrix.orgAn Agora.13:55:26
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agora joined the room.13:55:26
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agorahttps://anagora.org/socialcoop-tech%3Amatrix.org13:55:29
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agorahttps://anagora.org/refugeesfrommars13:55:29
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„my current position is that we should move the instance to [[approval required for sign up]] from the current setting [[nobody can sign up]]13:58:41
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agorahttps://anagora.org/approval+required+for+sign+up https://anagora.org/nobody+can+sign+up13:58:42
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„then we move review to the approval process13:59:16
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„this way we can use mastodon itself to track registrations13:59:26
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„I think that makes sense13:59:36
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„will start a [[loomio]] and link it here13:59:49
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agorahttps://anagora.org/loomio13:59:49
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„https://www.loomio.org/d/zoWFc7mR/relax-instance-registrations-to-approval-required-for-sign-up-from-current-nobody-can-sign-up-14:05:35
@_neb_rssbot_=40_dzzzzzz_r=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org] Social.Coop:
Relax instance registrations to "Approval required for sign up" from current "Nobody can sign up"
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian πŸ„ oh, nice! thank you RSS Bot [@DzzzzzzR:matrix.org] 14:07:49
@jotaemei:matrix.orgjotaemeiOh no. We’re currently closed to new people?20:59:27
@DzzzzzzR:matrix.orgdazinism jotaemei: no, i dont think so?
Just got a non-standard process for joining
16 May 2022
@idahotokens:matrix.org@idahotokens:matrix.org joined the room.11:17:48
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