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27 Jan 2023
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftune I think you meant to ping edsu 17:54:17
@moon_baron:matrix.orgmoon_baronI did, whoops!18:04:15
@wolftune:matrix.orgwolftunecould we please update the Loomio group to use two levels of nested replies? https://help.loomio.com/en/user_manual/groups/settings/index.html#thread-settings21:22:10
28 Jan 2023
@playback2396:matrix.orgplayback2396 joined the room.09:43:34
30 Jan 2023
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄hi all! FYI the instance is about to go into maintenance: https://social.coop/@flancian/109779745442704992 (you will only be able to see this until we take it down shortly though :))19:14:21
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄 * hi all! FYI the instance is about to go into maintenance: https://social.coop/@flancian/109779745442704992 (but of course this message will also be unavailable in a bit)19:14:41
@ewwn:matrix.orgEvan BoehsI think maintenance begun a hour too soon?19:27:07
@3wc:autonomic.zone3wc ~ they/themwhat do you mean?19:35:26
@ewwn:matrix.orgEvan Boehs
In reply to @3wc:autonomic.zone
what do you mean?
At 1pm EST I was getting 500 errors, even though this announcement was made at 2pm
@3wc:autonomic.zone3wc ~ they/themseems that was an unrelated problem19:52:46
@ewwn:matrix.orgEvan Boehs
In reply to @3wc:autonomic.zone
seems that was an unrelated problem
How odd
@shauna_gm:matrix.orgshauna_gm joined the room.19:56:58
@inkdroid:matrix.orgedsuwe noticed we were hitting some limits in nginx prior to the maintenance window19:57:13
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄yes, we happened to hit a bug just precisely before maintenance, and it was unrelated.20:09:55
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄update: we have completed the data transfer to the new server ([[rhizome]]) and are now setting up the instance in it. we are making good time so we may move over to the new hardware tonight.20:15:20
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agorahttps://anagora.org/rhizome20:15:21
@oceane:matrix.domainepublic.netOcéane joined the room.20:21:58
@oceane:matrix.domainepublic.netOcéane Hi, how are you doing? 20:22:20
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄welcome Océane!20:22:30
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄sounds good, will take a look after maintenance tonight if nobody gets to it before!20:22:51
@oceane:matrix.domainepublic.netOcéane thank you flancian 20:26:15
@oceane:matrix.domainepublic.netOcéane I'm just setting up my Matrix account and trying to join another chatroom from Neochat 20:26:35
@oceane:matrix.domainepublic.netOcéane (The Bonfire one) 20:26:38
@heycaseywattsup:the-apothecary.clubheycaseywattsup joined the room.20:43:17
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄you should see the instance come back online for you once your DNS cache expires, so within 5 minutes :)21:03:30
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄for people with threaded clients: https://social.coop should be back up for you by now :)21:08:24
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄if you still see the maintenance page, please try ctrl-shift-r in your browser for a hard refresh.21:09:01
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄please report any issues :)21:10:52
@flancian:matrix.orgflancian 🍄 thanks to the whole [[TWG]] for this work and to Akshay Mankar in particular for driving the migration process! 21:11:39
@anagora:matrix.orgAn Agorahttps://anagora.org/TWG21:11:40

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