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26 Nov 2021
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)Taking care of my home was more important than getting involved in an online cooperative20:45:19
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)It's been several years, so I'm starting to read the bylaws, coc, etc. again20:47:31
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)Ok, then I have a few questions21:02:20
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)I know social media, and especially Twitter or any of its clones, make users think in a manner that creates violence21:02:49
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)notifications for favs/boosts are deceptive design disrupting the normal functioning of the users' brains to change their perception of reality and priorities21:03:35
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)I have another concern, which I don't know where to post, because I don't want to disrupt the cooperative21:04:18
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)There's the internet, where technical ability gives power, independence, and freedom21:05:10
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)It lowers the costs of expression and collectives may just use WordPress instead of burning themselves printing reviews of an avant-garde newspaper (paraphrasing Bourdieu here)21:06:09
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)It brings artistic freedom, freedom of assembly, etc.21:06:21
@flancian:matrix.orgflancianhi, Antoine! I'm relatively new here but I'm happy to welcome you back :)21:07:03
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)And the web 2 means the majority of the wordwide population, our world, uses this protocol; but power still derives from technical ability21:07:09
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)Thanks flancian! Nice to meet you!21:07:18
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)So the power that spawns from technical ability doesn't mean independence anymore, but rather power on other people21:08:08
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)There are different kinds of actors, among whom WordPress and Wikipedia, transferring political power to users, and Facebook and GitHub, retaining this political power for technical users21:09:20
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)And I believe a system similar to social.coop, including a code forge, a voting/consensus system, and a remuneration system, could be used to share this political power to non-technical users21:10:33
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)However I wonder why we're using technologies on which we have little power, in terms of governance ?21:10:57
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)Why do we use Mastodon, which is known for having governance issues, and Synapse, which requires huge infrastructure costs but is still used because rewriting another Matrix server (Dendrite, Conduit) is so difficult?21:12:12
@ntnsndr:matrix.orgntnsndrWe do have power over the tools... and we do have a code forge. And the membership can always submit proposals for changing tech policy.21:12:53
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)Yes, I just don't want to come after several years and say "hey, btw why don't we turn to IRC and Gemini?"21:13:28
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)The noise from my keyboard is stressing my partner21:13:38
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)So I'll come back tomorrow or later21:13:50
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)But if we get the funding to hire developers on a Mastodon fork, this is great!21:14:46
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him) * But if we get the funding to hire developers on a Mastodon fork, this is great!21:14:56
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)I'll come back later21:15:04
@ntnsndr:matrix.orgntnsndrWe definitely don't have funding for hiring devs:)21:16:04
@af:matrix.nomagic.ukAntoine-Frédéric (il/lui - he/him)Woopsie, will reconsider my membership21:16:27
@ntnsndr:matrix.orgntnsndrWhy? :)21:20:42
@ntnsndr:matrix.orgntnsndrWe have just a few thousand $ in the bank.21:21:27
@flancian:matrix.orgflancianAntoine, I'm interested in reading more about which changes you think would improve on the status quo -- and help model how we could make those feasible.21:49:40
@flancian:matrix.orgflancianI'm not acquainted with the drawbacks [[mastodon]]/[[synapse]] have I think, but I'd love to help map out alternatives for example.21:50:38

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