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20 Feb 2024
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme I would join and unbalance even further, but I'm working 👷‍♂️ 19:26:23
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden fine empty teams 19:26:36
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden me maybe in 20m 19:26:53
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme there's 3 people lol 19:26:54
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden well when I was looking 15s ago there were less people 19:27:17
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden a dman 19:27:21
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme still living in the 18th century huh 19:27:37
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme sad 19:27:46
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme 😁 19:27:55
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@_discord_417096115687784450:t2bot.iomimiz that was a 4v1 19:38:30
@_discord_417096115687784450:t2bot.iomimiz for the sake of balance 19:38:39
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme hopefully with prom on the 1 man team. 19:39:03
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme we hate being fair 19:39:12
21 Feb 2024
@_discord_932089754491699280:t2bot.ioMio joined the room.18:28:51
@_discord_1141367978781311057:t2bot.iodav09_45987 changed their profile picture.18:30:32
@_discord_626165598384291847:t2bot.iolwswl changed their display name from zincos. to lwswl.19:54:00
@_discord_791170876649373737:t2bot.iotuneado changed their profile picture.22:10:14
26 Feb 2024
@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6 Zirkle#4064 just left the server 😕 19:27:19
29 Feb 2024
@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6 619779414366_12332 just left the server 😕 19:30:43
1 Mar 2024
@_discord_1030013343857115197:t2bot.iocutedistressed joined the room.16:38:48
@_discord_662709276132900897:t2bot.ioLLS(flying winger) changed their profile picture.16:39:37
2 Mar 2024
@_discord_417096115687784450:t2bot.iomimiz on frankfurt I am 20:33:59
@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6 ! 𓆩 SFA7 𓆪#0389 just left the server 😕 21:08:04
3 Mar 2024
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden 4th time i see it and 2 times it managed to exit 22:34:17
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden (how) 22:34:18
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme angled floor 22:34:20
@_discord_623800359869218837:t2bot.iokimden changed their profile picture.22:34:33
@_discord_1094038847869956116:t2bot.ioraceme puck goes up, floor stops going up, puck continues going up 22:34:40
@_discord_362723718360989696:t2bot.iocrystaldaeevee One of them was me pushing a default cube v2 up the entire wall with jetbus 22:39:57

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