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29 Feb 2020
07:47:08@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerIt's made not focusable perhaps with CSS or something.
07:47:58@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerThe title is on both link and image inside link. Link is wrapped in a spam and the link title kicks into the acc description of the section that is exposed. I guess.
07:48:02@jamie:mozilla.orgJamiea tag without an href perhaps?
07:48:11@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner Here is an example of a pill
<span><a class="mx_Pill mx_UserPill" title="@x:riot.ovh"><img class="mx_BaseAvatar mx_BaseAvatar_image" src="https://home.server.url/_matrix/media/r0/thumbnail/riot.ovh/cLwUzvMIVxggsOxOxaXyxGOh?width=16&amp;height=16&amp;method=crop" title="@x:riot.ovh" alt="" aria-hidden="true" width="16" height="16">Michael (t3chguy)</a></span>
07:48:51@jamie:mozilla.orgJamie Yeah, no href, so not considered an actionable link.
07:49:41@jamie:mozilla.orgJamieInterestingly, if it were considered a link, it would create extra verbosity reading the mesage... so I'm not sure how I feel about it, heh
07:51:51@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerTo override the auto acc name calculation perhaps aria-label would make it better wouldn't it?
07:53:00@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágneror will hovering work when removing title from the link?
07:53:32@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner * or will hovering work when removing title from the link?
08:00:52@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágneroh, I'm wrong again. It's a accessible description not accessible name. So what we were talking yesterday applies.
08:01:50@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágnerstill question regarding removal of the title attribute from the link is valid. that would help with that. I am not sure if title on the image is enough for the hover tooltip to work.
08:27:05@jamie:mozilla.orgJamiePutting title on image would probably result in either name or description on the image though, depending on whether there's an alt
08:27:40@jamie:mozilla.orgJamie Although... I think the img is aria-hidden now, so if that's the case, it wouldn't.
08:28:38@jamie:mozilla.orgJamie NVDA doesn't read the accDescription in browse mode unless you query the focus or object under cursor.
08:44:51@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerOrca does read it. And while image is aria-hidden I'm pretty sure it's from the link title attribute.
2 Mar 2020
06:25:43@marcozehe:matrix.orgMarco Zehe Jamie: NVDA does actually read the link if you move from list item to list item via i and shift+i. While reading the list item text, the link, which NVDA does identify despite the missing href, is read along with the title. And if you query the list item contents with object nav, you get the link accessible as well, including the title. So there is actually an instance in browse mode where the acc description is being read by NVDA, by way of quick nav.
06:28:55@jamie:mozilla.orgJamie Marco Zehe: Ah. Interesting. I follow the logic of reading the description for link quick nav - I think that was added after my time - but it does feel weird to read the description for the link when doing list item quick nav. Still, understanding how that code works, I can see why it happens and why distinguishing them is tricky
12:37:16@grin:grin.hu@grin:grin.hu left the room.
3 Mar 2020
10:28:09@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) so re pills and their title attribute, there are plans to do better tooltips throughout the app so that will allow us to not use the title attribute and quieten pills, THOUGH, is it not important to know the MXID of a Pill to be able to distinguish people with the same display name?
10:33:15@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerI understood that the disppay name is changed to also contain mxid when there are duplicate display names. Or has this been changed?
10:41:34@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)it is, except not in pills
5 Mar 2020
02:26:02@jamie:mozilla.orgJamieAs much as the verbosity is problematic, I do worry about removing the title attribute from the pill. The title attribute is an accessible way to do tooltips. The whole point of the tooltip is to give people additional info if they need it (on-demand), and if we remove it, a screen reader user won't be able to access the id with equivalent ease if they need to. This feels like something that needs to be handled better at the screen reader level.
10 Mar 2020
15:50:20@marcozehe:matrix.orgMarco Zehe Michael (t3chguy): Hi!Regarding the mysterious not working https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-react-sdk/pull/4075, someone would have to go through this with a debugger I believe. Unfortunately, debuggers aren't really accessible in the Firefox dev tools, and often even don't play well with screen readers. If you have a chance, could you take a look at why the aria-live="off" isn't being applied? I can un-draft the PR and you could pile on top of it if that would help.
15:56:55@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) Marco Zehe: I will try to get to it when I get some time
24 Mar 2020
08:58:25@marcozehe:matrix.orgMarco Zehe Michael (t3chguy): Hi! Was wondering if there's a way to test the Jitsi integration on Riot Develop and the Matrix homeserver somehow. Am wondering if it's any more accessible than the Jitsi Meet web front-end, which is only a bowl of div sauce.
10:08:43@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)Sadly the jitsi integration is just an iframe and some magic postMessage to prefill things like profile so I doubt it can be any better
10:34:15@marcozehe:matrix.orgMarco ZeheOK, that's what I wanted to know, if this is Riot's own (possibly better) HTML or just loading the Jitsi Meet web front-end. Seems it is the latter, so no good either. They do have open issues on these things, some two years old, but haven't acted on them yet.
10:35:00@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)That's sad 😔
19:01:15@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanHoping Jitsi gears up its accessibility efforts soon. I dislike the fact that the only solution I can recommend for accessible video/audio conferencing is Zoom.
25 Mar 2020
08:38:32@marcozehe:matrix.orgMarco ZeheWell, not wanting to sound too pessimistic, but one issue has been open since November 2018, the other, related, since July 2019. Both are not so difficult to solve, and if you search a bit, you find the ARIA design patterns quickly. I commented on this issue a few days ago, and it was received as if I was telling super great news to that team. So I wouldn't get my hopes up that they're too keen on getting that solved right away. They seem to view it as a nice to have, not a right thing to do, and from the tone of the comment, it sounded like they had absolutely no clue how to fix it until I linked the design pattern. That's disconcerting for someone working on the web, but unfortunately nothing uncommon with many web developers.

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