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26 Aug 2020
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanAck, another one. I can't activate any of the radio buttons in the notification configuration table with the keyboard. I also seem to have gotten into a state where the Messages in group chat radio button group has no buttons checked. So somehow something did get activated, but I can't enable Off via the keyboard with space, enter, or simulated click. Fails on the web and in the app.15:59:32
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) nolan: the table in Settings > Notifications? 16:00:04
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanYeah, where you specify notification types for various messages, or turn them off.16:00:37
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)those are just standard radios, that entire UI pane is getting chucked out though16:00:42
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)(and replaced with something less horrendous)16:00:49
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanInteresting. Well, I can't activate them with Space or Enter. Can anyone else duplicate?16:01:09
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)I can reproduce, which is even stranger :(16:01:39
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)the navigation between them is weird too16:01:49
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)anyhow, FTUE Notifications project replaces and simplifies that entire view16:03:29
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanOK, did it from Android, where I didn't see every button in the group disabled. Am I correct in assuming that these settings will propagate across to all devices? Starting to get overwhelmed by notifications and Matrix is actually being used by folks I know, so I'm trying to get a handle on notification sprawl.16:04:21
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)Yeah these "push rules" settings are global to your account16:04:38
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanOK, good.16:04:46
27 Aug 2020
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanDid I read correctly that there was a new Jitsi a11y patch addressing their complaints with the original? If not, I may take a crack at it. There are more and more things I could really use Jitsi for, and meet.jit.si still has the same issues it always has.15:32:55
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanMay also try applying pressure through a few other avenues. A variety of tech co-ops use Jitsi for meetings. I'm sure they'd care to know that Jitsi is refusing a11y patches.15:34:07
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) The patch I wrote for basic a11y was merged then reverted, I made another one which only did Enter for interacting with buttons to make them happy and that was merged around a month ago 15:35:33
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)not sure if it made it into stable yet though15:35:38
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanAh, OK. Did that also correctly set roles on their div soup? And it's definitely not in stable--I just checkout meet.jit.si and it's the same as it always was. :(15:36:37
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanThanks for pushing that through, BTW. I meant to at some point, but fixing the exact same types of a11y bugs year after year because I have to feels like I'm living in the Groundhog Day movie.15:37:37
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)It did correctly set roles on the majority of buttons15:38:38
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)but they have like 3 different button implementations15:38:44
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)which are all very different in code and I could not figure out how to get the 3rd one happy15:38:58
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)so it does not make all buttons accessible yet15:39:04
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanUgh, what the actual hell? Who needs three different buttons?15:39:27
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)they have additional complexities from it being a React Web + React Native project15:39:43
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)where they have multiple implementations of various things because of that too15:39:52
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanUgh. I haven't been doing web development for the last few months. I don't really miss it much. I'm coming to enjoy fighting with Rust's borrow checker, at least that gives me some assurance my stuff will just work without issue. :)15:41:13
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanAs opposed to "oh hey look, you've hit the magic trapmine of this specific version of Edge and that specific version of React. Boom!"15:42:04
@nolan:thewordnerd.infonolanAnyway, thanks again for fixing. Maybe I'll worm my way into their community calls and advocate for that fix on stable.15:42:53
7 Sep 2020
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9 Sep 2020
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