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23 Jan 2022
@luminescentseason:matrix.orgsn0wtime to go grab and tea and get some actual work done06:25:19
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@throwaway2020lmao:matrix.orginteresting namelol06:27:49
@luminescentseason:matrix.orgsn0wI truly do wonder how long its going to be until you get pwned by a skid06:27:54
In reply to @cooldoglol:matrix.org
sent an image.
Time we'll spent
@ifiguero:matrix.orgifiguero* Time well spent 06:37:54
@idkrn:envs.netidkrnAnyone have fdroid recommendations for wallet weather and stocks apps?06:43:59
@idkrn:envs.netidkrnFor wallet I mean one that can handle transport passes or tickets06:44:15
@throwaway2020lmao:matrix.orginteresting name2022-01-23-122155_1920x1080_scrot.png
Download 2022-01-23-122155_1920x1080_scrot.png
@throwaway2020lmao:matrix.orginteresting namecan I larp like I use win7 too?06:52:47
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In reply to @luminescentseason:matrix.org
I truly do wonder how long its going to be until you get pwned by a skid
@josiah:foliage.networkjosiahmy dad uses his trezor on windows xp15:37:26
@josiah:foliage.networkjosiahhe does all of his work on xp15:37:32
@josiah:foliage.networkjosiahbut he has a 10 box 15:37:45
@chile09:matrix.orgrolodondo9378when did they stop patching xp?17:41:31
Download w_null_8qxyjuybsyc81.jpg
In reply to @chile09:matrix.org
when did they stop patching xp?
The official free support ended in 09
The paid extended support was in 2015 im pretty sure but it also had some weird emergency patches till just a few years ago
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sent an image.
ohhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......
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24 Jan 2022
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