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27 Nov 2022
@krav27:matrix.orgelkravoself-snitch by college essay04:11:14
@psil0cybin:mozilla.orgPsil0 changed their profile picture.04:18:30
@psil0cybin:mozilla.orgPsil0 changed their profile picture.04:20:29
@psil0cybin:mozilla.orgPsil0 changed their profile picture.04:22:31
@psil0cybin:mozilla.orgPsil0 changed their profile picture.04:27:18
Download image.png
Download image.png
@krav27:matrix.orgelkravoTIL about AVUNIT, the one who got away04:37:01
In reply to @krav27:matrix.org
sent an image.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what the hell
@whineofetch:matrix.orgtest test joined the room.19:26:05
In reply to @krav27:matrix.org
sent an image.
100% legit. Definitely.
@thehidden:tchncs.deNo (PSA/Anonymous Planet 🌏) X to doubt 21:53:12
@thehidden:tchncs.deNo (PSA/Anonymous Planet 🌏)The only surviving members of antisec and lulzsec are comfortable not using social media whatsoever for the foreseeable future.21:53:55
@thehidden:tchncs.deNo (PSA/Anonymous Planet 🌏)The rest are imitators and fakes.21:54:05
@psil0cybin:mozilla.orgPsil0 changed their profile picture.22:18:38
@georgejefferson:matrix.orggeorgejefferson joined the room.22:37:58
@krav27:matrix.orgelkravoI mean some of em used to post on social media including twitter23:13:10
@krav27:matrix.orgelkravoThey've gone dark for a while though23:13:18
@howardplayzoa:matrix.orgItsHowardDownload video_aa0386c.mp423:20:04
@howardplayzoa:matrix.orgItsHowardMy current setup23:20:16
28 Nov 2022
@krav27:matrix.orgelkravoFor streaming?01:16:56
@krav27:matrix.orgelkravocamera looks legit01:17:09
In reply to @krav27:matrix.org
For streaming?
Yes, it is
@howardplayzoa:matrix.orgItsHowardIt’s Canon EOS 60D that manufactured in February 201001:52:15
@lunar:monero.socialLunarDownload x_160806_Lettuce_hat_q9N1doYMxR0.webm02:58:51
@wernicke1korsakoff1syndrome:matrix.orggeorge changed their display name from PQC.PostQuantumCrypto.NTRUMcEliece.Please to george.11:20:10
@fiveseven:matrix.orgDale Gribble60 was a nice step up from the 4011:58:47

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