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22 Jun 2021
@knowledgewizard:matrix.orgknowledgewizardNetscape was alright for awhile.14:05:10
@knowledgewizard:matrix.orgknowledgewizard A paid browser actually sounds quite good to me at this time. If I could get Chrome with all of its good parts but "ungoogled" and thoroughly tested and supported, with transparent builds, and to-the-minute patching that would have value absolutely. 14:08:18
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@i401:xn--vl1a.moei401BaaS (Browser as a service?)14:59:15
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In reply to @cat_chocolatestix:matrix.org
I heard its a pain in the ass
It's much less a PITA if you don't install any GUI
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakContinuously rebuilding readline for example is much faster than rebuilding QT16:09:56
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakWhy is it that smartcards are dirt-cheap, while readers with pin-pads built in are crazy expensive?17:13:45
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakCertainly more than the price of the electronics or casing17:13:58
@knowledgewizard:matrix.orgknowledgewizardIt is likely that the buyer of the reader is willing to pay more for ephemeral gains in xy feature charts.17:15:49
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakI'd like one where you have to physically push buttons rather than receiving the code over the USB bus17:17:54
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakbut it'd probably be cheaper to make it with a pi-zero17:18:22
In reply to @daybreak_2014:matrix.org
Certainly more than the price of the electronics or casing
Most likely is due the price of storage and design. If a device is not very popular it becomes expensive. I would say most of the cost is due the fact you are locked in in a solution where if you want another device compatible you have a single supplier.
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakMust be pretty unpopular then.17:29:08
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakIt's a device with a pin pad, a usb interface on one end, and a CCID interface on the other, and a microcontroller to glue them together17:29:46
@knowledgewizard:matrix.orgknowledgewizardPerhaps you could 3D print one?17:30:13
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakMost likely choice17:30:32
@daybreak_2014:matrix.orgDaybreakBut it looks like there are smartcard applications for ledger/trezor17:31:01
@knowledgewizard:matrix.orgknowledgewizardThere is a Cherry keyboard with an integrated card reader, though I do not know if it would fit the spec you have.17:31:34
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In reply to @dud1337:138.io
I prefer subpixel rendered fonts. I have a script somewhere around here for enhancing sharpness of high resolution images by using subpixel rendering that I used for desktop backgrounds
@solderfumes:c0ffee.xyzsolderfumesIt's an ImageMagick one-liner, let me find it.....21:37:22
convert -verbose "$1" \
	-gamma 0.4545454545 -resize 5760x3240^ \
	-gravity center -crop 5760x3240+0+0 \
	-resize 5760x3240\! \
	-channel Red -morphology Convolve '3x1: 0, 0, 1' \
	-channel Blue -morphology Convolve '3x1: 1, 0, 0' \
	+channel \
	-filter Point -resize 1920x1080\! -gamma 2.2 \
	-quality 100 "$1".jpg
@solderfumes:c0ffee.xyzsolderfumesThe script is old, I don't know if more recent IM builds do gamma correct resizing or not, this does a good job for problematic images21:42:48
23 Jun 2021
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