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6 May 2018
14:41:27@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgthey sent it to me; not you
14:45:54@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgi dont kno y it say still at colorado
14:46:00@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgwas 3 days ago
14:48:33@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscon gmail
14:49:25@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgnvrmnd they cannot oh well
14:49:37@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgit will show up
7 May 2018
05:59:30@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscI wish you have a great week
14:49:09@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscLook the new,,,idea on twitter
14:49:16@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscmesage like this
14:49:27@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscCarlosLugar Hello am Mr Alex Carlos am a member of Illuminati. do you wish to be a member of the Illuminati and get the sum of 500.000.00 USD weekly send me a what's app message via +1(610)6343682 or send us a mail via Illuminatiinitiationsociety@gmail.com 3h 3 hours ago Dragos Gherasim haha,,,This is sure a joke,,,or from candid camera It not a joke CarlosLugar Thanks for your willingness to be part of this Great and well known organization called Illuminati Brotherhood. I am Barry Carlos from USA and I am the Lord Master of Lodge 606 Temple. Now I will like to enlighten you more about the Brotherhood before we can proceed with your initiation process. The Illuminati is a Brotherhood was founded on the (1 May 1776, Ingolstadt, Germany.) I was sent by our Superiors from the above temple mentioned to recruit more members into this Great Illuminati Brotherhood .The Illuminati Brotherhood is an organization of good deeds where we help our members to reach their set goals for life quickly. We are well known world wide and fully respected for our potentials. We are fully regard as the Light of the world. We also give instant benefits to new members of Illuminati Brotherhood. So I will advice you to kindly accept our offer of membership and I will lead you to the way of Light.
15:10:01@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscAnd sure after,,,,
15:10:26@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscI WANT YOU TO FILL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BELOW Full name.................... Country.......... State/city.......... Date of birth.......... Occupation........ Monthly income.... Sex.......... age....... Address.......... Phone.......... Email address.......... passport or photo.................. have you tried to join before??....... are you on what's app?...... Tell me little about yourself, get back to us as soon as possible..
15:15:00@yoey1970:matrix.org@yoey1970:matrix.orgI hope you have a good week as well. 😊
15:18:00@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscthis one...want to make my ,,,happy
15:20:21@yoey1970:matrix.org@yoey1970:matrix.orgI am hoping with all I have it is a happy good week for you. 😊🙏
15:22:19@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscFor my,,,a fight make happy,,,more than you can think,,,,the rest,,,, is zero
15:22:43@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscI am happy when I see my friend happy
19:32:00@dragosc:matrix.orgdragoscI just,,,expose Soros and his political and financial interest on,,,Romania ,,,,
15 May 2018
15:42:31@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgFuck discord
15:55:24@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.orgchanged room power levels.
15:55:28@doboy787:matrix.org@doboy787:matrix.org left the room.
18 May 2018
21:51:32@mrgfy:matrix.org@mrgfy:matrix.org left the room.
19 May 2018
01:16:55@yoey1970:matrix.org@yoey1970:matrix.org left the room.

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