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18 Apr 2020
@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiff (he/him)It seems like Agate and others have been posting issues on that one, so I think putting it there would be fine since it keeps it all in one place (and makes it clear it's related to the 0.21 RC)17:19:19
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)Yep, posting on that thread is good :317:20:51
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)So I think our main goal this week is to keep getting feedback. Do we have a deadline for feedback?17:23:14
@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiff (he/him)According to that thread the initial goal was to release on Tuesday (21st April) if nothing was reported, so I'd say that's a good deadline for reports since we've found some things we need to address 17:24:54
@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiff (he/him)A lot of it seems to be minor UI stuff which can probably be fixed pretty quickly17:25:09
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)😎17:27:06
@eloisa:matrix.orgeloisaThe post said 10 days. I don't know about the devs, but I don't think 10 days was enough to find them all. I just started yesterday and I already got 2 out of 2 days, but I'm not the one reading those reports. ^^; 17:28:10
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)we can easily push the final release to the end of the month, in my opinion anyway17:29:19
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)We'll always find bugs, but we can continue to fix them after the release anyway ;)17:30:49
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)It doesn't mean feedback submitted after the 0.21 release won't lead to any bugfix, it's just that we need to release at some point17:31:41
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)we can (and probably) have a 0.21.1 in may17:31:58
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)i assume programming and coding takes a lot of blood magic and that takes time 😊17:32:52
@eloisa:matrix.orgeloisathen nevermind what I just said, please! ^^;17:33:05
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)It's okay, release cycles aren't really obvious :p 17:34:55
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her) * It's okay, release cycles aren't really obvious :p 17:35:04
@eloisa:matrix.orgeloisaI thought it was a slower pace and didn't know there were bugfixes between them. ^^; Thanks for the elucidation!17:35:36
@sporiff:garappa.chatsporiff (he/him)In that case, it will depend on if any of those bugss can be considered blocking to the release17:36:49
@eloisa:matrix.orgeloisagot it! :) 17:37:19
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)So our next meeting is on Thursday the 23rd. Are there any other tasks besides helping find bugs we need to ask of the room?17:38:46
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)There's the open.audio thing (opening it to more podcasters)17:40:09
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)I'm a bit late, on this, but maybe we can review this on monday Ginny ?17:40:27
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)Sounds good.17:40:38
@ginnymcqueen:matrix.orgGinny McQueen (she/her)Then we'll make a post here on Monday, so look out for that. 🤓17:41:31
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her) thanks Ginny McQueen (she/her) ! 17:42:18
In reply to @Eliot:matrix.org
There's the open.audio thing (opening it to more podcasters)
is this an instance for testing for podcasters? Or for use? I know I haven't been here lately, but I'm working on getting my ass back to this, and podcasting is on my list! * _ *
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)It's a real pod that will stay up, so you can use it with confidence17:44:16
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)you'll need to send me your username so I can grant you upload permission though :)17:44:34
@eloisa:matrix.orgeloisaYESSS! Thank you! <317:44:47
@Eliot:matrix.orgAgate (she/her)you're welcome!17:45:54

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