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18 Feb 2020
16:12:08@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzello2nd try in firefox failed
16:13:11@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzellomh short title shows same message
16:13:14@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)what title are you using for your channel ?
16:14:56@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzellobut I tried different ones
16:15:23@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)That's interesting, I cannot reproduce at all under firefox
16:15:43@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloIt is weird that it works in chromium but not in firefox
16:16:20@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)I'm going to set up more logs
16:17:21@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloI have my firefox restricted with the user.js maybe thats the problem I get Error: Cannot find module './en_US.json' in the console
16:17:42@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)this one is normal (and doesn't affect the app)
16:18:25@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)can you please try again to reproduce, I've got more logs 👀
16:21:07@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloI tried again
16:21:21@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloah shit now it says This username is already taken
16:21:41@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzellonow I used test43
16:22:25@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloFirefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://channels.tests.funkwhale.audio/api/v1/activity?token=TOKEN
16:22:31@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)ah, I think I got it !
16:22:39@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)
In reply to @marzzzello:tchncs.de
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://channels.tests.funkwhale.audio/api/v1/activity?token=TOKEN
this one is unrelated
16:23:08@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)
In reply to @Eliot:matrix.org
ah, I think I got it !
Thanks, I identified the issue, for now, you can use a shorter description to bypass it (I'll fix that properly tomorrow)
16:24:22@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloah was it because of the markup?
16:24:58@marzzzello:tchncs.demarzzzelloI tried some markup to see whats working but it is stuck there even after I create a new channel
16:25:25@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)
In reply to @marzzzello:tchncs.de
ah was it because of the markup?
not exactly, but it's related to an old constraint (description should be shorter than 500 chars) that I forgot to remove.
16:25:42@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)(markup isn't the issue)
16:26:47@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)I have to leave now, thank you for the feedback!

nice progress Eliot Berriot (he/him) !

bugs and issues I noticed:

  • on the profile page, the user menu popover in the top right is out of bound
  • on the profile page, only a single card is shown per line
  • on the channel page, the "play" dropdown button is confusing I think. It should be a toggle button, and there should be only a single dropdown button "⋅⋅⋅"
  • on the channel page, switching between tabs scrolls up to the top of the page (mobile)
  • in the channel modal, closing the tags list mistakenly appends a tag to the selection
  • on mobile, the channel modal doesn't fit
  • cancel button feels deactivated
  • on mobile, the upload modal shows the "cancel" button above the "next step" button


  • the user profile avatar is misaligned on mobile
  • the channel modal close button appears inside on mobile, and outside on desktop. Should be inside everywhere
  • the title in the modal should (probably) be centered
  • series and episodes placeholder should have a solid background

We probably should make the following changes on the design side:

  • update the user profile layout to match the channel layout
  • make a consistent set of buttons, covering espacially toggle cases for subscriptions
  • manage empty states to avoid big gray placeholders
19:47:34@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdanon desktop, the channel description can be kept in the left column, whatever the selected tab on the right. on mobile, the channel description would be better placed below the "overview" tab, rather than above. @eliot, does it make sense to you? would it be feasible?
21:09:09@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.net: sure, most of this is doable! I'll share more tomorrow
21:25:04@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdanMy question was about the description placement only. The highlight was meant to add the question to your pile for later
21:26:03@mjourdan:matrix.thomasvo.netmjourdandon't bother to answer so late, I don't mind if it waits a bit ^^
21:27:47@Eliot:matrix.orgEliot Berriot (he/him)this bit is doable :D

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