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9 Feb 2019

would, matrix-client be integrable with ERC?


out of curiosity

In reply to @beatpanic:matrix.org

would, matrix-client be integrable with ERC?

Welcome. No, they're completely different

alphapapa: ok, anyhow thanks for continuing this project :) appreciated

18:25:22@DamienCassou:matrix.orgDamien Cassou beatpanic but matrix can itself present IRC channels as matrix rooms: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc/wiki/Bridged-IRC-networks

Damien Cassou: oh, did not know that! I'll try. Thank you

18:33:11@DamienCassou:matrix.orgDamien Cassou Matrix can bridge many protocols beyond irc. I don't use any irc clients nowadays

Damien Cassou: mm, most probably I am misunderstading, I am using matrix.org as server, however I was thinking about ERC being able to connect to my matrix account in some way. I like to be "always on" (also from mobile)

18:38:49@DamienCassou:matrix.orgDamien Cassou Quite the opposite instead: use a matrix client (e.g., matrix-client.el or Riot) to connect to IRC channels. Matrix makes IRC "always on": You won't miss anything if you disconnect

Damien Cassou: yep, I am already connected to some IRC channels through matrix. I was just wondering if I could use ERC through matrix. However now I am going slighly offtopic ;) This is not the right channel for this. Thanks for chiming in although!

18:41:48@DamienCassou:matrix.orgDamien CassouERC can only talk the IRC protocol as far as I know
11 Feb 2019
15:29:31@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam beatpanic: You could try running https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-ircd but it's definitely a bit rough. Hasn't seen much love.
19:42:37@beatpanic:matrix.orgbeatpanic Thanks &Adam!
14 Feb 2019
07:38:40@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis changed their profile picture.
15 Feb 2019
16:52:56@lidstah:matrix.orglidstah joined the room.
16 Feb 2019
14:59:56@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormit joined the room.
15:04:42@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormit I'm struggling to connect to my homeserver via M-x matrix-client-connect - I keep getting a 403 back from the server. I know for sure that the password is correct - I used it to sign into Riot to post this just fine
15:05:25@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas LewisCan you inspect the body of the reply?
15:05:53@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormitWhat would be the easiest way to do that?
15:15:12@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormitHmm I think maybe my emacs was just in a weird state, it seems to be fine now
15:15:41@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormit How do you connect to a room if you don't have any rooms open into which to type the /join command?
15:16:23@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis alphapapa:

Hello from emacs :wave:


Haha guess emojis don't work like that 🙃

17:15:32@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormit So I'm still running into trouble actually entering rooms when I first connect via matrix-client-connect
17:17:39@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormit If I M-x matrix-client-room-list, the room list is empty (even though I am in rooms via Riot)
17:17:50@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormit And since I'm not in any rooms, I can't issue the /join command to join any rooms
17:17:52@jdormit:cybre.spacejdormitAm I missing something?
19:33:25@shanesveller:matrix.orgshanesveller joined the room.
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