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23 Oct 2019
In reply to Gergely Polonkai
well, i could totally imagine a client that display messages like that
That would result in a lot of images loaded, but it's certainly doable, haha
15:25:19@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai
In reply to @alphapapa:matrix.org
That would result in a lot of images loaded, but it's certainly doable, haha
well, if it’s a full fledged client, the UI could handle it

Even Emacs could, but the images would eventually use a lot of memory, depending on number of messages. Maybe it could be a per-room feature. And if a flood of messages came in, it would be a lot of calls out to imagemagick to make them, so they'd have to be queued up or something.

15:29:20@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaiindeed
27 Oct 2019
19:20:03@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis - semi-pro tard wrangler

alphapapa: remind me how to scroll back the room messages, bitte..

19:23:02@jgkamat:matrix.orgjgkamatMeta v?
19:24:24@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis - semi-pro tard wrangler

thanks. I was pushing the pgup key. Didn't even think to try M-v.

28 Oct 2019
07:05:32@brab:matrix.orgbrab joined the room.

Maybe it should be bound to both

2 Nov 2019
09:41:52@trivialspace:matrix.orgMarc joined the room.
09:52:26@trivialspace:matrix.orgMarc set a profile picture.
3 Nov 2019
10:45:41@trivialspace:matrix.orgMarc changed their display name from trivialspace to Marc.
5 Nov 2019
02:36:01@honzapokorny:matrix.orghonza joined the room.
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6 Nov 2019

I couldn't find any mention of encryption. Is it supported?

12:31:00@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam Marc: nope. But you can try your luck with pantalaimon if you like.
12:45:10@trivialspace:matrix.orgMarc &Adam: thanks for the clarification
18:43:42@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrim joined the room.
18:47:54@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrimHello. Does matrix-client.el support macOS? When I run the script I get.
18:57:48@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrimNevermind. It I got it workind by rming the elpa install dir and using the quelpa method instead.
19:32:05@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrimI got a bunch of "Warning" messages when I installed it and matrix-client-tab gives me Invalid function: pcomplete-here.
19:34:15@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrimWhat do?

It seems to work now :)

19:43:16@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrimIt stops working when I restart emacs though. I think my issue might be related to https://github.com/alphapapa/matrix-client.el/issues/92
19:52:55@olavx200:matrix.orgfossegrimIt works, but it stops working when I restart emacs.
7 Nov 2019
In reply to fossegrim
Hello. Does matrix-client.el support macOS? When I run the script I get.
You're probably using the version of Bash that's included with MacOS, which is very old, due to Apple's hatred for the GPL.
9 Nov 2019
18:06:03@marlin1113:privacytools.io@marlin1113:privacytools.io left the room.

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