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Open Source Intel: resources, methods, techniques, geo-search, photo analysis, SOCMINT, scripting and tools. DO NOT DOX any real people here, post no personal details of anyone, ever. Keep it professional. Sorry, no minors. OSINT challenge is on! From @r23:tedonum.net - "I am NOT A REAL PERSON but if I were I could be doxxed by my social media accounts. I have several and usually 'fossislife' is my username, but on Facebook I had to use <my full.name>.5264 and another variation on Twitter Find my street address (if you're alpha, do I pay rent, lease or own?) Find my religion. What is the type and name of my pet (difficult)? Where and when did I go to school and what degree(s) do I have (medium)? What is my primary email address?34 Servers

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21 Jun 2021
@anonypla:privacytools.ioanonyplaquite a long while02:42:14
@anonypla:privacytools.ioanonyplabut now that I think of it02:43:57
@anonypla:privacytools.ioanonyplathere is one place I didn't check02:44:02
@babba27:artemislena.euDriftNotSkid (babba27)I found the steganography in his PFP but none of my wordlists are breaking the password. I'm thinking I'mma need to personalize the attack a bit02:45:03
@babba27:artemislena.euDriftNotSkid (babba27)I must say, is it really fair to put steganography in an OSINT challenge?03:01:17
@babba27:artemislena.euDriftNotSkid (babba27)Wait, I didn't realize email address was a challenge03:10:10
@babba27:artemislena.euDriftNotSkid (babba27)Screenshot from 2021-06-20 14-56-44.png
Download Screenshot from 2021-06-20 14-56-44.png
@babba27:artemislena.euDriftNotSkid (babba27)Michelle has proven to be quite good at throwing curve balls, so I have no idea if that's correct03:11:11
@babba27:artemislena.euDriftNotSkid (babba27) * Michelle has proven to be quite good at throwing curve balls, so I have no idea if that's correct03:11:19
@anonypla:privacytools.ioanonyplathere is another e-mail address tho :) 03:41:30
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22 Jun 2021
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23 Jun 2021
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