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21 Oct 2020
@gitter_dpryg:matrix.orgDmitry (Gitter) joined the room.14:24:46
@gitter_dpryg:matrix.orgDmitry (Gitter) hey guys, I use nvim & coc & rust-analyzer, and I've noticed neoclide/coc.nvim@1facba5 is the cause that makes nvim crash on CocAction when popup menu is supposed to appear. Does someone else experience the same issue? 14:24:47
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) @dpryg Please explain how to make on CocAction when popup menu is supposed to appear 14:41:03
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) ... to make `on ... => ... to trigger `on ... 14:41:13
@gitter_dpryg:matrix.orgDmitry (Gitter)I just move cursor on something meaningful in code (eg struct name) and then :CocAction15:00:56
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter)Try CocActionAsync instead15:41:57
@gitter_dpryg:matrix.orgDmitry (Gitter) Not an editor command: CocActionAsync 15:44:21
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) It's function 15:59:44
@gitter_djvs_gitlab:matrix.orgDustin van Schouwen (Gitter) What's the highlight option for the (I think default gray) box that forms around where the cursor currently is? e.g., myArray.push("whatever"), if my cursor is in "whatever", the string becomes gray bg 16:10:43
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter)CocHighlightText16:16:12
@gitter_w614561012:matrix.org麻黄去痰 (Gitter) joined the room.16:37:59
@gitter_w614561012:matrix.org麻黄去痰 (Gitter)clang在路径里面,为啥找不到呢16:37:59
@gitter_w614561012:matrix.org麻黄去痰 (Gitter) 16:42:15
@gitter_w614561012:matrix.org麻黄去痰 (Gitter) 16:43:34
@gitter_djvs_gitlab:matrix.orgDustin van Schouwen (Gitter)Lovely, thank you16:54:26
@gitter_klassegeljakt:matrix.orgsegeljakt (Gitter) I got a problem, my floating window lingers on screen even after moving the cursor. There does not seem to be a way to make it disappear. 20:27:55
@gitter_klassegeljakt:matrix.orgsegeljakt (Gitter) 20:27:56
@gitter_klassegeljakt:matrix.orgsegeljakt (Gitter) 20:28:42
22 Oct 2020
@gitter_gasull_gitlab:matrix.orgDaniel Gonzalez (Gitter) What do I need to type in the Vim command line to sort imports with coc-python? The README file says Python: Sort Imports, but neovim complains with Not an editor command. 03:44:46
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter)Use CocCommand04:16:31
@gitter_gasull_gitlab:matrix.orgDaniel Gonzalez (Gitter) Is it possible to use coc.nvim to refactor code with "extract method" from a block of code? 07:58:34
@gitter_gasull_gitlab:matrix.orgDaniel Gonzalez (Gitter)Found it08:04:49
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) @/all error from vim would be logged to log of coc.nvim with better error stack like:
2020-10-22T21:59:46.373 ERROR (pid:59403) [node-client] - request error on "nvim_call_function" [ 'abc', [ 1, 2, 3 ] ] Vim:E117: Unknown function: abc Error
    at NeovimClient.request (/Users/chemzqm/vim-dev/coc.nvim/node_modules/@chemzqm/neovim/lib/api/Base.js:29:21)
    at NeovimClient.call (/Users/chemzqm/vim-dev/coc.nvim/node_modules/@chemzqm/neovim/lib/api/Neovim.js:181:21)
    at Plugin.init (/Users/chemzqm/vim-dev/coc.nvim/lib/plugin.js:420:14)
    at async /Users/chemzqm/vim-dev/coc.nvim/lib/attach.js:115:13
@gitter_nullvoxpopuli:matrix.orgNullVoxPopuli (Gitter) changed their display name from Preston Sego (Gitter) to NullVoxPopuli (Gitter).17:11:50
@gitter_nullvoxpopuli:matrix.orgNullVoxPopuli (Gitter)does anyone ever have coc-explorer open another instance of its self ? how do I get that to stop17:11:51
23 Oct 2020
@gitter_matheusfillipe:matrix.orgMatheus Fillipe (Gitter)is there any way to ignore coc warnings?00:01:55
@gitter_matheusfillipe:matrix.orgMatheus Fillipe (Gitter) to mark them as "ignore" 00:02:05
@gitter_matheusfillipe:matrix.orgMatheus Fillipe (Gitter) 00:02:55
@gitter_matheusfillipe:matrix.orgMatheus Fillipe (Gitter)all of those are invalid... well a thing to ignore all of them would be nice00:02:59
@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) @matheusfillipe configure your pylint 03:36:06

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