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25 May 2020
12:38:24@gitter_abhijeetsrivastava:matrix.orgAbhijeet (Gitter) @chemzqm i think i have that. will check the link you shared.
16:14:07@gitter_mghz:matrix.orgMG (Gitter) joined the room.
16:14:10@gitter_mghz:matrix.orgMG (Gitter)hello, new to coc.nvim, I installed it with nvim and setup the extensions using the coc_global_extensions list .. the installation of some of them is failing with npm install exited with 243. any ideas?
17:29:10@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter)You can switched to pnpm or yarn by configuration
18:07:57@gitter_mghz:matrix.orgMG (Gitter) I'm using yarn by default, what configuration do i need to change?
26 May 2020
04:26:35@gitter_fandekasp:matrix.orgAdrien Lemaire (Gitter) joined the room.
04:26:35@gitter_fandekasp:matrix.orgAdrien Lemaire (Gitter) Hi there. @chemzqm is it possible to specify the path of a git cloned repository for coc-tsserver coc-type-definition to go to files in the repo instead of the node_modules dist files? Files in node_modules are often transpiled to es5 and very hard to read. I'd like to go to the original code to understand it better
05:51:37@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) @AdrienLemaire You have to ask typescript team for that.
07:14:23@gitter_last-partizan:matrix.orgpartizan (Gitter) joined the room.
07:14:23@gitter_last-partizan:matrix.orgpartizan (Gitter) Hi all, how can i stop coc from displaying "Updating plugins" in separate tab? it was just notice in statusline before and it was fine
07:19:49@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) You can't, but you can not update them
07:24:09@gitter_metalelf0:matrix.orgAndrea Schiavini (Gitter) joined the room.
07:24:09@gitter_metalelf0:matrix.orgAndrea Schiavini (Gitter) hi all, I just updated coc.nvim from latest source, and CocStart now throws the following error: "Error: Cannot find module 'promise.prototype.finally'". Is this a known issue? I've seen it has been added 4 days ago... what should I check?
07:35:29@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) It means you didn't invoke yarn install
07:49:52@gitter_metalelf0:matrix.orgAndrea Schiavini (Gitter)ok, great :) Silly me for not think about this. Thank you!
07:54:15@gitter_metalelf0:matrix.orgAndrea Schiavini (Gitter) (edited) ... not think about ... => ... not thinking about ...
09:03:47@gitter_zhiyuanyao:matrix.orgZhiyuan Yao (Gitter)Quite interesting, my documentation
09:11:30@gitter_zhiyuanyao:matrix.orgZhiyuan Yao (Gitter) Quite interesting, my documentation on Fortran files contains an typo: call CocAction('doHover') recognizes ishiftc() but ishiftc is a typo: the correct function name should be ishftc (no letter i). Where is the documentation file that I can modify to correct the typo?
09:32:34@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) It means you didn't invoke `yarn install` => @AdrienLemaire You have to ask typescript team for that.
09:32:34@gitter_fandekasp:matrix.orgAdrien Lemaire (Gitter) I read neoclide/coc-tsserver#14 and microsoft/TypeScript#6209
09:32:50@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) ... for that. => ... for that.
09:32:50@gitter_fandekasp:matrix.orgAdrien Lemaire (Gitter) And things aren't moving at all on their side
09:33:48@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) ... for that. => ... for that.
09:33:48@gitter_fandekasp:matrix.orgAdrien Lemaire (Gitter) Would it be difficult to allow us to map custom paths in the coc settings? (lib1 ? don't look for it in node_modules, but in /home/user/Projects/lib1/)
09:40:52@gitter_zhiyuanyao:matrix.orgZhiyuan Yao (Gitter) Turn out to be an issue of the language server fortls. I modified the intrinsic_funs.json file and this seems to correct the typo.
09:48:47@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) ... for that. => ... for that.
09:48:48@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter)No, we will not support that since it can be easily be wrong.
09:49:01@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) ... easily bewrong. => ... easily wrong.
11:39:20@gitter_chemzqm:matrix.orgQiming zhao (Gitter) (edited) No, we will not support that since it can be easily wrong. => @AdrienLemaire You have to ask typescript team for that.
11:39:20@gitter_fandekasp:matrix.orgAdrien Lemaire (Gitter)ok. Thanks for the reply

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