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12 Dec 2019
01:21:07@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.org It worked before
01:21:40@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.orgWhat’s the non free version?
01:21:45@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.org I’m using buster
01:27:19@mtinman:matrix.orgmtinman vera: What architecture?
01:27:21@chungy:matrix.orgchungyDebian 10 uses Linux 4.19 by default. (5.3 is in the backports repo, newer versions will probably come, and can always compile your own kernel)
01:27:47@chungy:matrix.orgchungyThere's a install disc with the non-free firmware included and can help with some hardware for getting wifi/bluetooth/etc immediately.
01:27:57@ni9el:matrix.orgni9elHello, when i try to open a .rmd file with a text editor (sublime text, gedit, etc) off of an smb share i get the following error:
01:27:59@mtinman:matrix.orgmtinman vera: Just a sec...
01:29:14@mtinman:matrix.orgmtinman vera: https://cdimage.debian.org/images/unofficial/non-free/images-including-firmware/10.2.0-live+nonfree/amd64/iso-hybrid/
01:30:02@mtinman:matrix.orgmtinman vera: Check there, or go up one directory if you'd like to download the bittorrent version...
01:30:17@mtinman:matrix.orgmtinmanBRB, Supper. :-)
01:30:26@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.orgI’ll burn a boot disc and see how it goes.
01:59:07@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.orgOMG im so silly
01:59:27@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.orgthe computer doesn't have wifi I had a wifi dongle in that provided it
01:59:42@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.organd i have removed the dongle thus no more wireless interface
02:00:04@verahunny:matrix.org@verahunny:matrix.orgi didn't realize what it was cause it's so small, thought it was for a mouse or something
03:09:33@riegel:matrix.orgRiegelRedacted or Malformed Event
03:10:03@riegel:matrix.orgRiegelRedacted or Malformed Event
16:40:38@lino:cyber-missile.iolino invited @mhn:m.webgo.deMarko Horn.
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20:45:03@xekoukou:matrix.orgxekoukou joined the room.
20:47:26@xekoukou:matrix.orgxekoukouEverytime I interact near an emoji on firefox, there is a high chance that the window manager will crash.
20:48:31@xekoukou:matrix.orgxekoukouOn twitter, for example, if I expand on a tweet that contains an emoji, it always crashes.
22:50:27@chungy:matrix.orgchungyiirc twitter doesn't use them properly, instead substituting <img> tags
13 Dec 2019
00:32:30@footprint_sulphate:matrix.orgfootprint_sulphate joined the room.
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