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19 Jan 2020
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20 Jan 2020
00:18:58@am_katzest:matrix.orgam_katzestRedacted or Malformed Event
00:42:46@am_katzest:matrix.orgam_katzestm.video Event
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16:20:32@lino:cyber-missile.iolinoHello, I have been on servers where an extremely high "shmmax" is set in the last few days. So something like: 18446744073692774399 But the server only has 62G of RAM installed. Does anyone have an idea how this is possible?
22:50:33@mhn:m.webgo.deMarko HornUpgrade to gentoo, voila ^^
21 Jan 2020
00:20:21@camille85:matrix.orgcami||e set a profile picture.
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10:36:46@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakuklino: i remember at some point this value has was set to the maximum possible as a default
10:37:15@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukthis is the commit
10:42:02@lino:cyber-missile.iolinoSo do I understand correctly that this behaviour is intended?
10:42:36@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukyes if u read the commit message...
10:42:56@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukit also states if distributions want to change that they are free to do that...
10:44:47@lino:cyber-missile.iolinoOkay, I wasn't quite sure. ^^ Thanks a lot for the help!
10:55:59@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakuknp i also had this "aha" moment a few years back :)
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