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23 Mar 2019
03:20:15@revadam:matrix.orgAdam Reviczky joined the room.
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10:10:33@annex:matrix.orgTekacity changed their display name from Xerox to Annex.
11:41:46@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from james h jackson jr to Yum yum bubble gum please give me some.
11:44:52@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from Yum yum bubble gum please give me some to James H Jackson Jr.
11:49:48@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from James H Jackson Jr to james h jackson jr.
18:41:51@xabi:ubports.chat@xabi:ubports.chat joined the room.
18:46:13@xabi:ubports.chat@xabi:ubports.chat left the room.
24 Mar 2019
04:08:21@tonyagua:matrix.orgTony joined the room.
05:24:53@null00:matrix.orgnull00 joined the room.
15:55:59@redsplochy:matrix.orgredsplochy joined the room.
16:46:16@redsplochy:matrix.orgredsplochy changed their profile picture.
25 Mar 2019
01:30:00@allau:matrix.orgallau joined the room.
01:38:45@allau:matrix.orgallau set a profile picture.
01:41:09@allau:matrix.orgallau changed their profile picture.
01:41:45@allau:matrix.orgallau changed their profile picture.
06:39:12@koutsiee:matrix.orgkoutsiee joined the room.
11:29:59@_neb_rssbot_=40_coffee=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@Coffee:matrix.org] Bits from Debian posted a new article: Google Platinum Sponsor of DebConf19 ( https://bits.debian.org/2019/03/google-platinum-debconf19.html )
14:01:28@markus:chat.webhoffmann.demarkus joined the room.
17:24:45@avalchev:matrix.orgavalchev joined the room.
19:01:41@annex:matrix.orgTekacity changed their display name from Annex to Tekacity.
19:03:11@annex:matrix.orgTekacity changed their profile picture.
19:04:10@annex:matrix.orgTekacity changed their profile picture.
20:21:06@jofazepa:matrix.org@jofazepa:matrix.org joined the room.
26 Mar 2019
02:54:20@knownymous_:matrix.orgknownymous_ joined the room.
09:09:32@jofazepa:matrix.org@jofazepa:matrix.org left the room.
10:59:39@mbien:matrix.orgmbien joined the room.
12:58:24@libregeekingkid:matrix.orgrajudev joined the room.
14:07:28@andrewsh:matrix.organdrewsh joined the room.
18:27:15@_neb_rssbot_=40_coffee=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@Coffee:matrix.org] Bits from Debian posted a new article: Call for Proposals: Debconf 19, Curitiba, Brazil ( https://bits.debian.org/2019/03/debconf19-cfp.html )

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