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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 you can open up any omwfx and add this flag at the bottom: https://openmw.readthedocs.io/en/latest/reference/postprocessing/omwfx.html#shader-flag 15:23:10
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 there is a brightness adjuster/colour correction stuff in wareya's shaders, war_adjustments 15:23:36
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 and I have reshade ports of levels and stuff here https://github.com/EpochWon/OpenMW-ReshadePorts 15:24:03
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 you will have to add that flag yourself because like 99% of the time the shaders are made for everywhere because you cant predict what people use them for 15:24:34
@_discord_233787519827705856:t2bot.ioan1mos1ty oh this is really cool, so add it to a level/curve shader with disable_exterior and it'll only trigger interior eh? thats super useful 15:26:03
@_discord_233787519827705856:t2bot.ioan1mos1ty appreciate that epoch 15:26:07
@_discord_648127597397409793:t2bot.ioQuote mymorrowind

So there’s something about these x3d’s that openmw just loves? No other ryzen cpu’s have it, its like x3d was made for openmw?

Quoted by @​anyoldname3 from #shaders

@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioanyoldname3 One thing is that OpenSceneGraph in particular is really bad at putting data that you'll use at the same time close enough together in memory that it'll also be in cache at the same time. The massive cache sizes on AMD's X3D CPU variants really help to mitigate that. 15:30:50
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioanyoldname3 The X3D CPUs were originally intended for people playing games as games in general are worse for this than other applications, but we've ended up being particularly bad for it. 15:31:57
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@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 https://www.shadertoy.com/view/3tlfR7 Found a potential licensing issue with zesterer's shaders and the caustics function. Its using this shadertoy for the noise, which is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, but Zesterer says the core shader mod is licensed GPLv3 as they are derived from OpenMW. I'm not very well versed in licenses but if I want to adapt the noise for possible inclusion in master then would this license be incompatible? 17:26:52
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioanyoldname3 Yeah, NC licences are incompatible with the GPL 18:13:30
@_discord_1130661889907630180:t2bot.iomymorrowind Can you elaborate on this more? Do you mean the x3d’s put transfer data from cache into ram better? 18:37:14
@_discord_1130661889907630180:t2bot.iomymorrowind * Can you elaborate on this more? Do you mean the x3d’s are better at transfering data from cache into ram? 18:37:38
@_discord_1130661889907630180:t2bot.iomymorrowind * Can you elaborate on this more? Do you mean the x3d’s are better at transferring data from cache into ram? 18:37:47
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Download Screenshot_20240113-205424.png
Download Screenshot_20240113-205606.png
@_discord_98862751723577344:t2bot.io.yannik The X3Ds simply have a lot more cache than most other CPUs, like ao3 said.
Here's the Amd 7800x3d against the similarly priced Intel 14700k
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@_discord_1093901210693664839:t2bot.io.upanishads So does increasing the cfg values for "preload cell cache min" and "preload cell cache max" improve performance? 20:01:01
@_discord_449601961122332684:t2bot.iozesterer Whoops, I think I read it as regular old CC when I made use of it. I'll open an issue for that and try to remember to change it. 20:04:53
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 already did :) 20:05:01
@_discord_449601961122332684:t2bot.iozesterer Ah, thanks! 20:05:07
@_discord_449601961122332684:t2bot.iozesterer Tbh I might just rewrite the caustics code, it's not a particularly complex effect to produce and there's no particular reason to rely on third-party code 20:05:55
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 I'm doing something similar my self right now, waza suggested I try and get it added to master 20:06:16
@_discord_284859219096895488:t2bot.iodingledonger69 learning how noises work as I go I guess 20:06:24
@_discord_449601961122332684:t2bot.iozesterer I've not looked through the impl too hard, but IIRC it's just a simple cellular noise effect with moving grid points and some fancy power dynamic min function for cell distance (i.e: like smoothmin) 20:08:48
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14 Jan 2024
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