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18 May 2022
@_discord_205774812809789441:t2bot.iolazygecko do your shaders support additional texture materials? 22:52:52
@_discord_449601961122332684:t2bot.iozesterer#3131 No more than vanilla OpenMW does, it would need code changes in the engine 22:53:15
@_discord_205774812809789441:t2bot.iolazygecko the difference between terrain and object speculars is still a bit confusing to me. the way i understand it, for terrain speculars you have both the diffuse and specular baked together into the same file (with the diffuse in the rgb and the spec in the alpha) and then that _diffusespec suffix completely supercedes the original diffuse texture? 22:55:02

Again, yes, conceptually. But we're not simulating individual light rays, and the net effect is an accumulation that need not be a precise representation of only one or the other.

Quoted by AnyOldName3#5223 from #shaders

@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 So we use approximations of what happens when the things happen to multiple rays which have been derived from Maxwell's equations (or what was only a few instructions on the machine Bui Tuong Phong had access to when doing his PhD), and no approximations have been discovered that are any good at doing both at once. 22:55:13
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 Doing one extra thing and a million after reaching the surface is close enough to the same that they can all share one approximation, but just getting reflected immediately isn't. 22:56:20
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 Well, there's the option of summing an approximation of one and an approximation of the other, but then you are using a decently precise representation of them separately as an intermediate step. 22:57:55
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Backlighting when. 23:08:55
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu We have post processing now... 23:09:10
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 That was kind of never the problem. The real issue is identifying what to apply it to, and that's not really something Morrowind's data contains. 23:30:58
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust#6575 No consensus on adding niextradata, no consensus on a simple suffix, no consensus on extending omgame format… guess we’re just stuck then. 23:33:34
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu (I mean they pretty much agreed on the later nif support). 23:34:22
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 Once we figure out how to deal with later Nifs, we'll be in a better position to think about how we might be able to hack equivalent features into Morrowind Nifs. If we try something hacky based solely on what we want for Morrowind, we might end up adding stuff that causes problems when adding similar stuff for the later games. 23:38:12
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter Later games are becoming outdated faster though... 23:39:31
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter How about non-hacky? 23:40:42
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Define non-hacky if it isn't later nif support like. 23:43:22
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter Modern 23:43:45
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu I thought the way the define stuff is goid 23:43:49
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * I thought the way the define stuff is good. 23:43:56
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Well modern, as in how is stuff defined there? 23:44:38
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter They are defined in Bethesda's way of hacky. 23:45:50
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * Well modern, as in how is stuff defined in modern? 23:46:31
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * Well modern, as in how is stuff defined in modern? 23:46:41
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.ioDexter And it would be a waste of time to recreate their weird stuff. We should lift them up to our higher standard. 23:46:54
@_discord_223500022422044672:t2bot.ioAnyOldName3#5223 The combine-enum-bits-to-enable-features idea is fine, really. 23:49:16
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust#6575 How does that work, again? 23:49:49
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust#6575 Is it something OpenMW can allow in the near future without much argument? 23:50:22
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu * Well modern, how stuff is defined in modern? 23:51:30
@_discord_205774812809789441:t2bot.iolazygecko isn't bethesda's "pbr" implementation in fallout 4 really weird and ghetto? like they used one of the rgb channels in the diffuse to define the roughness or something 23:52:24
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust#6575 I thought that was just being economical. Who wants to bind more textures than you have to? 23:54:43

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