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20 Oct 2021
@_discord_256885409026408449:t2bot.ioMaladjustedPlatypus#1938 That linked effect might not be texture spam, but it still looks like it imo. Lots of overlapping circles. Might be due to the update/polling rate, but there has to be some way to get the ripples for moving/swimming things to look less like layered perfect circles. 01:07:43
@_discord_256885409026408449:t2bot.ioMaladjustedPlatypus#1938 Wonder how Blender does it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyD1lWFyXB4 01:10:12
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek that needs some extreme tessellation, "real-time" might not be that realtime. 01:12:23
@_discord_256885409026408449:t2bot.ioMaladjustedPlatypus#1938 Doesnt MGE do something like that? It just does it a bit more simplified, ie, the water isnt as subdivided? 01:13:28
@_discord_256885409026408449:t2bot.ioMaladjustedPlatypus#1938 There's no need to go too extreme with the tesselation and it can taper off in detail further from the camera ideally. 01:13:57
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek MGE water is tessellated but it is for large scale waves. 01:14:17
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek rain and ripples are writable buffer propagation. 01:14:52
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek then combined with normals. 01:15:19
Download MGE-swiftswim.jpg
@_discord_256885409026408449:t2bot.ioMaladjustedPlatypus#1938 Yeah was looking at it now. Does seem less like stacked circles compared to the shadertoy example 01:16:51
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust#6575 It doesn't need to be anything crazy, just needs to be equivalent of better than Morrowind's. 01:34:19
@_discord_178356627139854347:t2bot.ioCMAugust#6575 It wasn't improved at all for future games, so once OpenMW has it we're pretty much set. 01:35:12
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander changed their display name from Zander to Zander#0719.03:30:15
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander changed their profile picture.03:30:18
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander changed their display name from Zander#0719 to Zander.03:30:20
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander so is post processing available yet ? 03:30:21
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander or is it still being worked on 03:30:21
@_discord_414058251299192832:t2bot.iowazabear_notabear#7403 still being worked on 03:33:06
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander thats what i thought 03:33:15
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander i just saw skylighting in the newest shader package and was wondering 03:33:25
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander do we install these shaders like the previous bundles where its just drop and replace 03:33:44
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander or are there more steps 03:33:46
@_discord_232224530356109312:t2bot.ioZander also when i click on unreleased builds download it takes me to 404 03:34:32
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu There's a pinned message in the #troubleshooting channel, do the steps there to get the "unreleased build". 03:52:10
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@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek Previous bundles had more steps. 10:11:12
@_discord_224202247469268993:t2bot.iovtastek Drag and drop is fine, but you can take a look at the Readme. 10:12:42
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21 Oct 2021
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