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Blacknet is zero-knowledge cryptocurrency platform with proof of stake consensus. https://blacknet.ninja23 Servers

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2 May 2024
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4With dark pool and snort coin09:58:57
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgono binance12:08:59
@wsamto:matrix.orgZac changed their display name from www to Zac.22:29:38
8 May 2024
9 May 2024
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4x2 faster in projective coordinates, still need x25 faster19:31:46
10 May 2024
@rrrrooo:matrix.org@rrrrooo:matrix.org joined the room.07:49:39
@rrrrooo:matrix.org@rrrrooo:matrix.org left the room.07:50:01
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4x1.22 faster, still need x20.5 faster18:25:00
11 May 2024
14 May 2024
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4x1.3 faster, still need x15.5 faster19:45:08
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19haven't run my blacknet staker in forever22:56:51
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19time to get it back online?22:56:54
@shai2:matrix.orgsh2 | nylon maximalistYou could stake a lot by now 23:10:02
@shai2:matrix.orgsh2 | nylon maximalistYes wouldn't hurt 23:10:10
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19gotta look at the code again to see about getting headless staking back up23:11:15
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19forgot how to do it all23:11:19
15 May 2024
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4Probably this page should mention RPC too07:03:07
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19bleh, new router having trouble accessing web UI :/16:34:02
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19how is blacknet1mpc0w5a7pnukgw8yvwv0funszzl8sx7jt7x9u4vl4nm0a0k3cxgqknr777 getting so many blocks?16:44:26
@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19🤦‍♂️ probably multiple machines 16:47:37
~ $ curl -s http://localhost:8283/api/v2/ledger/check | jq .result
~ $ curl -s http://localhost:8283/api/v2/account/blacknet1mpc0w5a7pnukgw8yvwv0funszzl8sx7jt7x9u4vl4nm0a0k3cxgqknr777 | jq .stakingBalance
~ $ curl -s http://localhost:8283/api/v2/staking | jq .networkWeight
~ $ echo '100 * 7746263303380841 / 13594789652553748' | bc

Interesting numbers

@Stoner19:matrix.orgstoner19considering their balance, they shouldn't be staking that quickly17:15:26
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4Don't you see their staking balance is about 56%?17:18:11

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