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17 Nov 2023
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4They proposed it for another goals, but still an interesting reading.07:44:12
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4 * They proposed it for another goal, but still an interesting reading.07:44:34
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgoMPoS protocol can offer better security than POS protocol 。07:53:57
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgo * MPoS protocol can offer better security than SPOS protocol 。08:51:27
20 Nov 2023
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgoMPOS 可以实现BLN和BLC的cross chain ,太高深莫测了06:53:34
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4I rather see it as a multistaking blockdag, i.e. no chain.08:01:33
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21 Nov 2023
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgoMPOS -> POSv501:53:33
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4At least v6, if ever07:06:53

6 is just a number after 5, there's no meaning at this point. For the next upgrade, which is fifth, I'm looking for, but not guarantee the delivery of, following:

  • Privacy of stakers. It was requested even in 2014... Time has come.
  • Unpredictability of stakes. Staking starts after a few minutes rather than multiple hours.
  • Succinct proof. A move towards fast sync and cross-chain stuff.

The idea of stable (not fixed!) supply is to reward stakers with tx fees averagely, but mint or burn under certain conditions until normality is restored.

@rat4:matrix.orgrat4From teh forum, but privacy is a big question...07:30:14
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25 Nov 2023
@cryptowiznl:matrix.orgCryptoWizNLRedacted or Malformed Event20:23:45
@cryptowiznl:matrix.orgCryptoWizNLRedacted or Malformed Event20:24:54
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26 Nov 2023
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4 CryptoWizNL: Yes, many projects look into privacy. Nothing interesting in that one. Oh well, it uses Black PoS version 2. 08:38:43
27 Nov 2023
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgo登录一个新的账号,总是会scanning 20 minutes ,这个体验不好03:18:44
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29 Nov 2023
4 Dec 2023
@deshawnjones:matrix.orgDxtCxm changed their display name from [Hxmmxr] to DxtCxm.15:16:22

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