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27 Apr 2022
@simba2115:matrix.orgHikaruHello. How are you? I am a senior blockchain developer. I have much experience with all kinds of bots. -snipping bot -front-running bot -arbitrage bot -trading bot I am very familiar with Website Design,Css,JavaScript and PHP also. If you have interested, please DM Thanks12:17:28
@simba2115:matrix.orgHikaru changed their display name from simba2115 to Software Engineer.12:23:20
@simba2115:matrix.orgHikaru changed their display name from Software Engineer to Asano Hikaru.12:25:38
@simba2115:matrix.orgHikaru changed their display name from Asano Hikaru to Princedom.15:15:41
@simba2115:matrix.orgHikaru changed their display name from Princedom to Prince M.15:18:40
@simba2115:matrix.orgHikaru changed their display name from Prince M to Hikaru.15:25:03
29 Apr 2022
@haobit:matrix.orghaobitRedacted or Malformed Event16:08:52
30 Apr 2022
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@haobit:matrix.orghaobitRedacted or Malformed Event15:29:57
@samirrr:matrix.orgsamirrrsooo any new news regarding blacknet ? 22:54:03
1 May 2022
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@hugo.ehm:matrix.orgHugo Arre NoliferHow do I borrow money?01:00:58
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2 May 2022
@graceeverton752:matrix.org@graceeverton752:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event10:58:49
@haobit:matrix.orghaobit> 或者谁送些给我?blacknet1zy9kq9jcturnxcuv4hlfj24rf6ydafxvwngmejr0rd5ytw46zd4qud4tf2 giveaway some bln14:59:52
3 May 2022
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5 May 2022
9 May 2022
13 May 2022
@haobit:matrix.orghaobitrat4 好久不见,在忙什么呢?15:34:37
15 May 2022
@samirrr:matrix.orgsamirrrWhat does the following message means? I get it sometimes , and it takes a while to find a connection. Currently stuck at Height: 4861453 Connections: 0 May 15, 2022 8:26:25 AM io.ktor.server.engine.ApplicationEngineEnvironmentReloading createClassLoader INFO: No ktor.deployment.watch patterns specified, automatic reload is not active May 15, 2022 8:26:25 AM io.ktor.server.engine.BaseApplicationEngine$2 invoke INFO: Responding at http://localhost:8283 May 15, 2022 8:26:33 AM ninja.blacknet.network.UPnP forward INFO: No valid UPnP Gateway found 08:28:15
17 May 2022
@shai2:matrix.orgshai2BLN market cap $934,871 babycoin02:24:39
@shai2:matrix.orgshai2blockchain works fine. many are staking.. 02:25:14
@shai2:matrix.orgshai2this is underground under the radar for a long time02:27:30
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18 May 2022
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@haobit:matrix.orghaobitbln and blk will delisted on aex13:09:46

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