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Blacknet is blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform with proof of stake consensus. https://blacknet.ninja23 Servers

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23 May 2023
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgoRedacted or Malformed Event15:25:33
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24 May 2023
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4changed room power levels.14:52:30
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4changed room power levels.14:52:43
27 May 2023
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgo黑网 黑洞 黑票 黑币 好一个黑色的世界15:56:19
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgo* 黑网 黑洞 黑钱 黑币 好一个黑色的世界15:58:35
@blackgo:matrix.orgblackgo黑卡 黑金 黑钻 黑社会16:00:19
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@rat4:matrix.orgrat4changed room power levels.16:46:56
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4changed room power levels.16:47:18
28 May 2023
29 May 2023
@reckit:matrix.orgreckitRedacted or Malformed Event17:16:54
31 May 2023
@shai2:matrix.orgshai2why you want to call it 'black cash' ? makes it look illegal even if its not... at least you don't call it 'dirty money coin' :)02:50:04
@shai2:matrix.orgshai2but it is cool in a way02:50:26
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4It was LSD trip. There were no thoughts on moving away from "black" and a need to emphasize privacy. I don't remember checking how a meaning of the phrase may unroll.06:18:09
@shai2:matrix.orgshai2Privacy is good. i disagree with governments that they want to monitor everything. money flow should be free11:23:44
@etheng:matrix.orgEthan Shepherd joined the room.15:01:10
@rat4:matrix.orgrat4Which short name is cooler for zero-knowledge applications: zApp or zkApp? I can find both on teh internetz.18:27:10

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