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9 May 2020
20:37:53@shm:matrix.orgshm We could do something similar i guess
but BLN not enough public
10 May 2020
14:48:48@rat4:matrix.org大鼠四The smell of not enough application programming interfaces
11 May 2020
19:33:36@rat4:matrix.org大鼠四 changed the room topic to "Version 0.3 to target decentralized application application programming interface" from "Bug fix update v0.2.7 for ja and staking nodes".
12 May 2020
15:23:31@yourbuster:matrix.orgyourbuster joined the room.
13 May 2020
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14 May 2020
14:08:56@hahada:matrix.org@hahada:matrix.org大鼠四: Do you mean BLN is going to upgrade armor?
15 May 2020
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09:30:17@rat4:matrix.org大鼠四 @hahada:matrix.org: 操作鼠員缺失鉤子或爪子,但是黑網絡沒有這甲子的一種
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16 May 2020
01:30:31@hahada:matrix.org@hahada:matrix.org大鼠四: nice
01:30:39@hahada:matrix.org@hahada:matrix.org DAPPID
01:32:53@hahada:matrix.org@hahada:matrix.orgOur starship is finally equipped with weapons
23:13:00@dlktrk:matrix.org@dlktrk:matrix.org joined the room.
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17 May 2020
08:56:45@jonad:matrix.org@jonad:matrix.org joined the room.
12:21:58@robert3harrison:matrix.orgrobert3harrisonAny plans to get bln onto other exchanges?
12:23:02@shm:matrix.orgshm大鼠四: 大鼠四
12:29:37@robert3harrison:matrix.orgrobert3harrison... and what's the best way to make sure I'm on the latest desktop version?
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20:50:37@shm:matrix.orgshmWill be nice to have it on bittrex...
20:51:13@shm:matrix.orgshmand i wonder if ibo coin can qualify for coinbase
18 May 2020
09:21:11@rat4:matrix.org大鼠四 shm: Wanna suspend daaps in order to resume dex?
21 May 2020
02:35:19@hahada:matrix.org@hahada:matrix.orgi want dapps
02:54:15@shm:matrix.orgshm大鼠四: dont suspend dapps...
02:54:47@shm:matrix.orgshmdapps can be interesting
24 May 2020
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11:04:52@webdeals:matrix.orgwebdealsHi everyone

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