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4 Aug 2018
04:16:59@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0fuck da police
14 Aug 2018
07:29:59@peteroh:matrix.org@peteroh:matrix.org joined the room.
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8 Sep 2018
02:42:48@froomens:matrix.orgfroomens What's the restaurant for tonight?
04:19:09@ptblank:matrix.orgptblank13 ppls here for oc2600
6 Oct 2018
00:34:18@2uick:matrix.org2uick joined the room.
00:36:48@2uick:matrix.org2uickHello From Philly
00:56:57@gtklondike:matrix.orggtklondikeHello from phx
00:57:24@gtklondike:matrix.orggtklondike2600 meeting t9night at Lux coffee near central and Indian school
00:58:07@ptblank:matrix.orgptblankPing from OC714
01:00:25@2uick:matrix.org2uickHow's the weather in 714?
01:04:15@ptblank:matrix.orgptblankSunny 70s
01:04:35@ptblank:matrix.orgptblankYour area?
01:05:25@ptblank:matrix.orgptblankGas is $3.50 gallon at cheapest station for 87
01:11:14@2uick:matrix.org2uickIt was mad cloudy today, 75°, going back to the 80s next 5-7 days. Gas $2.70/gal Northern Delaware
01:41:33@ptblank:matrix.orgptblankNot bad...at least its not $3 yet
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Mi Patio Mexican Restaurant
4108, 3347 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 277-4831


02:59:15@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0were eating here
3 Nov 2018
01:44:57@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0phx2600.slack.com alternative chat
02:26:59@ptblank:matrix.orgptblankSlack? That encrypted too?
03:22:19@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0i dunno
03:22:28@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0the local guys made this one
03:22:33@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0hows oc doin?
03:23:12@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0i havent tried slack yet
03:23:20@gtklondike:matrix.orggtklondike I would not consider slack to be encrypted chat if that's what you're asking
03:24:20@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0no not at all... ots just something someone said at the meeting because some of the phx 2600 files are there for random presentations and shiy

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