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10 Dec 2018
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13 Dec 2018
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14 Dec 2018
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11:28:16@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavrHi to all.. question: we plan to use ethermint
11:31:04@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavrAgain, sorry for previous msg, enter to too close.. We are researching to use ethermint but would like to know would it be possible to implement a connection between Ethermint's ETH and fee usage with underlying token used in validator staking.
13:24:24@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezEthermint will have an option to run with it's own security model. In which case you could use the native token in ethermint for both fees and staking
13:24:37@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezby own security model, I mean its own validator set
13:25:49@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavrRedacted or Malformed Event
13:27:55@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavrOk, also I suppose the model where ETH/fees are completely separate from underlying (staking) token is "by default"?
13:28:11@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezi wouldn't say there is a "default"
13:28:25@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezyou have to pick how you want to run/choose your zone
13:29:26@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavr(I'm talking about using Tender/Ethermint in our separate blockchain)
13:29:47@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezif you're running this zone
13:30:06@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezyou have to pick your security modul
13:30:44@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezWe wont have shared security by the time ethermint launches
13:30:58@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezso at first, if you want to run it, it'll be a single token to pay for fees/stake
13:31:09@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezwe'll work on that after launch
13:32:09@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavraha.. ok. Suppose making txs free (gas price 0) would be possible, like in ethermint 1?
13:33:38@tomislavr:matrix.orgtomislavrThank you for the answers, and thanx for ethermint..
13:34:06@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezmy pleasure!
16 Dec 2018
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