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27 Jan 2019
03:06:26@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezCheckout this issue for some preliminary ideas
03:44:09@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyang aleksbez: Do you have development plan? I noticed that recently there is no update
20:13:32@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezdevelopment plan?
20:13:47@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezcurrently all our efforts are focused on the cosmos launch as we're so close
20:14:09@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezthen we'll be working towards implementation of web3 along side integrating any of Turbogeth's work
28 Jan 2019
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01:56:28@haoyang:matrix.orghaoyangThanks for your clarification
In reply to @aleksbez:matrix.org
Hey Alex we are currently designing the web3/RPC implementation to gracefully integrate with Tendermint's event/tagging system
Thanks for your response! And what about EVM, is it fully integrated?
14:14:19@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbez yes Alex, the EVM will be a module
14:14:35@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezin fact, we just leverage turbogeth/geth's EVM
29 Jan 2019
14:49:55@aleksbez:matrix.orgaleksbezmy pleasure
31 Jan 2019
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1 Feb 2019
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4 Feb 2019
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5 Feb 2019
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6 Feb 2019
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12 Feb 2019
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14 Feb 2019
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15 Feb 2019
16 Feb 2019
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