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19 Dec 2020
@franc1s:matrix.org@franc1s:matrix.orgIf so i believe it can be connected to this room09:10:54
@wiml:matrix.orgwimlI have not used signalk yet, my boat is small and only has simple electronics on it right now — I was thinking of adding a pi based chart plotter and so on.09:46:40
@haipule:matrix.orgHans wiml: hi, my favorit : https://openmarine.netOpenplotter contains all , opencpn, signalk and more. 10:27:52
22 Dec 2020
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid AdriãoFixed your link: https://openmarine.net/openplotter11:42:35
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid AdriãoI have a moitessier hat with a rpi4 and it works wonders, use it as chart plotter, wifi "router", added a way to log the signalk data to influx database to create graphs with grafana and now I'm starting to add more sensors to the boat that comunicate with it11:45:58
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid AdriãoAlready finished a weemos d1 mini with 2 thermal sensors connected to engine and transmission11:46:00
23 Dec 2020
@haipule:matrix.orgHans David Adrião: hi David.Great job you did. I am on the same way. I want to log data from the connections in SK. Don't know how to. ?? 15:46:11
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid Adriãohttps://github.com/tkurki/signalk-to-influxdb20:23:57
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid AdriãoJust search and install this plugin in signalK20:24:11
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid AdriãoThen install influxdb and point to it20:24:25
@davidadriao:matrix.orgDavid AdriãoThen grafana to make pretty graphs20:25:14
24 Dec 2020
@franc1s:matrix.org@franc1s:matrix.orgDo you know of a cruiser channel or sailing channel on matrix or irc?09:35:42
@haipule:matrix.orgHans :::offTopic:::"Merry Christmas" for all here. 11:31:36
@haipule:matrix.orgHans francis: shure Whatsapp but I dont have. //matrix: dont know (now) 11:34:24
@franc1s:matrix.org@franc1s:matrix.orgYou are on matrix now hans13:11:06
@haipule:matrix.orgHans francis: i know, but i don't know other open groups talking about sailing. 14:58:51
12 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021
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28 Jan 2021
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@haipule:matrix.orgHans changed their display name from hui to Hans.21:51:19
31 Jan 2021
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11 Feb 2021
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1 Mar 2021
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3 Mar 2021
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10 Mar 2021
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13 Apr 2021
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12 May 2021
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