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21 Jun 2021
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#0001 i beleive so 05:25:10
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#0001 --root is not necessary 05:25:15
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Okay it's running. 05:28:52
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Can you do this across architectures too? 05:31:16
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Okay it didn't work lol 05:34:44
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Or did it. 05:35:05
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#0001 I do not see a reason why not as long as config has appropriate system set 05:36:02
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#0001 jfc, i think they moved it to the left sidebar 05:36:54
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#0001 and it shows only 3 latest lil shits 05:37:05
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Umm did it just fuck up my actual install 05:37:57
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 wat 05:38:24
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 My oldest generation is now fukt 05:38:32
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 I don't get it. 05:38:35
@_discord_280070900928479253:t2bot.ioGytis#0001 nice 05:38:44
Download PXL_20210621_053903635.jpg
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 da heck is this 05:40:06
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Okay now it asked me for my disk passphrase. 05:40:33
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 And says it's scanning for btrfs filesystems. 05:40:42
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Oh and now it loaded. 05:41:22
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 It was just slow as shit. 05:41:26
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Why is it suddenly so slow 05:47:04
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Like, 4 minutes to ask for my disk passphrase instead of the usual 3 seconds, then another minute after that to boot? 05:47:29
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 Okay I figured out the problem with my SD install though. 05:49:47
@_discord_69910918519070720:t2bot.ioArc#0269 /boot is empty 05:49:53
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