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1 Feb 2023
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 by a good bit, i mean like a huge amount 17:31:30
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 what possibilities do we have in the automatic front 17:32:00
@_discord_927313571724005457:t2bot.ioArcstin okokok 17:35:38
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 i think we should parse the flathub packages' yamls to generate derivations automatically and only manually implement the runtimes in nixpak/pkgs, what do you think? 17:38:25
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 ok, so we need a module that maps every flatpak finish-args option to nixpak settings 17:41:09
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 makes sense 17:42:41
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 will you start the work on that btw or should i do it while you're working on something else on nixpak 17:54:43
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 you can start on that if you want 18:02:57
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 alright, i'll just need to see a list of flatpak finish-args and see how i could map these options to nixpak settings 18:08:56
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 https://docs.flatpak.org/en/latest/manifests.html found it 18:10:39
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 would this go in nixpak/pkgs? i don't think it woudl 18:11:22
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 i mean we can put it in there 18:18:40
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 for a start 18:18:54
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 then add it to nixpak itself later on 18:19:02
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 where would it go tho 18:19:11
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 i like to view the pkgs repo as a bit of an experimentation playground, so inline modules are totally acceptable 18:19:18
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 ah ok 18:19:24
@_discord_515313851693137921:t2bot.ioGalacticColourisation#5721 then i'm gonna plop it anywhere 18:19:29
@_discord_440856939409440769:t2bot.ioMax Headroom#1793 pkgs/modules is the place where i like to keep em 18:19:43
@_discord_270904126974590976:t2bot.ioDank Memer#5192 changed their profile picture.19:17:19
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate changed their display name from oldmate to oldmate#9999.22:11:27
@_discord_773353582430912532:t2bot.iooldmate changed their display name from oldmate#9999 to oldmate.22:11:48
2 Feb 2023
@_discord_146014798469922816:t2bot.ioCommodorian#8041 changed their profile picture.03:09:51
@_discord_224478411882627072:t2bot.ioGytis I wonder what funny stuff could we put on NIX_PATH 11:57:15
@_discord_765345840856170526:t2bot.ioPanda Soli#5433 changed their display name from Panda Soli to Panda Soli#5433.12:19:37
@_discord_214437870952382465:t2bot.ioKranzes I mean anything you want? 13:19:54
@_discord_214437870952382465:t2bot.ioKranzes then just refer to it with <X> 13:20:01
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@_discord_1014329792117616680:t2bot.ioCratorinist changed their display name from Cratorinist#5683 to Cratorinist.16:15:23

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