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14 Dec 2023
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15 Dec 2023
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Hi all, this solution, which uses Cloudflare Warp, seems to solve the rate-limting issue on my public instance. I had to expose both the teddit and redis ports under the warp service.

16 Dec 2023
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@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlhuh, that's one way to to do it, what's the mentioned privacy implication? mitm from cloudflare itself?14:47:10
@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlhttps://t.sneed.network seems to use a google cert, not sure how that works14:47:31
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21 Dec 2023
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23 Dec 2023
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25 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2023
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30 Dec 2023
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31 Dec 2023
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1 Jan 2024
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2 Jan 2024
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4 Jan 2024
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17 Jan 2024
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18 Jan 2024
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20 Jan 2024
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21 Jan 2024
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24 Jan 2024
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27 Jan 2024
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30 Jan 2024
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