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30 Jan 2024
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31 Jan 2024
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7 Feb 2024
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@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlhaving power maintenance in my area, teddit.zaggy.nl to be down for up to 8h from now08:49:52
@rottenwheel:kernal.eurottenwheel zaggynl thanks for the heads up. One of the best instances, if not the best. Props for keeping it running. 11:58:41
@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlshould be back now17:38:14
@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlalso, I'm thinking about switching to libreddit, it seems to be in active development/maintenance and some videos actually have audio17:38:35
@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlI don't like the looks though, maybe that can be fixed with theming17:40:09
@rottenwheel:kernal.eurottenwheelSame. I always preferred teddit because it used the old reddit UI whereas libreddit adopted the new UI.18:06:30
@vladimyr:matrix.orgvladimyrIt is such a shame nobody ported that oauth token generation algorithm from redlib to teddit18:33:00
@vladimyr:matrix.orgvladimyrI mean don't want to sound entitled, might do it myself when I found some free time18:33:28
@vladimyr:matrix.orgvladimyrThing is it will require no more than few dozen lines of code and in the same time effectively bring teddit back to life 18:34:44
@sigaloid:matrix.orgsigaloid Yeah, just change the base url to oauth.reddit.com and add a few headers onto all requests. You don’t necessarily have to follow what redlib does to a T, since I added a lot of headers and spoofing that aren’t necessary, just to be harder to block in the future. I will take a look at teddit later today to see if I can add it but I’m not entirely familiar with the code base 18:38:36
@sigaloid:matrix.orgsigaloid My original drafted PR in the libreddit repo would be a good place to start, as that was the bare minimum, if anyone’s interested 18:39:10
@vladimyr:matrix.orgvladimyrOh, you are the one we should thank for redlib's existence? 18:53:18
@vladimyr:matrix.orgvladimyrSending my love and appreciation to every single contributor who enables me to still avoid reddit's web interface!18:54:22
@vladimyr:matrix.orgvladimyrIf you happen to do PR on teddit's codebase feel free to tag me (same handle on github/codeberg) and I'll gladly help navigating that js mess :)18:58:06
12 Feb 2024
@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynlanother maintenance, ~4h from now07:12:42
@zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nlzaggynl * another maintenance, until ~4h from now07:12:48
In reply to @zaggynl:matrix.zaggy.nl
another maintenance, until ~4h from now
was a bit shorter than thought, already back
13 Feb 2024
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16 Feb 2024
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25 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
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