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8 Apr 2021
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditcould it be because of your RSS reader? because the RSS seems fine to me16:02:12
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditwhere do you get it two times, in your RSS reader? in teddit?16:02:21
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenIn a Matrix room with a bot.16:05:27
Download Screenshot_20210408-180308.png
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenOther feed have always functioned correctly.16:05:53
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenThat should be the source https://github.com/maubot/rss16:07:28
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquin Does this happen with Reddit's own rss feed or with teddit only? 16:18:56
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenThis does not ocurr with https://reddit-top-rss.herokuapp.com/. Cannot speak about the official one.16:29:22
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditcould you try this RSS: https://old.reddit.com/r/pizza.rss16:29:34
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditso we know it's some kind of issue with teddit16:29:55
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllen Yes, added it.
Will it return the same feeds?
@teddit:matrix.orgteddityea it should16:31:33
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditif it doesn't return any duplicates like teddit does, we know the issue is on teddit's RSS16:32:02
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenAlright, will give feedback soon.16:33:11
@random_guy524:kde.orgrandom_guy524woah, there are a lot of changes16:40:18
@teddit:matrix.orgteddithaha yeah, nothing that big though16:45:43
9 Apr 2021
@etksf:matrix.orgetksfnoticed some youtubers using teddit https://youtu.be/6C6mcWZfdDY?t=125207:06:17

Turns out the Reddit RSS gives the same feed two times.

By the way, can a score limit function be added to Teddit?

Something like this for example:

@lenny:flipdot.orgLenny. changed their display name from Lenny. to Lenny[m].12:10:37
@lenny:flipdot.orgLenny. changed their display name from Lenny[m] to Lenny..12:10:55
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditinteresting, so there is some kind of weirdness happening with your RSS reader. and i don't think reddit supports that kind of filter with &score=500 🤔 16:54:36
@teddit:matrix.orgtedditbut if reddit does support it, it shouldn't be that hard to implement16:55:38
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenNope that is not supported by Reddit.17:09:57
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquin Unofficial api/rss implementations does if you need that. 17:13:31
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllen blue_penquin Yeap, been using something I've found. 17:45:10
10 Apr 2021
@teddit:matrix.orgteddit bananas: loading more comments from bottom of the post should work now 13:47:27
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod joined the room.23:34:25
11 Apr 2021
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasyeah, on one post just loaded a comment of the other page03:13:25
@bananao:matrix.orgbananasworked though03:13:33
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