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28 Mar 2022
@tio:matrix.trom.tfTiowe provide many such free services11:35:23
@tio:matrix.trom.tfTioand thx for teddit11:35:24
@austin:tchncs.deAustin Huang
In reply to @tio:matrix.trom.tf
Hey guys I have a question. How do I add our instance to the list here https://codeberg.org/teddit/teddit
PR the README.md and instances.json, then wait
@austin:tchncs.deAustin Huangor make an issue13:49:30
@tio:matrix.trom.tfTiocool. thx will do13:49:56
29 Mar 2022
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2 Apr 2022
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3 Apr 2022
In reply to @austin:tchncs.de

freetube is an app, not a portal, i assume you mean invidious/piped

how can it be sure that [frontends] do not misuse information or are safe?

it can't, we the instance owners can choose to log your requests on whatever web server we use (this applies to anything you see on the web)

however, unless modified (which you may freely inspect), frontends themselves are designed to collect less information, so they don't fingerprint you (especially if without js), so even if we log your information, it won't be too useful

i trust you, though I wish there was a way to transfer to a less intrusive platform with a lot of information, like peertube I think.
7 Apr 2022
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8 Apr 2022
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10 Apr 2022
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11 Apr 2022
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15 Apr 2022
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18 Apr 2022
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23 Apr 2022
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28 Apr 2022
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1 May 2022
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8 May 2022
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9 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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