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21 Nov 2021
@thefrenchghosty:pussthecat.orgTheFrenchGhostyWhich is weird16:56:35
@thefrenchghosty:pussthecat.orgTheFrenchGhostyIt never broke for me16:56:41
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsofrom the requests i think there might be some sort of scraper accidentally scraping everything17:02:27
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsosince i see all sort options requested in quick succession17:02:40
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsoannoying because i have the whole thing excluded via robots.txt17:03:01
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsono additional warnings, it just doesnt delete things at all19:19:29
@namazso:namazso.eunamazso * no additional warnings, it just doesnt delete things at all19:19:33
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsoi guess ill just report19:19:45
Download image.png
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsowell ok then19:25:08
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsoyeah ok normal register seems to work at least, only linking is broken19:27:43
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsotried logging in with github19:28:05
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsooh actually im just dumb19:39:18
In reply to @namazso:namazso.eu
tried logging in with github
out of curiosity I tried the same but it was asking me a password I don't have after authorizing Codeberg from Github oauth… (https://codeberg.org/user/link_account_signin). Looks like it's needed to create an account there first (with an email) to then be able to link your Github account, an account is not automatically created when you "link" a Github/Gitlab account. Confusing.
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsoyeah i just entered random password and clicked login, then at the top a register tab appeared20:10:04
22 Nov 2021
@namazso:namazso.eunamazso.. and it brought down everything again while i was sleeping09:19:19
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsodespite having a hourly restart09:19:28
@namazso:namazso.eunamazsoi think I'll just stop hosting teddit, it's simply not worth the risk09:19:51
In reply to @namazso:namazso.eu
i think I'll just stop hosting teddit, it's simply not worth the risk
Don't use docker.
@lomanic:matrix.orgLomanic https://codeberg.org/teddit/teddit/src/branch/main/cacheControl.js big meh from me to exec shell commands for that.
namazso to try to debug this issue, you should try running these commands into the container (with docker exec)
In reply to @alefvanoon:nitro.chat
Don't use docker.
I use docker for it, and had it on metal before
23 Nov 2021
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27 Nov 2021
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29 Nov 2021
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30 Nov 2021
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