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Never forget August 6th, 2018, the beginning of mass censorship from major platforms. Alex Jones was the tip of the iceburg.9 Servers

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24 Jan 2020
14:13:50@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕI think B12 is anti cancer too.
14:15:17@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕMy work the: "Lexicon of Ron" is Alex Jones related. I have an image of him in the satanic ritual abuse comic book contained within. The volume also includes Liberal the Game with instructions on how to play.
14:26:59@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]What is the Lexicon of Ron?
14:39:57@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕThe complete volume of my work.
14:41:00@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕThe Cult of Ron is a community of like minded individuals that wish to do esoteric occult stuff at sea.
14:41:34@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕ * The Cult of Ron is a community of like minded individuals that wish to do esoteric occult stuff at sea.
14:42:12@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕIt's a luminous organization lol
14:49:59@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]I see, sounds fun. What kind of occult stuff?
15:14:02@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕWell the objective of the organization will be to codify a standard for this metaphysical power.
16:02:55@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕMedical Elite.png
Medical Elite.png
17:46:59@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕ changed their display name from elsmith to ƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕ.
22:13:13@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]@ROOM THIS JUST IN
22:13:27@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]6 MONTHS AGO ALEX JONES INTERVIEWS JESSICA YANIV
22:13:30@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200] https://youtu.be/ndWEwrxeHYk
22:13:37@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE
26 Jan 2020
00:15:30@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕRecruitment Poster 002.png
Recruitment Poster 002.png
29 Jan 2020
31 Jan 2020
01:32:48@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200] ALEX JONES ELYSIUM RANT
10:36:43@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>
In reply to @elsmith:matrix.org
The Cult of Ron is a community of like minded individuals that wish to do esoteric occult stuff at sea.
Literally SeaOrg
10:37:06@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕHell yeah lol
1 Feb 2020
3 Feb 2020
03:34:48@mightymightymightman:matrix.org@mightymightymightman:matrix.org joined the room.
9 Feb 2020
04:28:36@mightymightymightman:matrix.org@mightymightymightman:matrix.org left the room.
13 Feb 2020
02:38:20@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG> Hmmmmmmmmm
02:38:28@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>1505193030158.jpg
02:48:41@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200] Who's the nigga top left
03:06:49@q:glowers.clubq‮m.video Event
03:23:06@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]Fucking lol
05:27:50@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>
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Who's the nigga top left
It's Bannon

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