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4 Jun 2020
16:46:35@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercode"The professor then gives Tichy a flask of "up'n'at'm, one of the vigilanimides, a powerful countersomniac and antipsychem agent. A derivative of dimethylethylhexabutylpeptopeyotine". With his first sniff of up'n'at'm, Tichy watches as the gilded surroundings of the five-star restaurant they are in evaporates into a dingy concrete bunker, and his stuffed pheasant turns into "the most unappetizing gray-brown gruel, which stuck in globs to my tin — no longer silver — fork". But this first dose is just the beginning of Tichy's journey. He sees that people do not drive cars or ride in elevators, but they run in the streets and climb the walls of empty elevator shafts, which explains why everyone in this new world is so out of breath. Robots whip people in the street and protect order. Through successive doses of more and more powerful types of up'n'at'm, Tichy sees increasingly horrible visions of the world, climaxing in a frozen horrorscape where people sleep blissfully in the snow, and the police robots are revealed to be people who are convinced that they are robots. The frozen state of the world explains why he has always found the new world to be so cold."
16:48:16@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wphim being a polack and all
16:48:45@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeLike Kosciuzko
16:49:45@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercode"Having not been paid in his seven years of service, in late May 1783, Kościuszko decided to collect the salary owed to him.[54] That year, he was asked by Congress to supervise the fireworks during the July 4 celebrations at Princeton, New Jersey.[55] On 13 October 1783, Congress promoted him to brigadier general, but he still had not received his back pay. Many other officers and soldiers were in the same situation.[56] While waiting for his pay, unable to finance a voyage back to Europe, Kościuszko, like a number of others, lived on money borrowed from the Polish–Jewish banker Haym Solomon. Eventually, he received a certificate for 12,280 dollars, at 6%, to be paid on 1 January 1784, and the right to 500 acres (202.34 ha; 0.78 sq mi) of land, but only if he chose to settle in the United States.[57] For the winter of 1783–84, his former commanding officer, General Greene, invited Kościuszko to stay at his mansion.[58] He was also inducted into the Society of the Cincinnati.[40][59][60] and the American Philosophical Society.[61] During the Revolution Kościuszko carried an old Spanish sword at his side, which was inscribed with the words, Do not draw me without reason; do not sheathe me without honour."
16:49:55@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercode"Do not draw me without reason; do not sheathe me without honour."
16:50:24@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpim 25% polish and proud of it
16:51:51@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeI'm... very polish
16:52:56@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercode38% Polish, 22% Irish/Scottish, 15% German, 12% English/Welsch, 11% Baltic, 2% Norway
16:53:00@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeAnd I'm also 2% Jewish
16:53:26@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeBut for some reason Ancestry DNA doesn't show that anymore
16:53:37@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeI took my DNA data to some other sites though and found that out
16:54:35@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpi gotta roll, gotta go make some money
16:54:48@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeGod Bless
16:55:38@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wprent and food and cars are not free
5 Jun 2020
04:20:43@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpSACRED GEOMETRY
04:20:46@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpTHESE ARE THE TOOLS
04:20:49@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpMATH IS THE TOOL
04:20:57@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpDONT YOU THINK THEY KNOW, THE SYSTEM TOO FAR GONE
04:21:03@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpTHE SUN IS POISONING US
04:21:06@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpIT IS TOO OLD
04:21:13@2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wpWE ARE INFECTED WITH "DIS" ENERGY
14:33:05@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeYou need Jesus
14:33:16@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeI don't often say that
14:33:18@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeBut there it is
19:24:14@jdzeckor:matrix.orghypercodeHeidecker is so deluded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHKYxRbV1GE

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