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Never forget August 6th, 2018, the beginning of mass censorship from major platforms. Alex Jones was the tip of the iceburg.2 Servers

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19 Nov 2018
07:27:34@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X] https://youtu.be/yR4SJUJoZzE
25 Nov 2018
00:06:06@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF set a profile picture.
1 Dec 2018
01:25:28@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]https://youtu.be/EcSFZ_2x9XY kek
01:44:34@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]https://youtu.be/e1KJ9sl6Z2s
4 Dec 2018
5 Dec 2018
03:43:59@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]👍😂 omg yes get it done
6 Dec 2018
06:10:20@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X] https://youtu.be/Pkh9kj4H4HY
12 Dec 2018
06:01:39@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]https://twitter.com/DewsNewz/status/1072508492852936712
13 Dec 2018
11:53:17@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]https://youtu.be/TimHTCkyQ7c
3 Jan 2019
01:29:23@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick joined the room.
6 Jan 2019
03:17:57@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed their profile picture.
03:18:35@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed their profile picture.
03:18:59@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF removed their profile picture.
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05:35:38@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF removed their profile picture.
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15 Jan 2019
15:37:23@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X] https://youtu.be/dMHgm9C-sEU
24 Jan 2019
18:06:05@yosefujoe4455:matrix.orgName.txt changed their display name from Jessica to Name.txt.
27 Jan 2019
17:14:20@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed their profile picture.
29 Jan 2019
12:48:00@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]200407705.jpg
3 Feb 2019
05:26:59@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]Oh Joe😞 https://youtu.be/vXwCFmH4_Bg
05:29:27@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquickWhen is Alex Jones going to come out and address the TQ
06:17:36@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]When will Joe have him back on the show? They've been friends for over 20 years yet Joe's blacklisted him and instead is throwing softballs to a lizard-licker like Dorsey, sad.
9 Feb 2019
17:17:35@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]AOC a white hat plant? https://youtu.be/adac4HXAg2A
10 Feb 2019
03:18:56@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick I doubt she's a white hat, but she certainly has the brain power of a plant
20:42:30@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]👌😂
11 Feb 2019
11:10:24@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]202793687.jpg
11:23:51@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]202800773.jpg

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