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Never forget August 6th, 2018, the beginning of mass censorship from major platforms. Alex Jones was the tip of the iceburg.8 Servers

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13 Nov 2019
03:35:12@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]Tell me about it!
03:36:25@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperIt will flip back. Even the kids can see this stuff is wrong.
03:36:54@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperOnly good thing is that everyone is getting a good education on what not to do.
03:37:23@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]Hopefully AJ gets as big again as he was in 2016/2017.
03:37:27@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]Those were the golden days
03:37:51@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperHe is back larger than that then.
03:38:45@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperFacebook is going down and so is twitter.
03:39:26@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooper Dude_Mon [200]: How busy is this room?
03:41:24@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]
In reply to @rodgercooper:matrix.org
Dude_Mon [200]: How busy is this room?
It's not busy. Only 3 people every said anything including me.
03:42:43@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperI am new to this room.
03:44:02@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperrms is busy lynching his/her/its slave child for a barbecue.
03:45:11@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200] Haha yeah, but be real, I don't think trannies know how to turn on a grill, let alone barbecue anything
03:45:46@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooper Dude_Mon [200]: You are probably right. If it is not plastic they are not interested in it.
03:52:11@rms:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comrmsm.video Event
03:54:45@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooper rms: I bet you get a chubby watching Alex Jones. I bet he makes you go into birth sex denial flashbacks...
03:55:01@rms:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comrmsChubby yes
03:55:16@rms:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comrmsNNN is impossible because of Infowars
03:56:30@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperYou know what they say about tyranny's?
03:57:13@rodgercooper:matrix.orgrodgercooperWTF IS THAT!!!
14 Nov 2019
06:05:56@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]m.video Event
06:09:37@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]m.video Event
06:09:38@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]Redacted or Malformed Event
06:09:53@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]ALEX JONES WILL BE OUR LIGHT IN THIS DARK TIME
06:10:02@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]NEVER FORGET 2016
20 Nov 2019
02:01:38@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200] NICK FUENTES ON THE ALEX JONES SHOW 11/19/2019
02:01:50@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]STARTS AT 18:30
20:08:21@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>m.video Event
20:40:23@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]
In reply to @ixquick111:matrix.org
sent a video.
Lol best thing I've seen all day
20:40:25@dude_mon:200acres.orgDude_Mon [200]Maybe all week
20:45:45@ixquick111:matrix.orgIxquick <OG>Indeed

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