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29 Mar 2020
15:53:51@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94how’s it going?
15:56:34@cenion:tchncs.decenionjust alive from the virus. lol
15:57:10@cenion:tchncs.decenionyou known what the virus.
15:57:44@haru_kitty:matrix.orgharu_kittyThe virus of death UnU
15:58:24@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94it’s really sick to be locked down in the one spot within 4 walls🥺
15:59:38@cenion:tchncs.decenion 4 walls? it's crazy
16:00:38@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94it is ! ☹️
16:02:21@cenion:tchncs.decenionwhat will happen, if you though the walls without permission?
16:03:10@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94 here in jordan, u will get right into the prison up to 1 year
16:04:48@cenion:tchncs.decenionJordan is a good city.
16:05:59@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94yeah it is dear
16:06:16@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94 how’s the quarantine in ur city ?
16:06:20@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94same as here ?
16:07:43@cenion:tchncs.decenionit is not same as yours.
16:08:51@cenion:tchncs.decenionpeople could go outside who is under enough protection.
16:09:57@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94 sounds great
16:10:29@bioism94:matrix.orgbioism94 at least they can get fresh air
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30 Mar 2020
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