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30 Nov 2021
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonhey yall18:07:59
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainoni feel like. bro. ehhhhhhhhhh. fuck. 18:08:31
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonidk. i thjink i have autism18:08:41
@swishswoop:matrix.orgAnonymous maybe you really are the light 18:09:01
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonor people the human is SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY in danger18:09:04
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonnevermind. hold on18:09:11
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainongood music, mi have movies but its too big18:09:21
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonrare photos18:09:28
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainongood shit18:09:31
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonfor real for real18:09:38
@swishswoop:matrix.orgAnonymous you’re blowing my mind with this shit. good stuff 18:09:40
@swishswoop:matrix.orgAnonymous rare photos, movies, music 18:10:17
@swishswoop:matrix.orgAnonymous keep laying it on me 18:10:25
@swishswoop:matrix.orgAnonymous it slaps 18:10:31
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonsend it in private. i THINK THAT MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE PROBLEM18:10:36
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainoni kno you were about to say someting18:10:45
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainondude listen. this whole entire scares the fuck out of me because they are out here kindnapping people sending them to seattle18:11:12
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonlike i go to room with REAL smart SMARTER THAN ME people. and like. they jump on me like yall are doing, and like ill be honest, one of them will say some smart ass shit. and. i just dont hold back i go the fuck offf18:12:07
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonand.....its not gonna work18:12:14
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainoni need help18:12:17
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonim scared'18:12:18
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonim alone18:12:19
@artaxerxes:matrix.orgxerxes@phainonlet me get some liquor hold on. everybody. just slow down.18:12:37
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.space森 海斗Weirdo18:18:21
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.space森 海斗Img_2021_11_29_22_40_26.jpeg
Download Img_2021_11_29_22_40_26.jpeg
@garybussy:nerdsin.spaceGaryGalacticDownload chipbuttertooth4~reel~CW6LxoFgfOE~1.mp418:36:27

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