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12 May 2021
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiooh true, this is going to be a pain18:24:54
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterfor drogue-device, we examples/$chip/...18:25:07
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterand SPI v2 isn't what's in the F418:25:25
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiono examples for now then18:25:50
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirteralso, went with your change-word-size-on-the-fly idea18:26:06
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirter biggest changes are spi.rs and adding some fns to AnyPin 18:26:27
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterplus random .py changes18:26:31
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterhttps://github.com/embassy-rs/embassy/blob/07db3ed7c10915f16eeda08909f04afd92902b1b/embassy-stm32/src/spi.rs18:26:52
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioi'm finishing some crap, will review later18:26:57
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterno worries18:27:08
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirtersome questions I have... (a) should I be using some critical sections? I own everything so I think not? and (b) when do you decide to force inline'ing?18:27:33
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaioforce-inlining ideally never, can make code size worse18:28:08
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirter'k, we trust rustc for inline decisions18:28:27
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio ah you mean #[inline] 18:28:31
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirteryah18:28:45
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio I thought by "force" you meant #[inline(always)] 18:28:59
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterI probably did :)18:29:10
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio #[inline] doesn't force inlining, it allows inlining across crates but the compiler may still decide it's not worth it 18:29:28
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterah18:29:49
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiowithin a crate everything can be inlined18:29:59
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio across crates only #[inline] stuff can be inlined (or generic stuff always, I think?), or everything if building with LTO 18:30:28
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio so I guess the rule of thumb is put #[inline] in hot, small fns that will be called often from outside the current crate 18:31:55
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaiopeople who care about performance+codesize will build with LTO anyway18:33:03
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirterso don't worry about private/crate-level fns? they'll optimize regardless?18:34:41
@bobmcwhirter:matrix.orgBob McWhirtere.g., my set_word_size(...) which is private?18:34:52
@dirbaio:matrix.orgdirbaio yeah I think so 18:36:13

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