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2 Nov 2019
05:52:39@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <Bobbobizness> (Photo, 379x262) https://silta.piraatit.fi/telepirateirc/pWkmHBnFTb.png SUPPLY AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS, MARIJUANA, SCANNABLE DRIVER LICENSE, ID CARDS AND PASSPORT FOR SALE … My buds are fuzzy, sticky and smelly having a pleasing, pungent aroma, filled with terpenes. … oz: 200 … Q.p: 400 … 1/2p:600 … 1p:1000 … Moonrocks … 1 Oz 350, qp
05:52:39@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) 550, Hp 750 and 1p 1,400 … Carts 23 wholesale of 50 minimum, 25 normal sales of 10 minimum … Wax 25 per gram of 5 minimum … Tins (4 grams) … 50 each 5 minimum … Shrooms … 1 Oz 180, qp 350, Hp 500 and 1lb 800 … Delivery is ASAP. Also distance delivery is available. .. 1-5 days depending location, tracking number provided … Payment method … -Bitc
05:52:39@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC)oin (using coinbase app on your phone) … -ITunes Card. … -Money gram/western union … Minimum orders are to be respected … Send Text Privately For More Details … WhatsApp : +237652265883 … Telegram: business passport … ENJOY🔥
05:52:39@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <Bobbobizness> (Photo, 800x1127) https://silta.piraatit.fi/telepirateirc/pn65ro8Qvg.png
06:52:54@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <Cradamy> @Bobbobizness [<reply to media>], @AriMartti
07:04:40@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC)Bobbobizness was removed by: AriMartti
07:05:23@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <AriMartti> @Cradamy [@AriMartti], Thanks
08:34:58@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <M1kaela> Were they a human or wasn't that bot working?
08:44:55@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <Cradamy> @M1kaela [Were they a human or wasn't that bot working?], they were a bot from before the bot was added
08:45:33@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <Cradamy> they were also the bot that prompted the adding of the bot...
08:46:03@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <Cradamy> aka, should've been removed when i first prompted :P
08:48:31@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <M1kaela> :(
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5 Nov 2019
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6 Nov 2019
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8 Nov 2019
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9 Nov 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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19 Nov 2019
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20 Nov 2019
06:49:20@pirateirc_T4:diasp.inT4 (IRC) <M1kaela> Fwd from M1kaela: TDoR 18.00 at stairs of parliamentary house, part of Trans Helsinki week https://sukupuolenosaamiskeskus.fi/transhelsinki/ … https://www.facebook.com/events/415612369137672/
06:49:22@pirateirc_]o[:diasp.in]o[ (IRC)Title: TransHelsinki | Sukupuolen moninaisuuden osaamiskeskus (at sukupuolenosaamiskeskus.fi)
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20:13:32@pirateirc_D6:diasp.inD6 (IRC) <Lydia> I'm from the German Queerates and I'm looking into creating some international coordination for queer topics. Is someone else working here on this?

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