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16 Dec 2019
19:57:35@metalquake:matrix.orgMetalquack invited @drugging:perthchat.orgdrugging.
20 Dec 2019
28 Dec 2019
10:02:53@mate.:matrix.org@mate.:matrix.org rejected invite.
1 Jan 2020
15:54:10@metalquake:matrix.orgMetalquack C'mon m8
10 Jan 2020
14:24:59@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their display name from meat beat mania to mac and mouse cheese.
14:25:16@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their profile picture.
22 Jan 2020
13:19:44@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayorihere is a treat
13:20:16@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayorim.video Event
30 Jan 2020
18:15:05@ahussain:matrix.orgahussain set a profile picture.
5 Feb 2020
14:21:36@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their profile picture.
14:22:54@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their display name from mac and mouse cheese to UWU .
14:23:16@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their display name from UWU to senpiia.
14:23:43@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their display name from senpiia to Senpiia.
14:25:09@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their display name from Senpiia to senpiia.
21:29:42@speedwagonthicc:matrix.orgI have 5 million youtube subscribers on my minecraft channel plz like and subscribe changed their display name from H A Y A T O to I have 5 million youtube subscribers on my minecraft channel plz like and subscribe.
6 Feb 2020
12:40:41@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayorismooth yoda.jpg
smooth yoda.jpg
14:21:35@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their profile picture.
14:26:41@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their profile picture.
14:26:56@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their display name from senpiia to Sayori.
14:27:22@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their profile picture.
10 Feb 2020
07:11:53@hyper-ls:matrix.orghyper-ls joined the room.
14:52:18@bathoovy418:matrix.orgSayori changed their profile picture.
11 Feb 2020
22:33:39@skittle54:matrix.orgskittle54 joined the room.
13 Feb 2020
16:05:53@skittle54:matrix.orgskittle54how r u?
18 Feb 2020
23:06:47@skittle54:matrix.orgskittle54ok, i would be better if my wifi wasnt such garbo.

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