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26 Nov 2022
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27 Nov 2022
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28 Nov 2022
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189) changed their display name from Aminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC3189) to Aminda (she/they 🏳️‍⚧️ MSC1769|MSC3189).11:59:38
29 Nov 2022
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@beluga-whale:matrix.orgBeluga WhaleHello everyone00:21:27
@carl:bordum.dkcarlhi 👋08:04:45
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@wealth_sensei:matrix.org@wealth_sensei:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event14:05:56
@nightshade:xanthium.euNightShade carl: ^ 14:08:27
@twenty3forty2:panthermoderns.orgtwenty3forty2We need better spam protection in matrix. That's for sure.14:10:58
@mindlesstux:mindlesstux.commindlesstuxIn a way, spam is a good thing. That means matrix has made the radar of means to communicate with people. :) But seriously yeah would be nice to have some sort of spam filtering.15:19:52
@twenty3forty2:panthermoderns.orgtwenty3forty2There's some enforcement options but they are very basic... also somewhat buggy.15:24:04
@twenty3forty2:panthermoderns.orgtwenty3forty2If someone had a bot that would issue bans based on text matching and regex, I would build a bunch of patterns for it. I'm quite good at that.15:24:37
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30 Nov 2022
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3 Dec 2022
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4 Dec 2022
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5 Dec 2022
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