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22 Jun 2022
@carl:bordum.dkcarlDid the bot answer "Created site anothertestsitebitesthedust for you 🚀"?18:07:52
@carl:bordum.dkcarl * Did the bot answer "Created site ____ for you 🚀"?18:07:56
@hribeiro:matrix.orghribeironope. nothing18:08:14
@carl:bordum.dkcarlWhat did you type? You can censor the name if you want18:08:34
@hribeiro:matrix.orghribeiroregister moodlar.pt18:09:50
@carl:bordum.dkcarlhm... try again? :D18:13:38
@hribeiro:matrix.orghribeiro any reboot switch? :D18:15:06
@carl:bordum.dkcarlHas the bot joined the room? Does it respond to "help"?18:15:36
@hribeiro:matrix.orghribeirohelp also retrieves nothing. 18:18:05
@hribeiro:matrix.orghribeiroalso the first time using matrix and element, but thought wouldn't be anything to it18:18:37
@carl:bordum.dkcarlCan you invite me to the room?18:19:02
23 Jun 2022
@janburp:matrix.orgjanburp joined the room.06:19:04
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørn changed their profile picture.09:08:45
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25 Jun 2022
@solarft:matrix.orgsolarft joined the room.10:30:59
@arisum:h-k.skarisum joined the room.16:14:05
@arisum:h-k.skarisumHi, I registered a site, got invited to a moderation room, I'm not sure whether the bot is supposed to respond to commands in that room16:16:46
@l3acon:matrix.orgl3acon joined the room.16:16:47
@l3acon:matrix.orgl3aconRedacted or Malformed Event16:17:14
@arisum:h-k.skarisum Then, on my website, sent an anonymous comment, but that didn't trigger anything on the moderation side16:17:21
@arisum:h-k.skarisumI was expecting maybe an invite to the room that was just created16:17:59
@arisum:h-k.skarisumlooking at the requests sent by cactus client and trying to join it manually by alias works16:20:44
@carl:bordum.dkcarlYea sorry. The UX for new rooms is sub-optimal16:36:37
@l3acon:matrix.orgl3acon changed their profile picture.17:29:41
26 Jun 2022
@mon:tchncs.demon_aaraj changed their display name from M.A to mon_aaraj.02:23:09
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27 Jun 2022
In reply to @arisum:h-k.sk
I was expecting maybe an invite to the room that was just created
I'm also struggling with this as well
29 Jun 2022
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