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19 Jan 2022
@pirateman:kde.org@pirateman:kde.orgRedacted or Malformed Event17:01:36
@pirateman:kde.org@pirateman:kde.orgDownload THE FREEDOM CELL NETWORK.mp423:56:04
20 Jan 2022
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21 Jan 2022
@hbenjamin:stux.chatBenjamin joined the room.20:28:07
@hbenjamin:stux.chatBenjamin Hey! First of all, thanks for building Cactus Comments, it works great!
I noticed when I edit a comment via Element, it appears twice on the comment page and I can't delete comments.
Am I doing something wrong or is this somehow intentional?
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørn It's a somehow intentional decision to only support stuff that's in the Matrix stable spec 20:38:03
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnat least for now20:38:07
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnI was surprised to find that edits aren't actually in the Matrix specification at the moment - despite being super widely implemented We decided not to support this, since it's not in the spec, and a key feature of Cactus Comments is that it conforms to an open specification20:39:26
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørn The reason it shows up twice is that elements are actually a new message event, which refers to an older message. You can't delete comments in CC rn, but you can delete it using the API if you want to :) 20:40:26
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørn There has been some discussion about it on the gitlab issue here 20:41:10
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørn * The reason it shows up twice is that message edits are actually new message events, which refers to an older message. You can't delete comments in CC rn, but you can delete it using the API if you want to :) 20:42:38
@hbenjamin:stux.chatBenjaminAh, okay. Thanks for your help! Interesting that edits aren't in the specifications.20:46:36
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnI agree! Hopefully they will be in there sometime soon.20:47:25
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnAnd for the record: there are lots of reasons to do something outside the matrix spec. It's a pretty flexible and extensible protocol after all! I just really like idea of being able to implement Cactus Comments with only stuff that is described directly in the stable spec.20:48:47
@nightshade:dipsacus.euNightShadeAs a sidenote: you can even delete them through element desktop, but you’ld have to activate the labs flag in the config and then switch on a setting (sth along the lines of show all events) :)21:00:19
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnOh I didn't know that you could do it in element. Thanks for the tip!21:04:10
@eibhear:matrix.gibiris.orgÉibhearHi. Can I specify in the config anywhere that new cactus comment rooms are to be created in a particular space?23:25:12
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnnah still havent got around to doing spaces stuff23:25:54
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørni think it'd be cool if rooms are added to some space when they are created23:26:21
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnprobably this should be via the appservice bot23:26:32
@eibhear:matrix.gibiris.orgÉibhearMight be an interesring alternative to the regex setting.23:28:01
22 Jan 2022

Another couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to "close comments" on a page/blog post through the app service? or is that something I would need to do in the room directly (e.g. change permission levels)?
  2. Is allowing guest access on the homeserver to allow for unlogged-in people to read the comments? or to allow for anonymous comments?
  1. the latter. you can do this via other Matrix tools. you can set power-levels in the moderation room (e.g. to ban someone), and the appservice will replicate those to all comment section rooms. but that's about it.
  1. it's to allow unlogged-in people to read the comments. You can't do much with Matrix without being authenticated somehow. so to just read the comments, Cactus Comments will register a new guest user, and fetch messages as that guest user.
* @eibhear:matrix.gibiris.orgÉibhear off to learn about power levels and guest access. Thanks for your help.20:52:41
@asbjorn:olli.ngAsbjørnno worries. 20:52:59
23 Jan 2022
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