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HAHAHAHAHA HOW IS CENTRALIZATION REAL just decentralize it like lmao https://gitlab.com/cal-coop/netfarm +lisprooms:matrix.org7 Servers

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11 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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14 Jan 2020
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15 Jan 2020
04:39:08@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*I finished my rewrite of the kademlia-client; which seperates finding applicable subclients and querying them, so that the latter part can be made parallel.
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04:40:49@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*Surprisingly that didn't break the Netfarm client.
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  • documentation, new kademlia client and parallel client (f5e387ee)
04:59:17@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*Time to break something: schema slot definitions should be changed from just names to a list starting with a name, then a plist of things like types and documentation that would be handy for our interactor.
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  • break everything, change slot definitions to use property lists like CL:DEFCLASS, add type system functions (b765829f)
09:26:11@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*Somehow I got a handwritten script working.
(netfarm-scripts:define-script *default-presentation-script* nil ("slots" () "tabling" :false "Slot name" "Slot value")
  ;; rendering: object ⇒ presentation
  (:procedure 1)
  ;; Stash the object
  (get-env 0 0) (set-value! 3)
  ;; Set up a tabling environment
  (get-value 2)
  ;; Get the schema of the object
  (get-env 0 0) schema
  ;; Get the slots of the object, and pass that to the render loop
  (get-value 0) object-value
  (get-value 1) swap (get-proc* 1) (call 2)
  ;; Wrap up the rows in the tabling environment
  (get-value 4) (get-value 5) (list 2) swap cons
  cons return

  ;; table making: slots, accumulator ⇒ rows
  (:procedure 2)
  ;; Get out if we're out of slots to render
  (get-env 0 0) null
  (jump-cond 0 0 0 4)
  (get-env 1 0) return
  ;; Make a row from the slot's name and the value of the slot in the object
  (get-env 0 0) car car                 ; the slot name
  (get-value 3) (get-env 0 0) car car object-value ; the slot value
  (list 2)
  ;; Put it in front of the accumulator
  (get-env 1 0) cons
  ;; Call this again with the rest of the slots and new accumulator
  (get-env 0 0) cdr (get-proc 1) (tail-call 2))
09:29:44@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*Now I realise that the interactor won't really be the one and only program to interact with Netfarm, because making forms for making instances is hard, unless I add another protocol for those.
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09:33:04@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*That protocol probably couldn't exist, because people would want things like rich text input, uploading files and the like.
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  • boolean-wrap the NULL instruction, add SWAP instruction back (7fb57717)
09:58:57@theemacsshibe:matrix.org*no-defun-allowed*Another solution would be to allow programs to specialise the MAKE-INSTANCE-GRAPHICALLY function I just created, and to have methods on their classes that have the fancy input forms.
16 Jan 2020
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  • break more things, remove short-hand string syntax from renderer, add unconditional jump and object-boundp to interpreter (0068996e)

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