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15 Jul 2020
@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman PlebI guess Matrix is the only place where I won't get harassed for saying "I use light mode on Discord."07:57:38
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathPeople, we are here in the Riot/element chat room. Why do we have to hate about other stuff? Be healthy guys, you are here, you've been saved, please be constructive :)07:57:50
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekSo how does this name switch work anyways? Am I going to have a bunch of confused tech support calls because suddenly riot dissapeared07:57:54
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorath Zaliek: you will update your application, and the new name will take it's place. You might want to write and email first as an announcement 07:59:21
@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman PlebWhy is Riot the only Electron application I have that actually runs at 144hz?!07:59:59
@starw1nd:privacytools.iostarw1ndokay so08:00:11
@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman PlebLBRY, GPMDP, and Discord don't run this smooth!08:00:22
@starw1nd:privacytools.iostarw1ndhow do I make previous chat history visible to new members?08:00:20
@starw1nd:privacytools.iostarw1ndany way to do it or not?08:00:24
@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyif you have e2ee, then no08:00:48
@starw1nd:privacytools.iostarw1ndI do08:01:00
@starw1nd:privacytools.iostarw1ndwell then08:01:03
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekWhy is it a UI option in the room settings if it doesn't actually work?08:01:36
@tleydxdy:tlebear.wintleydxdyoversight I guess08:01:55
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewyeah, need to fix that08:02:46
@daddykitty04:matrix.orgPacman PlebI wish I knew enough about programming and contributing to contribute code to Element.08:03:52
@tabzlock:mozilla.orgtabzlockYeah im planning to contribute some code soon08:08:03
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekNeed to know git and how to explain your changes you made too.08:08:40
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekContributing isn't exactly the easiest... but that's mostly because they're trying to keep things high quality08:09:23
@ccdd:matrix.orgccddHow about contribute some thoughts for me? I can use my email address when login to Riot.im (newly known as Element.io), but i still cannot find users via their email addresses.08:10:51
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekAnd there's a lot more than code that needs contributions. Documentation is a good way to get started. Help clarify language, improve an explaination, etc08:12:16
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliek ccdd: Allowing people to search for you by alternate identifiers is optional and opt-in 08:14:09

ccdd: Allowing people to search for you by alternate identifiers is optional and opt-in

I know but we really want to try this in our HS

@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekScreenshot from 2020-07-15 01-14-35.png
Download Screenshot from 2020-07-15 01-14-35.png
@zaliek:matrix.orgZaliekI think they have to click those buttons08:16:31
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangIs the Element logo four lines because there are four elements?08:16:36
@ccdd:matrix.orgccddI think that are some misconfiguration. I couldn't share that 08:16:59
@ccdd:matrix.orgccddand after I close the setting pop-out window, the email address disappear but it still actually binding.08:17:57
@ccdd:matrix.orgccddI prove it from my db08:18:07

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