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31 Jul 2019
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@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorath Mumuks: and if you talk about the creating a New room thing, then it's there to prevent users from ending up in a room that is incompatible with your Homeserver 06:13:49
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In reply to @spinward:matrix.org
an upgraded room is a new room, hence the need to join it. the notification preferences being reset is a bug.
even if it technically is a new room, it should be assumed since it is an 'upgrade' all people in the orignal room will want to also join the new room and auto-join them on the new room. I can imagine user count dropping dramatically on the new room which will affect it's discovery and join rate (which will adversley affect community growth)
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@3604:matrix.orgCarlo Kokdoes anyone know what those: { "type": m.reaction } thingies are/07:23:02
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@dkasak:termina.org.ukdkasakThey're aggregated reactions to messages (in the style of Github and similar)07:26:10
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