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23 Nov 2020
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangBut why does it have a 1?18:47:01
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangI didn't add that to my code18:47:08
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huang Avahe: U press the little monitor button at the bottom-left I think I always stream with Jitsi like that 18:47:51
@caves_:gnuradio.orgcaves_ shirley_huang: Try gomuks if you want to send custom events more easily 18:47:50
@avahe:matrix.orgAvaheThanks, I'll give that a shot18:48:17
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangSetting up gomuks was cancer for me the last time I tried it18:48:18
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In reply to @shirley_huang:matrix.org
But why does it have a 1?
1 means there's one reaction with that content
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangI use windows btw18:48:34
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangnot linux18:48:36
@vurpo:hacklab.fivurpoIf I add any normal reaction it has a number next to it showing the number of reactions, like this:18:49:04
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangoh yeah18:49:14
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangit was just weird lol cuz my react was text only18:49:27
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huangBut makes perfect sense~18:49:41
In reply to @caves_:gnuradio.org
Is Element getting updated today? By the way, topic is a little out of date.
It has been updated today, to 1.7.14, as mentioned in the topic. Seems perfectly fine to me.
@caves_:gnuradio.orgcaves_Oh, I guess there's no Arch/Artix package yet.18:53:20
@avahe:matrix.orgAvahe shirley_huang: I don't see a monitor button 18:53:17
@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huanghang on18:54:25
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@shirley_huang:matrix.orgshirley_huang Avahe: 18:56:06
@avahe:matrix.orgAvaheoh I had to add a jitsi widget thing18:57:41
@avahe:matrix.orgAvaheSeems like screen sharing just spins19:00:25
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@tamz:matrix.orgtamzScreensharing only works in browser19:10:32
@avahe:matrix.orgAvaheAnyone working on adding that to the client?19:17:23
@avahe:matrix.orgAvaheAlso, I couldn't end the call until I removed jitsi as a widget from the room19:17:48
In reply to @avahe:matrix.org
Anyone working on adding that to the client?
There's an issue about it on the issue tracker, no progress afaik
@avahe:matrix.orgAvaheAh I see https://github.com/vector-im/element-web/issues/1576019:19:36

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