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30 Jan 2023
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@ceph4u:matrix.orgceph4uHey. How can I hide the bar with the avatars of my recent chats above the room list? :)17:31:35
Download Screenshot_20230130-182946.png
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) ceph4u: Settings > Preferences > Show shortcuts to recently viewed rooms above the room list 17:34:52
In reply to @x:riot.ovh
ceph4u: Settings > Preferences > Show shortcuts to recently viewed rooms above the room list
thank you so much!
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@prairieghost1776:matrix.orgTJ LeiningerIs there a way to put element web into a webpage?18:47:02
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@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) TJ Leininger: sure, you'd need to host it yourself as most public deployments prevent iframing 19:02:49
@prairieghost1776:matrix.orgTJ LeiningerWas looking to put it into a webpage and have mumbles web client on the same page for voice. 19:04:08
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)You can use Mumble Web within Element even, as a widget19:05:26
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@d3p3nd3n7:matrix.orgKakvo TrqbvaRedacted or Malformed Event19:33:48
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy) Kakvo Trqbva: that doesn't seem on-topic for this room 19:37:46
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