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3 Oct 2022
@micah.zoltu:matrix.orgmicah.zoltuAt least it is a known issue I guess. That gives me some solace.10:19:11
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@anon17:matrix.orgHenry MuskAre there really no active rooms about IT hardware?18:29:25
@simonmic:matrix.orgsmwhat triggers Element desktop on mac to switch between light/dark when in "auto" appearance ? It seems to do it sometimes but not others18:29:44
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@cos:hacklab.ficos Henry Musk: feel free to start one and submit as room of the week in TWIM 18:30:30
@simonmic:matrix.orgsm Henry Musk: I see a couple in the public room directory 18:30:57
@anon17:matrix.orgHenry Musk cos: What would be the point? There is no activity as I wrote. Not enough interest. 18:31:20
@cos:hacklab.ficosSo there are rooms but not active?18:32:14
@brenbarn:matrix.orgBrenBarnit's really ironic that there's a bug that prevents you from verifying users exactly when you have set the option to say it's very important to you to verify users18:34:29
@anon17:matrix.orgHenry Musk
In reply to @cos:hacklab.fi
So there are rooms but not active?
@cos:hacklab.ficosWell, maybe it would help to a) merge the rooms into one (with tombstones) and b) add them to suitable tech-related space(s) where they can be easily found18:39:57
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