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4 Dec 2018
07:26:45@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17 🍉
6 Dec 2018
07:49:01@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)
In reply to @lowee:matrix.org
Normally i'd expect a music player in major version 5 to be able to play the next song in a playlist :(
this line of apps (simplemobiletoolls) now got major version 6 apparently, should really look for a replacement
07:49:11@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)atleast the calendar app got one
08:54:02@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia) changed the room topic to "🇭 🇮" from "entropy! get it while it's still fresh".
09:41:43@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17 /topic "🇭 🇮"? Actually, the singular form is H U S.
7 Dec 2018
12:08:07@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)Hus?
8 Dec 2018
03:20:57@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)screenshot_20181207_192408.png
03:22:56@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)ネプギア (nepugia) SyrupThinker: decided to make a texture pack with only 4 shades of grey as a pixel art exersice
07:36:03@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17You just snapped a picture of the view from one of your windows after it snowed.
07:37:18@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)I mean, if I had..you might not have known the difference 😛
07:47:48@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17Why didn't you use fifty shades of grey?
07:48:41@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)because that would have been too romantic
07:55:49@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseI shouldn't comment, as I haven't read it, but I know people who have. It's apparently not at all about romance, but it's masking abuse as romance.
07:56:22@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseI've seen enough about the book and the movie which is official marketing, which makes it pretty clear in my mind that it's about abuse.
9 Dec 2018
01:16:28@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)I honestly have no idea, I'm not interested in reading or watching it so I have to take other people's word for it.
10 Dec 2018
15:26:05@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia) Benrob0329 (matrix.org): your textures look nice :)
15:26:19@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)(sorry for the late response, riot android doesnt show the image correctly)
15:26:31@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)(and there is no way to view the source to view it manually...)
15:30:59@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)FreeBSD 12 is only days away now :g
15:41:49@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17"Free the BSD 12!"
21:20:54@saad:matrix.orgSaadFree BSDs! Free BSDs! Anyone wants a free BSD?
21:23:41@saad:matrix.orgSaad changed the room topic to "喝点茶" from "🇭 🇮".
21:25:08@saad:matrix.orgSaad changed the room topic to "煎锅待售" from "喝点茶".
21:45:18@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)>FreeBSD 12 is only days away now :g Apparently i can't read a calendar, it is only one day away (according to https://www.freebsd.org/releases/12.0R/schedule.html)
14 Dec 2018
19:14:40@SyrupThinker:matrix.orgSyrupThinkerShould we invite them?
20:49:53@saad:matrix.orgSaadNeed more data 😬
21:04:27@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17In this room, we get our data from /dev/urandom.
21:32:10@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)obviously yes

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