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16 Feb 2019
13:29:33@SyrupThinker:matrix.orgSyrupThinker changed the room topic to "Meow" from "Failed to retrieve topic: CORS Request rejected".
13:32:56@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17 changed the room topic to "🐈 Meow 🐈" from "Meow".
13:34:00@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17weird ... they display as Egyptian cats in the /topic
13:34:34@tulir:maunium.nettulirtopic can't into emojione
13:39:22@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)I really wish riot would stop doing that, i have system fonts installed for a reason
13:42:05@tulir:maunium.nettulirwell there are some valid points like not everyone having system emoji fonts and emojis looking different, but it should definitely be optional
13:42:59@tulir:maunium.nettulirif you just want to get rid of emojione: https://github.com/maunium/matrix-react-sdk/commit/478fda0b8d8446a6f9adfb812f4dc5fb865c4bb6
13:43:48@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)well, for one it should be all or nothing, for another perhaps not having emoji installed is intentional ;)
13:44:19@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)ah, nice patch, will use that
13:44:32@mewtrino:matrix.orgmewtrinoIt makes sense to have an app wide emoji so everyone sees the same thing
13:45:31@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia) mewtrino: not really, that just isn't what emoji are made for
13:45:39@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)it is a usecase for embeded images though
14:07:46@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaI guess that's why most modern apps don't let you change the font.
14:07:49@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaSo that everyone sees the same thing.
14:07:55@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaText font, not emoji font.
14:08:10@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaAnd riot android doesn't use emojione last I checked
14:08:30@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)it is assumed that android has noto installed i'd think
14:09:08@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaDoes noto use emojione for emoji?
14:09:16@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaIf not, then you fail the "everyone sees the same thing" anyway
14:09:23@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)nah, it uses noto :)
14:09:36@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria (and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a condition of the iOS store that you have to use apple's emoji)
14:09:43@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)i kind of doubt that that was the intention anyway
In reply to @kythyria:berigora.net
And riot android doesn't use emojione last I checked
it's planned
14:10:32@tulir:maunium.nettulirwell, not emojione of course, but some built in thing
14:10:40@tulir:maunium.nettulirthe same one riot web will switch to
14:14:56@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)kythria.png
14:15:59@lowee:matrix.orgネプギア (nepugia)riot is having a bad day it seams
23:20:40@takitam:matrix.orgtakitam changed their display name from takitam to name.
23:22:26@takitam:matrix.orgtakitam changed their display name from name to takitam.

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