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14 Jan 2020
22:26:09@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarcapital controls are now officially obsolete
16 Jan 2020
13:23:03@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipper that's beautifully put
28 Jan 2020
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30 Jan 2020
00:12:49@telegram_61029284:t2bot.io[object Object]image.jpeg
00:13:15@yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minaritaking the dust off this room
00:34:10@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkargood to see you again
31 Jan 2020
10:13:10@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarcan confirm, roads appear beneath my feet as i walk
16:52:06@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkar changed their profile picture.
7 Feb 2020
00:56:13@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסFlat surfaces for cars to drive on... How can those possibly exist without government!
00:58:00@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס People didn't have anything to drive and walk on before the government took over infrastructure development...
00:58:04@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסLmao
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05:07:06@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס
In reply to @redhattipper:matrix.org
He is reason I believe Bitcoin is the real winner to fucking up states
Agreed, it's a modern, practical, application of decentralizing (deregulating) and privatizing currency with the additional potential of anonymizing trade! Out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on other cryptocurrencies such as Monero? Or what makes Bitcoin in particular better than others?
15 Feb 2020
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22 Feb 2020
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29 Feb 2020
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9 Mar 2020
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12 Mar 2020
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18 Mar 2020
31 Mar 2020
3 Apr 2020
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4 Apr 2020
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09:48:08@mgiagante:matrix.orgsecretariathi all
09:51:31@mgiagante:matrix.orgsecretariati've become increasingly interested in anarchocapitalism
09:51:48@mgiagante:matrix.orgsecretariatby listening to an economist from Spain
09:52:02@mgiagante:matrix.orgsecretariatJesus Huerta de Soto. Has anyone heard of him?
09:52:09@mgiagante:matrix.orgsecretariatnice to meet you all btw!

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