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16 Aug 2020
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIEnglish is a commie language from a commie empire14:26:15
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichuwait... i'm lost here. UK is a monarchy, isn't it?14:27:39
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD II It was expansionist, mercantilist, collectivist, and used (to hilarious effect) the Divide and Conquer strategy 14:57:03
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichui guess pretty much like any empire14:57:36
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichuthey've had various commie prime ministers, right?14:58:07
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichu * they've had various commie prime ministers, right?14:58:20
22 Aug 2020
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIY'all know Anglish?11:19:18
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIWell, I and a friend came up with an Anglish word for Libertarianism11:20:42
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIThis being 'Selfwield'11:20:43
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIhttps://mises.org/library/nationalism-and-secession11:24:05
23 Aug 2020
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24 Aug 2020
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@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIwhalecum19:07:18
25 Aug 2020
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIhttps://youtu.be/ksAqr4lLA_Y?t=256700:19:58
28 Aug 2020
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7 Sep 2020
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9 Sep 2020
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10 Sep 2020
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIimage.png
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13 Sep 2020
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19 Sep 2020
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichunever heard of that youtuber 05:43:53
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIonly zoomers will remember that guy05:44:37
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichulol i think there's a gap in which i didn't pay attention to youtube at all05:46:59
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichui just found out who's pewdiepie 2 months ago05:47:59
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioPPD IIGood for you tbh, your data does not belong to international criminal organizations05:48:32
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichui think it does anyway... but hopefully to a lesser extent05:49:08
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichuwhen i use it, i do it through invidious05:49:28
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichudoes anyone have a nano ledger or similar? 05:50:51
@mgiagante:matrix.orgyaiyaichui was thinking of getting one, but then i saw its OS is proprietary hmmm05:51:11
28 Sep 2020
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29 Sep 2020
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