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24 Nov 2019
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20 Dec 2019
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22 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019
09:46:14@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסOh boy, I made the mistake of joining the Anarchism matrix server. Full of commies and lefties in general. This is better lol.
12:49:10@redhattipper:matrix.orgOMEGAKEKWanarchy as a hole has been swallowed up by commies
12:49:20@redhattipper:matrix.orgOMEGAKEKW * anarchy as a hole has been swallowed up by commies
12:49:52@redhattipper:matrix.orgOMEGAKEKWNot even possible to have anarchy and communism, completely negates skin in the game which is fundemental
20:34:28@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס Yeah, agreed. I would try debating them but they either didn't want to or had no clue what they were talking about
20:35:49@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס Imagine: and anarcho-capitalist who's read and studied more communist theory than an actual commie
20:37:38@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסCommunism and socialism seem to have became romanticized twisted ideologies
20:37:52@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסbecome*
26 Dec 2019
07:57:48@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס set a profile picture.
28 Dec 2019
19:31:42@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסOh shit
19:31:59@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס https://dailycaller.com/2019/12/27/surveillance-universities-attendance-smartphones/
19:32:46@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס And some people say that universities aren't leftist...
19:33:07@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסTotally embrace freedom of ideas/thoughts...
29 Dec 2019
In reply to @machshev:matrix.org
Imagine: and anarcho-capitalist who's read and studied more communist theory than an actual commie
the typical case, then?
01:01:57@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarthat's how i found this room to begin with, too. the lefties squat good room names, then abuse anyone who disagrees with them
01:13:23@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarsince the topic came up, i'll link a favorite video on the topic that does a deep-dive into utopianism and reveals something you probably suspected: Marxism is just primitivism with extra steps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeX8EJDr5j8
01:40:58@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס
In reply to @enmerkar:marxwatch.org
the typical case, then?
Lamp yeah, the typical case I guess
01:41:08@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיסLmao*
01:43:01@machshev:matrix.orgדוד ויאריאל אורטיס I'll look into the vid
4 Jan 2020
05:41:36@redhattipper:matrix.orgOMEGAKEKWcitizens blame the government for not helping. imagine if they knew that the government actually allowed all the events to lead to this situation
8 Jan 2020
12 Jan 2020
17:12:42@redhattipper:matrix.orgOMEGAKEKWHe is reason I believe Bitcoin is the real winner to fucking up states
14 Jan 2020
22:25:43@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarit most definitely is. prior to it, your only real escape from state scrip was precious metals. but once a new lefty hero like FDR destroys the currency, he'll just repeat what FDR did: seize precious metals. cryptocurrency enables you to reduce your attack surface further
22:25:58@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarborder checkpoints are irrelevant when you can carry your fortune as twelve words you memorized
22:26:09@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarcapital controls are now officially obsolete
16 Jan 2020
13:23:03@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipper that's beautifully put

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