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6 Jan 2021
@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkargiving unions special rights makes them into effective lego pieces for the communist power base. they're able to take a company hostage and tax all workers there, and funnel that money into politics04:15:45
7 Jan 2021
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10 Jan 2021
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11 Jan 2021
@mgiagante:matrix.orgshotgun_surgery Yan Minari is back! 16:14:25
@yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari
In reply to @mgiagante:matrix.org
Yan Minari is back!
Always have been
12 Jan 2021
@mgiagante:matrix.orgshotgun_surgeryThis sounds like that meme hahaha03:28:54
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@anarcho_capitalism:matrix.organonymousI got a question on why did unemployment, manufacturing, interest rates, poverty and GDP all decrease under Margaret Thatcher but not really under Reagan. Was it really because of her economics or was it something else?19:01:55
@anarcho_capitalism:matrix.organonymousbecause werent Reagan and thatcher mostly the same politically? 19:02:27
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14 Jan 2021
@indian-gigachad:privacytools.ioAverage dharma appreciator changed their display name from POGPOGPOGPOGPOG to Average dharma appreciator.07:16:44
15 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021
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19 Jan 2021
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@rekluse:matrix.orgrekluseAnarcho capitalism + primitivism best ideology22:53:33
@m:uzlabina.euPepin [object Promise] are you taking ze vaccine ? 23:18:06
@telegram_61029284:t2bot.io[object Promise]
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[object Promise] are you taking ze vaccine ?
it turns out I might not even need it
@m:uzlabina.euPepinGood luck going abroad 23:22:40
@m:uzlabina.euPepinOr anywhere 23:22:45
20 Jan 2021
@telegram_61029284:t2bot.io[object Promise]I didn’t even have resources to go anywhere to begin with05:12:54
@telegram_61029284:t2bot.io[object Promise]It can always be worse05:13:04
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