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14 Oct 2019
14:23:29@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarkek. didn't even originate the ideas he expounded, just marketed Utopianism to workers
14:24:48@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarHoppe on German debate show https://www.bitchute.com/video/PObcjOI4qMOy/
14:25:28@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarnobody on the show was ready for his true power level. they thought he's just another pro-Brexit guy
28 Oct 2019
14:27:44@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkar https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/467433319383040000/638374842831208468/73399795_740942556399979_1409903425289715712_n.png
14:27:58@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkar Where we're going, we don't need roads
15:39:01@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipper it's a flying car
31 Oct 2019
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4 Nov 2019
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5 Nov 2019
12:44:59@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipperHave any of you heard about REA (Resources, Events, Agents) Accounting?
15:35:57@redhattipper:matrix.orgOMEGAKEKWwtf is that





15:43:36@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipperI saw some posts by anarchists talking about it. They were hoping this sort of accounting will replace capitalism.
15:43:52@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipperThey were the lefty type
19:43:36@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarvery interesting. REA seems useful in that it tracks things that are often lost. for example, a meeting would appear in REA as having cost the time of all attendees, rather than being an invisible loss as in traditional accounting
19:45:00@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarthe underlying assumption of REA, though, seems to be that resources have a monetary cost and that agents must be paid. otherwise, how would you know if an internal event, e.g., manufacturing, is worth doing? it works on top of capitalism, not parallel to it
19:46:09@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarlefties tend to get hyped up about things thinking they'll bring about the utopia. they've consistently been wrong, seeing as we're not living in their utopia today
19:46:49@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkar * the underlying assumption of REA, though, seems to be that resources have a monetary cost and that agents must be paid. otherwise, how would you know if an internal event, e.g., manufacturing, is worth doing? it works on top of capitalism, not parallel to it
19:49:05@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkari have to say i like REA. it prevents all sorts of abuses that can quietly sink a business. if all business activities are tracked, then auditing becomes easy. this is easy today through software. you can see who's scheduling too many meetings and tell them to stop, you can identify sales at a loss and possibly cancel them, etc.
20:31:46@jackthekipper:matrix.orgKipper I don't dislike any of it myself on the face of it, it sounds promising enough. Additionally, capitalism is flexible enough as a framework that this should work. Heck, even voluntary communist associations would work in that sense. What I don't like is how the people behind mikorizal and their friends have the notion that this can replace free market and property rights. It might actually be a set of tools that makes communal accounting finally work. Essentially using computers to solve the problems that communism couldn't. Or even if it doesn't, it might look promising enough to get people to try it. That prospect of another failed experiment is what I don't like about it.
20:50:32@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkaryeah, i already don't like that REA might be denigrated in the popular consciousness by being associated with communists. they also can put a stigma of failure on it that virtually no one else could. i suspect their REA solution will be shitty due to ideological decision-making. an REA system made by capitalists could be very promising imo
11 Nov 2019
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19 Nov 2019
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21 Nov 2019
01:09:19@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarso, being way too charitable, i saw a Kevin O'Leary video and watched it a bit. he knows his stuff on investing and such, but man is he out of touch. one guy asked about how to find his passion. he tells him "pick a company, talk to the CEO, and offer to work there for free"
01:09:36@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarbecause you can just get ahold of the CEO just like that. ask a corporate salesman how much time they spend mapping out a company's org chart looking for someone who can authorize the purchase of their product. decision-makers aren't easy to access. so, he's so out of touch, being a member of many corporate boards and able to call the CEO any time, he didn't realize he just told the guy "learn sales"
01:09:44@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarthen, just bad advice... studies of impact of unpaid internships on salary show that those who do them have lower salaries a number of years later than those who don't. that aside, if you're talking to the CEO, you've already done the most difficult part of any sale, why offer yourself for free?
01:10:08@enmerkar:marxwatch.orgEnmerkarthese are the people giving capitalism a bad name

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