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Developer discussion on the python sdk for matrix.org. See https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-python-sdk37 Servers

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7 Dec 2018
12:10:14@Zil0:matrix.orgZil0yeah I see that the commit adding the isort check without changing any file was built successfully. Pretty sure it shouldn't have, I'd have to investigate further
21:12:24@neilj:matrix.orgneilThe way it is set up is just to check that running isort would have no effect - i.e. the developer still has to ensure that isort is run
21:12:33@neilj:matrix.orgneilI did this as part of the PR
21:12:48@neilj:matrix.orgneilso I wouldn't expect changes - but I can't see that it has actually run at all
8 Dec 2018
11:00:09@peteronmatrix:matrix.orgPeter Zil0: Thank you for yor help and your great work. Now I managed to get e2e running. I didn't recognizer your hint to the virtual environment. After that a had symlink libolm from /usrlocal/lib to /usr/lib.
11:01:02@peteronmatrix:matrix.orgPeterIs there a way to set the device name. In my case the name is allways empty.
11:39:15@Zil0:matrix.orgZil0 Peter: I think so, have a look at MatrixHttpApi.update_device_info
9 Dec 2018
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10 Dec 2018
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12 Dec 2018
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14 Dec 2018
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15 Dec 2018
04:24:51@atlas..paraclete:matrix.org🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑 joined the room.
04:47:56@atlas..paraclete:matrix.org🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑 changed their display name from ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡฿₴₱ı₭ℯℓØɎJ∆Ɏ😥 to ugh….
04:51:12@atlas..paraclete:matrix.org🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑 changed their display name from ugh… to  l .
04:51:40@atlas..paraclete:matrix.org🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑 changed their display name from  l  to ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡฿₴₱ı₭ℯℓØɎJ∆Ɏ .
04:53:58@atlas..paraclete:matrix.org🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑 changed their display name from ๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡฿₴₱ı₭ℯℓØɎJ∆Ɏ  to ฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝.
04:55:21@atlas..paraclete:matrix.org🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑 changed their display name from ฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝 to 🔊฿₭𝖓𝖘Ɏ₴₱𝕵ØɎ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡∆𝖝🃏🔑.
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16 Dec 2018
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14:59:02@ansuddin:matrix.organsuddinHi. I am trying to enable E2E with the python SDK. I am developing on a windows machine. I run the following command "pip install --process-dependency-links .[e2e]" as described in the readme. When it start to install python-olm I get the error: "Cannot open include file: 'olm/olm.h': No such file or directory."
14:59:15@ansuddin:matrix.organsuddinHas anyone experienced this issue?
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15:32:10@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregIt sounds like you haven't installed the olm library from http://git.matrix.org/git/olm/
17 Dec 2018
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