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Developer discussion on the python sdk for matrix.org. See https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-python-sdk41 Servers

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16 Feb 2019
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In reply to @f34r.com:matrix.org
So this must be done after a token is received during login and can not be passed during login?
You're right, this could be done while logging in since the spec includes a initial_device_display_name parameter. This is not implemented yet in the SDK though, PR welcome :)
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18 Feb 2019
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19 Feb 2019
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20 Feb 2019
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08:34:33@baer:g3la.deCy8aerHi guys, I am trying to build an app for SailfishOS with the python sdk. I wonder if there is a possibility to see in which category (favorites, person, room, low, arch) a room is. Can I see this status anywhere in the room data via api or client?
08:39:14@baer:g3la.deCy8aer(or room :wink:
09:12:12@andrewm:amorgan.xyzanoa I believe that's in a user's account data. Search the client_server spec for tags as well.
09:57:15@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa Cy8aer: not sure in the Python SDK specifically, but the endpoint is here: https://matrix.org/docs/spec/client_server/latest.html#get-matrix-client-r0-user-userid-rooms-roomid-tags
10:10:42@baer:g3la.deCy8aer@ benpa : ok that looks like the data I need. I try to fetch it via the Python SDK lateron. Thank you (and @anoa too)

ok, found it:


"Normal" rooms do not have tags - and I looked for those rooms only... Now I looked for a for me known favorited room and it was tagged.

10:47:17@benpa:matrix.orgbenparight - absence of tags is "normal"
10:47:44@benpa:matrix.orgbenpasounds like you've figured it out, but to help debug, this is a good tool https://tags.t2bot.io/
10:47:56@benpa:matrix.orgbenpayou can watch the traffic too to see what's happening with the API
10:48:10@baer:g3la.deCy8aerah, thank you.
10:48:55@baer:g3la.deCy8aerwow, that will help very much.
10:49:13@tulir:maunium.nettulir also fyi: "People" is a horrible hack separate flag in your account data under m.direct
10:49:14@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa thank TravisR :)
10:49:59@baer:g3la.deCy8aer tulir: yes I found that out too. Thanks
18:25:36@baer:g3la.deCy8aerhm I am sorry, but how can I legally get account data from a user? I tried to read the room events but this does not look like the right way
19:38:01@peedeeramone:matrix.orgpeedeeramoneis there a way to manipulate communities with the python matrix_client?
21:17:55@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam peedeeramone: you can try this branch: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-python-sdk/pull/179
21:18:34@peedeeramone:matrix.orgpeedeeramonecool, thanks. i'll check that out
21:20:46@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam(if you want to take up that branch and submit a new PR with comments addressed, we could certainly get it merged.)
21:21:15@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&Adam(my personal schedule permitting)
21 Feb 2019
07:09:37@baer:g3la.deCy8aerPlease forget my last question. It's just nuts...

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