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11 Sep 2019
23:07:09@shredder:matrix.orgShredder KamNull: Gimme permission to start a confrence Call
12 Sep 2019
00:38:04@shredder:matrix.orgShredderKamNull: KamNull
00:45:00@shredder:matrix.orgShredderKamNull: can you hack Robux
00:45:27@kamnull:matrix.orgKamNull I only hack games I can tolerate
00:46:06@shredder:matrix.orgShredderKamNull: hack fortnight
00:46:14@kamnull:matrix.orgKamNull Can't tolerate
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13 Sep 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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20 Sep 2019
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21 Sep 2019
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13 Oct 2019
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20:01:03@inoman:matrix.orginomanGuys I need some help here regarding how we can ban an Gmail ID permanently or if possible hack it, I mean there is a guy who has some content on other persons and he is using that data that he has on his gmail account to blackmail and harres people. So, what's the good approch to delete that data or get that data and use it to file complain.?
20:03:13@navust:matrix.orgnavustCall customer support
In reply to @navust:matrix.org
Call customer support
Okay. No other option?
20:05:28@navust:matrix.orgnavustYea, u shouldnt hack emails
In reply to @navust:matrix.org
Yea, u shouldnt hack emails
Okay. I am told to contact cybercrime for this. I think I will follow up on it.
7 Nov 2019
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6 Dec 2019

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