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9 Apr 2018
00:30:19@xincognito10:matrix.org@xincognito10:matrix.org So if you're going to design an app, you better be damn well sure its easy to use
00:30:33@xincognito10:matrix.org@xincognito10:matrix.orgAlso, those apps were designed specifically to be used by users
00:31:43@xincognito10:matrix.org@xincognito10:matrix.orgIn the floss world, its more along the lines of devs creating something for themselves, and deciding to share it, and because most of the floss communities are techies too, the apps are more focused on getting the job done, rather than uiux
03:34:43@danhunsaker:matrix.org@danhunsaker:matrix.org I mean, I guess? But when I build stuff for _my_self, I make sure I'm not gonna hate actually using it...
12 Apr 2018
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19 Apr 2018
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23 Apr 2018
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26 Apr 2018
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28 Jun 2018
01:15:07@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎 changed their profile picture.
31 Jul 2018
23:34:08@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusYo. I'm not dead.
23:34:21@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusAm back now.
23:34:32@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎Hi
23:34:50@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusI was in jail. Then rehab. Now I
23:34:59@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusI'm in a halfway house.
23:35:04@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusAnd very sober.
23:35:07@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusBut enjoying it.
23:40:51@rrix:kickass.systemsrrix 🍕 🌎Yikes, well, glad you're pointed the right direction
23:41:06@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusYeah, I was pretty far in the wrong one. I robbed a back.
23:44:04@Seylerius:matrix.orgSeyleriusGah. I've been offline long enough that GPG is bitching about not having a secret key to decrypt my passwords. Fun.
2 Aug 2018
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9 Aug 2018
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16 Aug 2018
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6 Nov 2018
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12 Dec 2018
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5 Jan 2019
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