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1 Mar 2020
16:50:27@deanosim:explodingpineapple.netDeanosim left the room.
2 Mar 2020
09:18:38@nikola2222:matrix.orgnikola2222 joined the room.
4 Mar 2020
08:45:02@fgaz:matrix.orgfgaz left the room.
13:52:37@thefox6:matrix.orgthefox6 joined the room.
14:05:53@mraxilus:matrix.orgEmmanuel M. Smith left the room.
7 Mar 2020
17:12:54@jnalanko:matrix.orgjnlnk changed their display name from jnalanko to jnlnk.
8 Mar 2020
01:38:34@thrrgilag:monkeystew.netthrrgilag - old invited @thrrgilag:dreamfall.spacethrrgilag.
01:38:38@thrrgilag:dreamfall.spacethrrgilag joined the room.
01:56:22@thrrgilag:monkeystew.netthrrgilag - old changed their display name from Morgan McMillian (thrrgilag) to thrrgilag - old.
01:56:54@thrrgilag:monkeystew.netthrrgilag - old changed their profile picture.
04:34:41@thrrgilag:monkeystew.netthrrgilag - old left the room.
10 Mar 2020
16:17:14@jomat:asra.gr𝚓𝚘 changed their display name from jo to 𝚓𝚘.
12 Mar 2020
13:49:03@vxid:matrix.orgThomas left the room.
10 Mar 2020
16:46:04@simyrik:matrix.simyrik.rusimyrik joined the room.
12 Mar 2020
16:39:12@yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari changed their display name from Yan Minari [c] to Yan Minari.
13 Mar 2020
00:47:19@kuzai:matrix.kuzaikami.com空白 changed their display name from kuzai to 空白.
15 Mar 2020
19:29:19@umbrawing:matrix.orgumbrawing joined the room.
23:03:00@amnesia101101:matrix.orgamnesic joined the room.
16 Mar 2020
00:20:48@amnesia101101:matrix.orgamnesic changed their display name from amnesia101101 to amnesic.
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18 Mar 2020
08:09:46@rurik:matrix.rurik.onlinerurik joined the room.
20 Mar 2020
21:44:14@articc:matrix.orgarticc joined the room.
22 Mar 2020
17:27:07@Victor9:matrix.orgvictornine joined the room.
26 Mar 2020
02:00:18@travis:t2l.ioTravisRt2bot.io is currently experiencing downtime due to a Synapse update which requires a significant database update. It should be finished soon.
07:23:22@eaburdick3:matrix.rdash.inDakota Whitevalley joined the room.
08:04:50@rurik:matrix.rurik.onlinerurik left the room.
16:42:58@travis:t2l.ioTravisRt2bot.io is currently experiencing some downtime to fix minor database corruption. Apologies for the disruption.
30 Mar 2020
16:53:12@bung06:matrix.orgStrantrickt joined the room.
1 Apr 2020
08:46:16@uztoje:matrix.allmende.iom_univ joined the room.
2 Apr 2020
18:45:51@denefi:matrix.orgdenefi joined the room.

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