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13 Aug 2020
@nukeador:mozilla.org@nukeador:mozilla.org changed their display name from Rubén Martín (nukeador) ❌ [away till Aug 31st] to Rubén Martín (nukeador) ❌ [use @nukeador:matrix.org moving forward].20:20:43
19 Aug 2020
@wei:that.worldWei Tang joined the room.20:06:08
20 Aug 2020
@nukeador:mozilla.org@nukeador:mozilla.org left the room.12:11:41
21 Aug 2020
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThe server's performance is currently degraded due to a large volume of messages. Some disruption is expected while manual interventions are put in place - apologies for the inconvenience. 19:13:59
22 Aug 2020
@mario:nerdsin.spacemario 17:10:12
23 Aug 2020
@jake:theorangeone.netTheOrangeOne joined the room.15:45:52
@jake:theorangeone.netTheOrangeOne left the room.18:10:33
@phil:hackers.townphil joined the room.19:48:33
30 Aug 2020
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRThere are some ongoing performance issues with the server still, which are being resolved. Some large rooms have been unbridged/blocked due to unreasonable server resource usage as a result.19:05:42
@kevincox:matrix.org@kevincox:matrix.org left the room.19:06:22
@onekopaka:matrix.theoks.netonekopaka joined the room.20:27:38
2 Sep 2020
@hyper-kvm:matrix.orghyper-kvm オープンソース changed their profile picture.16:36:55
3 Sep 2020
@fgudin:matrix.orgfgudin joined the room.13:26:36
4 Sep 2020
@jason:zemos.netJason changed their profile picture.08:03:02
6 Sep 2020
@heterochromia420:converser.euPrimedoppel changed their display name from Inspector Gilbert to Primedoppel.12:07:41
@heterochromia420:converser.euPrimedoppel changed their profile picture.12:07:46
@hook54321:privacytools.iohook54321 removed their profile picture.23:40:48
8 Sep 2020
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRmatrix.org has caught up on traffic from t2bot.io and appears stable in its ability to keep up. Some periods of latency are still expected, however most of the problems appear resolved.19:11:54
10 Sep 2020
@Aakord:matrix.org@Aakord:matrix.org left the room.06:57:26
17 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
@Baco:matrix.org🧉 baco changed their display name from 🧉🤔 baco to 🧉 baco.14:45:59
19 Sep 2020
@chillcalm:www.alertbots.xyzchillcalm left the room.06:12:17
21 Sep 2020
@geckoeidechse:matrix.orgGeckoEidechse joined the room.07:57:39
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22 Sep 2020
@librepower:matrix.orgimperialistsocialistrepublic joined the room.20:12:23
24 Sep 2020
@heterochromia420:converser.euPrimedoppel changed their profile picture.06:26:06
25 Sep 2020
@travis:t2l.ioTravisRt2bot.io is behind on federation from matrix.org following a large kick event from the freenode bridge. The server is being monitored for recovery, though no estimate is available at this time.14:50:29
@travis:t2l.ioTravisREverything appears to have returned to normal now.18:31:19
26 Sep 2020
@ashley777:matrix.orgashley777 joined the room.05:30:55
@Quant:matrix.orgHelix joined the room.11:57:57

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