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16 Apr 2024
@irc_erle|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgerle|LCnah i have to work08:59:21
@irc_erle|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgerle|LCsee ya08:59:22
@irc_erle|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgerle|LCmost users on anarchy servers use normal minetest08:59:30
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️Can't cheat clients do weirder stuff? like flying or teleporting?09:00:00
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️GL with your work09:00:38
In reply to @irc_erle|LC:matrix.f-hub.org
i do not
you literally just said "anarchy servers are collaborative, but conflicts will be solved in-game ... admins will do exactly nothing when someone ... blows it up"
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I think he meant that we will collaborate on blowing up griefers, harassers, ... etc09:01:39
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1(do not take in any way my comments as "defending" that disgusting ideology btw)09:02:26
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1ah OK, that makes a bit more sense, but still doesn't fill me with confidence09:03:02
@emorrp1:freedombox.emorrp1.nameemorrp1* ah OK, that makes a bit more sense, but still doesn't fill me with confidence (it's one of the reasons I avoided minetest outside of LGN/onFOSS servers)09:03:42
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I feel like the ingame politics may be the best part of this type of servers09:03:44
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️or maybe the worst depending on the taste09:03:56
@irc_Afdal|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgAfdal|LCHave you ever seen so many beautiful seeds c:09:05:39
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LCskyflare: generally flying yes, teleporting not nessecarily09:16:44
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LCmt has some rather basic builtin (server-side) anticheat, but disablable09:17:06
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LC it'll stop some stuff like long-distance teleporting, excessive speed, and reaching excessively far 09:17:44
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LC (short distance "teleport" is no different from "walked a few nodes with some lag") 09:18:04
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LCthen ofc someone can always wrote up some fly anticheat as a laggy miserable mod for it09:19:23
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LC (probably possible to make a proper one, but there's a reason it's not common) 09:19:59
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LC common/anywhere I've seen 09:20:09
@_bifrost_nebunez=40chat.w0rmh0le.net:aria-net.orgnebunez left the room.11:27:43
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝto does mindustry have different mods for mobile and desktop? 12:21:45
@_bifrost_nebunez=40chat.w0rmh0le.net:aria-net.orgnebunez joined the room.12:33:17
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LC \Test_User: enyekala has fly/noclip anticheat (although it doesn't prevent it, it detects it) 15:15:12
@irc_specing|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgspecing|LCremember Enyekala..15:16:56
@skyflare:conduit.rsSkyflare ⚡️I would really like to go back to Enyekala16:03:53
@irc_\Test_User|LC:matrix.f-hub.org\Test_User|LCNoisytoot: oh it has fly checking too? I thought it was just noclip; does the fly detect work well there though16:57:15
@irc_Noisytoot|LC:matrix.f-hub.orgNoisytoot|LC I haven't tested it 16:58:15

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