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17 Mar 2023
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18 Mar 2023
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* @specing:libera.chatspecing notices Suterusu has been missing out on quality carpet time19:34:30
19 Mar 2023
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@mpan:libera.chatmpanHello. What is appservice-irc[4?21:39:32
@Noisytoot:libera.chatNoisytootmpan: a double-bridged appservice21:39:57
@Noisytoot:libera.chatNoisytoot for the Libera <-> Matrix <-> FreeGameDev bridge 21:40:27
@mpan:libera.chatmpanIt sent me a notification about my connection being lost… a long long time after I was no longer here.21:40:32
@mpan:libera.chatmpanIs it operated by somebody in this channel?21:40:52
@Noisytoot:libera.chatNoisytoot Yes, poVoq 21:41:09
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqhmm, no idea21:42:08
@mpan:libera.chatmpanI reported the bot to a Libera staffer already by accident (explaining the mistake now). Hmm21:42:46
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqnormally there is a quict command, but that only applies to portals21:43:05
@mpan:libera.chatmpanNoticed where it may be coming from only now, after joining this channel again.21:43:14
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqyes libera.chat is aware and we are asked to remove either of the bridges21:43:27
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoq*have been21:43:38
@mpan:libera.chatmpanok, I assume the thing is clear now. :)21:43:50
@mpan:libera.chatmpanThanks for the explanation.21:43:59
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqsorry for any inconvenience caused.21:44:11
@mpan:libera.chatmpanIt’s more of a trouble this could cause to you, not me. Due to me reporting it, assuming it was a spammer. I joined the channel for completely different reasons.21:44:43
@irc_poVoq:matrix.f-hub.orgpoVoqsure not a big deal. you where not the first to wonder about this and it is a bit unfortunate that this seems to happen.21:45:40
20 Mar 2023
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