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12 Nov 2019
22:12:23@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupine eh, it's packed with blobs
22:12:31@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupine and the kernel isn't fully mainline *yet*
22:12:41@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow ok :-/ what's the blobs for?
22:13:00@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupinekeyboard, wireless, uefi, basically everything
22:13:42@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowhmm. weird.
22:14:02@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowfor such an open laptop..
22:15:18@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowwe can take this PM aswell
22:15:29@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupine I don't really do PMs ^^
22:15:34@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow(or DM as people say these days ;-) )
22:16:10@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupine+g is life
22:16:23@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow i'm sorry I misread the conversation. now I get it.
22:17:59@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupine I think when you're a tiny provider, your hardware options are pretty limited
22:18:06@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupinethere are just no good options
22:19:35@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow I guess. it just feels contraproductive in a way, to make an open laptop with many blobs. but you can't get everything...
22:20:02@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow it's good to support them and maybe it's possible to do better in the future if there are more options.
22:20:03@freenode_Froward:matrix.orgFrowardoh yes another friend mentioned the pinebook to me, it looks interesting
22:20:11@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowhello fro!
22:20:11@freenode_Froward:matrix.orgFrowardits dead cheap too
22:20:17@freenode_Froward:matrix.orgFrowardhi scr!
22:20:38@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupinealmost ridiculously cheap
22:21:23@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow yes, i'm interested aswell.. not right now, but i'm thinking if I should have a stationary pc and a lighter laptop.
22:21:48@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow right now I do have laptops so it's not something pressing. but would be nice with more free hardware.
22:22:30@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowbut I have to wear my two good laptops down first :-)
22:23:12@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowthe dream would be blackbird as pc and a very free laptop or something like that. but ppc might be a pain in the arse
22:43:00@BobaMa:matrix.orgneoaborginal https://www.instagram.com/p/B4wMzjPJGQF/
22:45:28@neoabo:disroot.orgneoaboriginal scrdcow, np. Just watched the first episode and Avani was also along there with Daniel doing the foraging.
22:49:17@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowwatch in a while. eating, and need brainsuspend()...
14 Nov 2019
00:26:11@freenode_lupine:matrix.orglupine┬Ánf: http://pdf.hspc.co.uk/56785.pdf

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