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7 Apr 2020
17:41:06@freenode_yitz:matrix.orgyitz "apparently that helps" sounds like "annecdotal" to me
17:41:31@freenode_yitz:matrix.orgyitz Which definitely isn't questioning whether or not it seems to have worked in that annecdotal case.
17:55:13@sanitea:nltrix.netSaniTea ☕
Als antwoord op@freenode_yitz:matrix.org
"apparently that helps" sounds like "annecdotal" to me
Yeah, lots of it is very vague, with small studies with inconclusive results, same as with Lyme tbh, but our doc is in the university's research team, and he doesn't promise anything, so we stick with him
19:55:36@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolfchloroquinine has a long history of seeming promising in vitro as an antiviral, but then doing nothing - or even being harmful - in vivo
19:58:26@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolf last I checked, trump was pushing it because kushner makes money off it. it's already leading to shortages for people who actually need it for things it's rated for, like lupus
20:20:39@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow Bitweasil: you should also drink tons of collodial silver, but... it doesn't matter anyway because the deaths are just because of 5G. corona is just a coverup!
20:22:59@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow now because youtube ban our vids, it's just even more evidence!!
20:29:35@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolfbut also, good of youtube to actually ban then
20:31:53@gshumi:matrix.org@gshumi:matrix.org left the room.
20:43:18@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowCommunistWolf: yehp.. even if cencorship is problematic, I still think that is good.
20:43:40@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolf it's not censorship though
20:43:55@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolf they're perfectly free to set up their own peertube and publish there
20:44:00@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowI guess it depens on how you see it but sure.. they moderate missinformation
20:44:04@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolfright to speak != right to be heard
20:44:17@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowsure, but that can be said in almost every absurd situation.
20:44:39@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolf youtube is a private platform. they're free to advocate for its expropriation if they like
20:45:06@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowso I think it only hold to a certain degree until the alternatives become very slim...
20:45:19@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolfso fix that bit
20:45:21@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcowCommunistWolf: sure.
20:46:01@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolf "youtube has a monopoly on public discourse" is a far greater problem than "some absolute nutbags are upset they can't get an audience easily"
20:47:54@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow CommunistWolf: what I mean is that. if you have say four major platforms ruled by say three private companies. and they disallow certain views, they are right to do that, but it's still problematic. even if there are alternatives, but they might be slim. maybe it's wrong to call it censorship. but it's still not always clearcut ok imo. in this case I don't care to much because, as you said,
20:48:36@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolfthe problem is the existence of the cartel, not that some scum are being injured by the cartel
20:48:53@freenode_scrdcow:matrix.orgscrdcow you could always argue that "there is always alternatives" but if these maybe only reach say 2%...
20:48:54@freenode_CommunistWolf:matrix.orgCommunistWolf you'd have to hope that injury would continue once the cartel was shut down
9 Apr 2020
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