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17 Feb 2019
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11:59:26@freenode_togo:matrix.orgtogo You guys ever notice that spell check libraries don't seem to want to learn the word Permaculture? I have been observing that for years and can't believe it could be true that we are in such an Orwellian world indeed?
12:01:14@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_ Don't oversell yourself- the notion of sustainable ag has been branded and rebranded a lot over the last 50+ years.
12:03:10@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_ If you want an example of that, read Gene Odum's original work on "Ecology" and compare that to the current notion of the word. Many spin doctors have been slicing and dicing the language.
12:06:50@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_ Now, if you want Orwellian, look up Mike Deaver and the "Wise Use" movement- Deaver was Ronald Reagan's PR guy, he went on to work for wood and mineral extractors and spent a decade polluting the well and revising the meaning of many of the early environmental movement's slogans.
12:08:39@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_ The greenwashing of US industries by offending the meaning of words is old stuff, but it has worked very well. Absurdities like "Clean Coal" are successful in misleading the innocent.
12:27:00@freenode_togo:matrix.orgtogoYes but who has control over spelling libraries that seem to learn every word people use regularly just by osmosis
12:27:21@freenode_togo:matrix.orgtogoBy the way guys today is open signup day in my MLM downstream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLYcxbBv4bY
12:36:13@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_ The libs are managed by the various authors of the editors (LibreOffice, Mozilla, etc) You can be sure they don't have an agenda for the word "Permaculture", it's a nigh unused phrase that tries to superscede the 'sustainable' lingo.
12:36:41@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_Feel free to lobby on behalf of including the word.
12:52:08* @freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_ heads off to prep for getting >10% annual rain in one day, I'll re-read Kesey's "Sometimes a Great Notion"
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22:41:20@freenode_bgumbel:matrix.org@freenode_bgumbel:matrix.orgAny of you folks keep chickens?
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18 Feb 2019
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12:18:35@freenode_p0g0_:matrix.orgp0g0_bgumbel who is not here: I have kept chickens, not lately tho.
14:06:24@freenode_rk[ghost]:matrix.orgrk[ghost]no need to lobby, just PR the dict...

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