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2 Jul 2020
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoor they're like cats with 9 lives, so what if you waste one?19:36:10
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub That's funny to watch on the internet sometimes, but being there is really unsetting. You can see people *standing* on a vehicle on a highway, carrying a goat. For no apparent reason. Then you take a double-look and oh wait there's the whole family on the roof of the truck and they are eating. 19:36:45
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahubBonus point if someone is holding the back of the truck while riding a motorbike so he can save on fuel19:37:14
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdooh man this is funny19:37:33
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdobut some of this is necessity for them19:37:41
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdosafety often costs money; that they don't have19:37:55
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub It is when it's over, because the whole time I was really edgy watching that. I was like "omg omg omg the kid's going to fall" 19:38:12
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub Didn't happen, but I'm not accustomed to that level of risk 19:38:27
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub Nikdo:do you have/plan to have animals ? 19:42:22
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoyes, when 3 criteria are met: 1) there is a full time person living here 2) there is shelter for the animals for the winter 3) I figure out how to harvest food (hey) fro them for the winter19:43:22
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoso no, not for a while since I have to go to the city every other week (except in summer)19:43:38
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdobut goats, chickens, dog and a donkey would be what I would like to get19:44:01
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdo donkey for pulling out logs out of the forest. Nothing beats that19:44:20
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub i'm surprised by the donkey ! What for ? 19:44:23
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahubI guess elephant is even better, but might not be suitable for canada19:44:42
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoyes and elephants tend to eat a lot and need a much winder path :)19:45:14
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoplus there's a refuge for abandonmed donkeys (belive it or not) not too far from me19:45:34
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub I like donkeys anyway, i've got a uncle that raise some 19:46:05
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub also, I discovered recently that "ass" can mean donkey as well ? 19:47:08
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoi mean these problems are hard to fathom till you're on the land and need to solve it. We've got a mountain full of dead logs, many pile on top of each other, just as if one threw spaghetty all over the forest floor. dead, dried wood. Nobody wants it. It's hard to access, it has a slope and busahes and fallen logs everywhere, no trails. So I am renewing some of the older logging trails, but they only reach so far. The rest, you don't even get to go with an atv. So what to do? There are techniques for even a single man, to pull logs out. But it is not easy. A donkey would be a life saver19:47:53
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoplus all that deadwood on the forest floor is liability for forest fire. So taking it out is a good thing. I could easily just be an idiot and cut down trees close to me. But that is deforestation and just plain stupid to do in 202019:48:35
@nikdo:matrix.orgNikdoyes! ass means donkey. I learned that few years ago myself and was very surprised19:49:03
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahubThe farm where my wife is working has a lot of poultry, and they have a funny way to deal with them19:50:49
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub That is, they don't 19:50:53
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub The chicken just live there life, they're not fed, they just hang around and peck what they can 19:51:19
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub They kinda like humans and dogs because it's safer for them, but they live in trees (I was surprised) or barns 19:51:49
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahubSo the farmer do grab some to eat sometimes19:51:59
@freenode_ahub:matrix.orgahub And I assume it also works because we don't have winter as harsh as yours 19:52:25

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