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8 Jan 2023
@nitesh1311:matrix.orgNitesh KumarDoes any one backup of Ameerpet sit course 17:42:57
9 Jan 2023
@khaleelahmed:matrix.orgkhaleelahmed joined the room.06:50:01
@khaleelahmed:matrix.orgkhaleelahmedPlease send me made easy ctq civil engineering video 06:53:12
10 Jan 2023
@abofficial9752:matrix.orgabofficial9752ameerpet shit where are you, can you please come back to us.16:47:07
11 Jan 2023
@nikhilvickey:matrix.orgNikhilGuys anyone have trendytech courses?10:52:11
@nikhilvickey:matrix.orgNikhilPlease share me10:52:18
12 Jan 2023
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16 Jan 2023
In reply to @nikhilvickey:matrix.org
Guys anyone have trendytech courses?
You won't get this free of cost. I have asked many people on this they are asking for money in crypto
Download image.png
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17 Jan 2023
@frogmanx:matrix.orgFrogmanCan anyone help with matrials for UPSC preparation 06:53:30
@frogmanx:matrix.orgFrogmanGeology 06:53:34
@victor.aklen:matrix.orgVictor Aklean joined the room.11:21:26
18 Jan 2023
@inlandtipan:matrix.orginlandtipanAnyone having complete IIT-JEE Maths preparation course from any renowned institutions please share17:16:01
19 Jan 2023
In reply to @dineshg:matrix.org
Give me sometime i will update on Namaste Ract
@rajeshalda:matrix.orgOriginal-Bugsanyone knows how to bypass onVue 16:08:56
@rajeshalda:matrix.orgOriginal-Bugsanyone experton nodejs ?16:09:10
@rajeshalda:matrix.orgOriginal-Bugs * anyone knows how to bypass onVue ?16:09:15
In reply to @dineshg:matrix.org
Give me sometime i will update on Namaste Ract
* anyupdate ?
22 Jan 2023
@rhabditiform:matrix.orgrhabyRedacted or Malformed Event07:26:54
@rhabditiform:matrix.orgrhaby changed their display name from Prabal Lamichhane to rhaby.07:27:19
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23 Jan 2023
@hell0_pranav:matrix.orgPranav Jha joined the room.15:15:55
25 Jan 2023
@funpower:matrix.orgfunpowerthe complete 2022 software testing bootcamp Can anyone send this course04:45:07
@arch12:matrix.orgarch12can Anyone share matrix server link please11:09:20
26 Jan 2023
@darkdarker:matrix.orgdarkdarker joined the room.06:54:21
@darkdarker:matrix.orgdarkdarkercan anyone share that 300+ tb link, I want to backup, upper ones are expired06:56:18

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