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18 Mar 2023
@t0xic0der:fedora.imAkashdeep Dhar (PTO until 28th March) changed their display name from Akashdeep Dhar (He/Him) to Akashdeep Dhar (PTO until 28th March).03:54:35
19 Mar 2023
@appservice:libera.chatappservicechanged room power levels.14:44:13
@salimma:fedora.imMichel Alexandre Salim 🎩 - on sabbatical until Apr 17 changed their display name from Michel Alexandre Salim 🎩 to Michel Alexandre Salim 🎩 - on sabbatical until Apr 17.20:31:18
20 Mar 2023
@jflory7:fedora.imJustin (🤒 COVID-19) changed their display name from Justin W. Flory (he/him) to Justin (🤒 COVID-19).07:51:41
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@bittin:libera.chatbittinjforbes, you want me to do any kernel testing with 6.2.7 or is it already done and dusted?14:40:27
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbesbittin: 6.2.7 is already stable in F38, I think we are okay there.16:15:33
@bittin:fedora.imLuna Jernberg
In reply to @jforbes:libera.chat
bittin: 6.2.7 is already stable in F38, I think we are okay there.
alright will hold on until the 6.3 test days then when they start in some months
22 Mar 2023
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23 Mar 2023
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@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabejforbes: looks like the latest kernel in the nodebug repo is kernel-6.3.0-0.rc1.16.fc39.x86_64.rpm (out of date with what looks like the latest nodebug kernel in bodhi: kernel-6.3.0-0.rc3.30.fc39) 16:36:06
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabeis that intended?16:36:11
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbes dustymabe: No, I had a lot going on and forgot to run the update, but the last nodebug kernel in bodhi is whatever built yesterday. We don't do forced debug anymore 16:37:01
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabe oh? so the kernels in bodhi arne't debug kernels any longer (ever)? 16:37:38
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabei.e. there is no reason to use the nodebug repo?16:37:49
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbescorrect, it was announced to both the kernel and fedora-devel16:37:59
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbesSome poeple still like it because it gives them 1 update a week, but otherwise, no16:38:10
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabeahh I see16:38:24
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabefound the email16:38:27
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabe I'll stop using the nodebug repo then (and we'll get more kernel testing!) 16:39:12
24 Mar 2023
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25 Mar 2023
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26 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
@adamwill:fedora.imadamw jforbes (@jforbes:fedora.im): could you take a look at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2171350 when you have a minute? it's a long-standing f38 blocker that's now ping-ponged its way to the kernel 16:48:29
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbes adamw: sure, happy to take a look 16:48:53
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28 Mar 2023
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