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21 Nov 2022
@javierm:libera.chatjaviermdustymabe: maybe then the packages for those tools should Require (or Recommends?) 15:12:16
@javierm:libera.chatjaviermdustymabe: i.e: rocm Requires amd-gpu-firmware and so on15:12:48
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabe javierm: most people are running software on this platform in containers - so the relationship isn't quite as clean 15:13:27
@javierm:libera.chatjaviermdustymabe: I see..15:13:58
@kwizart:libera.chatkwizartI have a similar bug where a package dropping a udev rule has an explicit requires on udev (so systemd)15:15:46
@pbrobinson:libera.chatpbrobinsondustymabe: correct15:27:50
@pbrobinson:libera.chatpbrobinson dustymabe: so yes, without recommends you'd need to explicitly add them in 15:28:18
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabepbrobinson: +1 15:28:33
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabe thanks for the info. I figured that was the case, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything 15:28:56
@pbrobinson:libera.chatpbrobinson javierm: no, we explicitly didn't want Requires for GPU firmware because a lot of people don't want them and we may as well just have just left them as a single package 15:29:30
@pbrobinson:libera.chatpbrobinson dustymabe: nope, you didn't miss anything, it was left as requires for < 37 due to a bug somewhere (don't remember where) 15:30:08
@sharkcz:libera.chatsharkcz I think it's because Recommends are not installed when doing an update, I was left without the amdgpu firmware and graphics output :-) 15:34:12
@sharkcz:libera.chatsharkczon f3615:34:13
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbes Oh yeah, that period when everyone's "kernel broke" with an update because it was the first time they had created an initrd with missing firmware 15:43:58
22 Nov 2022
@appservice:libera.chatappservicechanged room power levels.11:15:19
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabejforbes: looks like feedback is positive: https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1337#issuecomment-132418090221:29:19
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabejforbes: do you need a BZ opened in order to do a backport? 21:44:41
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbesdustymabe: backport is applied for fedora-6.0 and will appear in the 6.0.10 builds when they happen. I am not applying to 6.1 in hopes that it comes in, and to make sure we take a look again when 6.1 rebases happen if it did not for some reason21:55:47
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabejforbes: sweet - thanks. Is there a commit in a repo somewhere I can link to (i.e. the work you just did) when posting an update to our tracker issue? 21:57:33
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbesdustymabe: https://gitlab.com/cki-project/kernel-ark/-/commit/22cf453b7de6d2bbee993bb3bc097cade3946a1121:58:19
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabejforbes: thank you!21:58:44
@dustymabe:libera.chatdustymabe jforbes: last question.. do you think you'll do a new build+propose bodhi update before next tuesday? 22:00:07
@jforbes:libera.chatjforbes dustymabe: I would expect so, it is pretty rare to go a whole week with no stable update, but as 6.0.10 is not out for review yet, I can't say for sure. Thanksgiving may or may not cause issue 22:00:53
24 Nov 2022
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25 Nov 2022
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26 Nov 2022
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