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22 Mar 2024
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartanyone shout if this has unwanted consequences. I'll write up the supporting doc this afternoon21:36:39
@cmart:matrix.orgcmart * anyone shout if this has unwanted consequences. I'll MR the supporting doc this afternoon21:37:04
26 Mar 2024


is this what the future looks like?

@cmart:matrix.orgcmart* https://egui.rs is this what the future looks like for desktop apps?05:01:44
27 Mar 2024
@kageurufu:matrix.orgfrank.afImmediate mode guis are nice for some things, but there's a strong place for things like GTK/QT still03:06:01
@kageurufu:matrix.orgfrank.afI like egui (and imgui) for some things, but it's a huge pain to develop more complex apps without things like hot reloading03:07:06
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartI was amazed it can do so much in my browser03:09:03
@lordparsley:matrix.orgKyleBit of a palaver on my side! My youngest was throwing up all night & hasn’t been able to keep anything down so the paediatrician’s decided to admit her. I’m going to be back & forth from the hospital now I will have to skip our meeting.14:04:53
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartsorry to hear Kyle. I hope your daughter gets better soon.14:06:39
@lordparsley:matrix.orgKyleMuch appreciated!14:06:57
@lordparsley:matrix.orgKyle (cmart I have suggestion for the first security groups steps which I wanted to chat through. I think I'll have to see if you've got a gap tomorrow my time.) 14:07:15
@kageurufu:matrix.orgfrank.afOh man, that's horrible! I hope she feels better soon. 15:26:13

threading to make replies easier to track

I was amazed it can do so much in my browser

Now you've got me thinking about the possibilities for hybrid applications, unified server/browser/desktop codebase. Kinda Phoenix LiveView but egui

@kageurufu:matrix.orgfrank.afmore native android: https://github.com/rib/android-activity/tree/main/examples/agdk-egui15:54:38
@kageurufu:matrix.orgfrank.afI just found https://github.com/rksm/hot-lib-reloader-rs/tree/master/examples/hot-egui 15:58:03
@cmart:matrix.orgcmarttomorrow I have a meeting that nominally ends at the same time our regular Exosphere meeting starts, happy to talk then if you want.16:18:36
@cmart:matrix.orgcmart(15:30 UTC)16:19:11
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@cmart:matrix.orgcmartwow, 100% caught up on review17:26:15
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartit appears our policy changes worked17:26:52
@lordparsley:matrix.orgKyleThanks so much, Frank! 🙇🏻‍♂️19:05:26
2 Apr 2024
@cmart:matrix.orgcmart julianp needs to renew the CCR190024 allocation, it's about to expire and overdrawn on GPU SUs, or the "franks-work" instance is going to get shelved. 03:46:28
@kageurufu:matrix.orgfrank.afLMAO. I can pull everything off that and make a non-gpu if we need. That's mostly so I can use libnvml for getting GPU usage for exo guest 14:52:45
3 Apr 2024
Download image.png
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpCouple of MRs for completely populating the weekly meeting template.17:26:10
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianp * Couple of MRs for completely populating the weekly meeting template. https://gitlab.com/exosphere/utility-scripts/-/merge_requests17:26:21
4 Apr 2024
@julianp:matrix.orgjulianpA burst of recent activity on intellij-elm plugin: https://github.com/intellij-elm/intellij-elm/pulse/monthly00:14:53
17 Apr 2024
@cmart:matrix.orgcmartFYI, taking vacation for next week, won't be in the meeting tomorrow morning. will still be near technology and reachable for anything urgent, but I'll let the rest of the team take over code review for now00:57:39

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