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5 Jul 2016
20:42:45@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-e changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
6 Jul 2016
09:58:59@krisa:matrix.orgkrisa joined the room.
09:59:06@krisa:matrix.orgkrisaHI ALE
09:59:34@krisa:matrix.orgkrisa changed their display name from Detergent to krisa.
12:33:33@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-ehey krisa
12 Jul 2016
13:45:30@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-e set their display name to a.l.e.
5 Aug 2016
17:20:21@tim_occ:matrix.orgtim_occ joined the room.
22 Sep 2016
13:10:49@jaze:matrix.org@jaze:matrix.org joined the room.
22 Mar 2017
18:54:43@mik:matrix.orgmikmikmik joined the room.
7 Jun 2017
07:54:29@jaze:matrix.org@jaze:matrix.org set their display name to jaze.
13:09:38@jaze:matrix.org@jaze:matrix.org left the room.
16 Aug 2017
19:53:21@hscrawler:matrix.org@hscrawler:matrix.org joined the room.
19:53:26@hscrawler:matrix.org@hscrawler:matrix.org left the room.
12 Oct 2017
23:24:48@frd:matrix.orgfrd joined the room.
31 Dec 2017
03:04:47@rewt:matrix.org@rewt:matrix.org joined the room.
03:06:31@rewt:matrix.org@rewt:matrix.org left the room.
13 Feb 2018
11:45:35@diniz:matrix.orgDiniz Cabreira joined the room.
6 Mar 2018
21:44:16@diniz:matrix.orgDiniz CabreiraHello!
21 Apr 2018
07:24:39@pipchan:matrix.org@pipchan:matrix.org joined the room.
17 Aug 2018
08:36:01@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-e changed their display name from a.l.e to ale[m].
08:36:08@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-e changed their display name from ale[m] to ale.
08:37:18@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-e... tomorrow will be a better day...
4 Sep 2018
08:35:13@a.l.e:matrix.orga-l-e changed their display name from ale to a-l-e.
23 Sep 2018
11:23:02@JLuc:matrix.org@JLuc:matrix.org joined the room.
17 Jan 2019
28 Jan 2019
07:52:19@JLuc:matrix.org@JLuc:matrix.orgwhat this chan ?
07:56:15@JLuc:matrix.org@JLuc:matrix.org left the room.
3 Feb 2019
23:18:36@pipchan:matrix.org@pipchan:matrix.org left the room.

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